20 Best Investment Platforms In Nigeria

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Best Investment Platforms In Nigeria – Being comfortable in life you must have a steady income that can meet up to present situations. Investments are means to gather wealth that brings about a comfortable life.

Best Investment Platforms In Nigeria

Investments are like storing foods for rainy days, times that could be pressing. Investment is a big deal. Though many investment platforms are a little bit risky, however, there are several legit and paying investment platforms.

There are several investment options you can decide to take, you can put your money in real estate business, finance,  agriculture, health, and others.

The good thing is you do not need to provide it huge, this could be as little as starting with #50,000. There are many platforms you can enroll in within the comfort of Your home.

Here is one of the advantages of these platforms doing it in the comfort of your zone. Because of the risk of putting money into the hands of the wrong people, it is always advisable to verify the platform.

Things to Consider Before Investing

So before you jump into any investment platforms you need to consider these four things so you don’t fall prey or lose your financial investments.

Firstly, it is very important you check the flexibility of the platform. You wouldn’t want to invest in a platform that would be very much difficult to navigate as this could cause you to lose interest. Usability should be at its best.

Secondly, the service provided should be at its peak. It should be a ten out of ten. Reaching customer service should be seamless. When there is an issue, it should be rectified in the shortest period.

Thirdly, you should also consider what platform or business you would be investing with, you wouldn’t want to invest in a platform that you know little of. So you won’t be putting your money into a business you aren’t sure about.

And, lastly, which is the most important part of the whole thing, how much are you investing, what is your percentage, or what would you be gaining from the investment. The investment process is very important. So this is crucial to look into.

Best Investment Platforms in Nigeria

Now, we would be looking at a list of great investment platforms that are verified and profitable to make investments with, on our first list;


Kuda is fast becoming one of Nigeria’s trusted financial companies. The microfinance bank is trusted by many. Kuda provides users with loads of interesting options.

Aside from providing a saving account, the bank provides users with a save for me account in which an amount is deducted every month on your choice, for 12 months, you get a 15% on your total savings, which is a great way to invest your money and get a great return.

Also, you get to get loans, as in overdraft with a low-interest rate. Kuda is a great platform to invest with your funds.


Unlike every other financial institution, Ziing is out there to provide users with financial stability from savings to investing and stock exchange activities, which include buying and selling.

Ziing is a great platform to invest your funds, it gives you a 4 to 10 percent interest rate on annual savings. You can join Ziing to save and invest to get your ROI. You can visit Ziingit.com for more information.


Risevest is a Nigerian-based company that gives users to invest their funds in a stable currency, Dollar, while they watch their money grow.

Risevest allows you to pick what you want your money to be invested in, depending on your interest, this includes, US real estate, stocks, and fixed income. It gives up to 14% to 41% interest rate.

It is a legit platform to invest your funds, as it is regulated by SEC through ARM. So you don’t worry about falling into the hands of a swindler.

E- Farms

This I would emphasize for Agriculture enthusiasts, however, this platform is open to everyone at home and abroad.

The process is to invest in any farming produce available on their platform, you can invest on any amount, and probably get 100 percent ROI from your investments, whatever profit is gained is shared with you.

E-Farms is a great farm investment platform that guarantees great interest and your returns because visibilities are carried out to guarantee your return.

Investors can select any farm produce to invest in and how long the investment can run. E-Farms is a sure way to invest. You can check their platform, all processes are done online, E-Farm.com.ng.


If you are planning on owning a poultry farm right on your phone, E poultry is a great option as it provides you with enough options to invest in.

E-poultry is done online and has different packages you can invest in. You can invest as low as #50,000, and investments span from 6 months or more.

E-poultry is an investment platform that is guaranteed and has a lot of interest. Investors get the investments and ROI. It is a great and interesting platform to invest with. You can visit E-Poultry.ng for more information.

Payday Investor by ARM

Saving money on the platform and getting ROI from it has become something many Fintech companies do these days. Payday investor by ARM is a platform that guarantees an interesting ROI.

On Payday Investor by ARM, you can select several savings plans. With the platform you can invest as low as #1000 and get an interesting ROI on it also gives you the option to invest with friends.

On the platform, you can choose from Goal Based Investment, Group Goals, and One Time Investment. Pay is legit and safe to invest in.


There are several investment platforms out there, Bamboo has chosen to stand out. It has been running for a very long time now and is one of the trusted investment platforms in Nigeria.

Bamboo provides investments option through its interesting products which include Stocks, Extend Traded Funds, and Fixed Returns where you fix a certain amount in dollars, and get you to 8% ROI per annum.

You can visit Bamboo for more information.


Piggyvest is a great platform to invest in, with several options. Unlike other platforms in Nigeria, Piggyvest is a young, legit, and striving platform.

Launched in 2016, it has gotten into the heart of many Nigerians. The platform has several interesting packages that users can choose to invest their funds.

On piggyvest, you choose to go with Core savings which gives users 10% ROI on an annