Top 10 Best Esthetician Schools in USA

Best Esthetician Schools in USA- The demand for Estheticians in the United States is on the rise every day, this is because of the increasing number of people seeking safe and effective ways to look younger and radiant. Estheticians usually require a state license for them to be able to carry out cosmetic treatments on the skin. Such license can only be obtained after completion of a training program in the profession of Esthetics. In this article, you will be getting to know the best Esthetician schools in USA and the career prospects for an Esthetician.

Best Esthetician Schools in USA

Who is an Esthetician

An Esthetician also known as a Skin care therapist is someone who specializes in skin care treatment. Treatments are usually carried out in a salon or spa. Estheticians are not medical professionals but rather they are involved in skin beautification through the use of some cosmetics. They can carry out superficial cosmetic procedures on the skin. However, they are not allowed to diagnose, prescribe drugs or treat no-cosmetic skin conditions. Thence, estheticians usually work in conjunction with dermatologists to offer complementary skin treatments.

How to become a Professional and Licensed Esthetician

Estheticians usually require a state license for them to be able to carry out cosmetic treatments on the skin. Training programs usually prepare them for this license. Exams are usually written at the end of the trainings. If you desire to become a professional and licensed Esthetician in the United States, you should follow the steps below:

Step 1: You must be at least 18 years old.

Step 2: Ensure you check your State’s requirement and work towards meeting it.

Step3: Register in a standard and approved Esthetician School.

Step 4: Go through the training and complete it.

Step 5: Sit for the license examination and pass it.

Step 6: Get a job placement and start practicing.

Step 7: Register for a Continuing Education Course: You may be needing this when next you want to renew your license.

List of 10 Best Esthetician Schools in USA

#1   The Paul Mitchell School

If you desire to get sound training in the profession of Esthetics, then you should attend the Paul Mitchell School. You will get to learn in full details the following; makeup application, peels, masks, scrubs and massage. Whether your choice of work is in a health and beauty spa, salon or dermatological office, you will be taught how to carry out treatments there.

In Paul Mitchel School, Students go through three phases of learning:

Phase 1: This phase is known as the core phase. Here, students get to learn the theories of effective skin treatment and hair removal through practical demonstrations by the instructors.

Phase 2: This phase is also known as the adaptive phase. Here students get to learn the business side of the skill alongside technical procedures for skincare.

Phase 3: This phase is also known as the creative phase. Here, students get to learn about the latest discoveries and trends in the beauty industry. Students are equipped to break new grounds in the beauty industry.

#2   The Aveda Institute

This beauty school was established in 1977. It prides itself as one of the best 3 Esthetics schools in USA. The school has over 64 locations in USA. The school strongly believes that beauty includes caring for the world and this belief is what drives their programs and their products.

This Esthetician school teaches the following:

Fundamentals of skincare, body treatment, facials, make-up application, hair removal, concepts of wellness and more.

Over 7000 graduates are produced yearly from the 64 locations of this beauty school.

The curriculum is a combination of beauty principles, wellness philosophy and business development essentials.

#3   Empire Beauty Schools

This school is one of the best Esthetics school in USA. It was established in 1934 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. The school has 21 campuses across USA. The school provides support to its student during the training program and even after graduation in securing placement.

In the training program, students are taught the basics of facials, waxing and make-up artistry.

Students get to learn different hair removal methods including waxing. Techniques of facial treatment including deep cleansing and nourishing therapies for the face and neck are also taught.

#4   Bellus Academy

The academy has campuses in New York, California and Kansas. It is the first American school to collaborate with CIDESCO, the world’s most prestigious qualification in Esthetics. As a result of this, Bellus academy offer special certification in skin care.

The curriculum entails 1000 hours of practical work for students to be able to master the skin beauty course. The academy has a unique teaching method that helps students master their craft through visual, written, verbal and practical learning.

The academy has professionals that provides sound education and trainings in all aspects of skin rejuvenation and care.

Graduates of this school are well-equipped to earn a license from their state regulatory board and also start out their career in the beauty industry.

#5   Merrell University of Beauty Arts and Science

This is one of the best schools to master Esthetics in USA. The school approaches beauty service with the mindset of; “make the world better by helping people look and feel beautiful”. Through its hands-on demonstration classes, the school grooms the students and help them get qualified for licenses from their states.

Merrell university designed its curriculum to entail three stages of learning:

Stage 1: Learning the theoretical aspect through lectures

Stage 2: Watching demonstrations from instructors

Stage 3: Getting to put into practice by the students what have been taught them

Merrell University is well equipped with a laboratory and modern tools to enable students learn all that is required for them to have a successful career in the beauty industry.

#6   Make-Up Designory

This beauty school has its campus located in New York and Los Angeles. This school has a curriculum that ensures that students get to know all they need for a rich and satisfying career in either fashion, entertainment or retailing business. Students learn through theory and practical demonstrations.

The school also holds online classes for its students.

#7   Aesthetic Science Institute

The institute focusses on teaching its students the art and theory of beauty. Modern tools and techniques like microderm abrasion, chemical peels, anti-aging treatments, electric current, laser, LED light, micro-current, radio frequency, infra-red, and other esthetic tools are being used to train the students.

Some of the courses taught include laser certification, waxing certification, medical aesthetics, make-up, nail certification and others. Students also get to learn the principle behind building and sustaining a business successfully.

#8   The Ogle School

The school was established in 1973. Graduates from this school work in beauty salons in different countries. The school adopted a curriculum that ensure the students not only get theoretical knowledge but sound practical knowledge. The school runs on-campus salons where students get to work under the supervision of professional and thus get real-time experience. Students also get to learn some basic skills needed for them to succeed in the beauty industry. Some of those skills include communication, relationship, sales and others.

The school offer both part-time and full time programs and students get to choose the most suitable for themselves.

#9   Elizabeth Grady Schools

This school was created in 1975 to provide quality education in esthetics. The school is one of the prestigious beauty schools in the Unites States and proudly graduates about 200 students every year.

Students are made to go through 600 hours of training to get all they need to succeed in their beauty career. Students get to learn a lot in this school by practice.

All aspects of esthetics including technique of make-up application, skincare and waxing services, scientific foundations of skill, health and wellness are being taught the students.

Students are also trained on the fundamentals of owning and running an effective spa business.

#10   Xenon Academy

This beauty school was established by Xenon, an artist and has locations in Missouri, Colorado, and Kansas. As a student of this academy, you will get opportunity to have the best hands in the esthetician business train and mentor you.

Also the academy provides its students with modern tools and techniques necessary to prepare students for successful careers in the profession.

Students also get to learn basic management and relationships skills that will enable them have a successful career in the academy.  Client relationships, business management, social media marketing and other business fundamentals are also taught.

On graduation, the outstanding students get placements in top-tier salons and spas.

Where can I get to work as an Esthetician?

A skin therapist can get work placements in the following places:

  • Gyms
  • Hotels
  • Salon
  • Dermatology clinic
  • Beauty Spas
  • Cruise Ships

Four (4) Differences between an Esthetician and a Dermatologist

  1. Dermatologists are medical personnel that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of medical skin conditions while Estheticians are professional skin specialists whose main focus is on beautification of the skin.
  2. Dermatologists are found in medical offices while Estheticians get to work in salons, beauty spas and gyms.
  3. Dermatologist take years in school to get certified while an Esthetician just take some months in school to get a certification.
  4. Dermatologists get to earn more income than Estheticians.

10 Best Online Schools for Esthetics

  • Mirage Spa Education
  • Aglaia Esthetics
  • Honolulu Nail and Aesthetics Academy (HNA)
  • Edith Serei Academy
  • 3D Lash & Brow Salon Academy
  • Estelle Skincare & Spa Institute
  • New Age Spa
  • Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics
  • NIMA Institute
  • New Age Spa Institute (NASI)


I believe that you have really learnt a lot about the profession of Esthetics from this article. So if you really desire to be an Esthetician, you should start right away by getting quality training from a standard Esthetician School and getting certified. Then you can get a job placement and start practicing as a professional and qualified Esthetician.


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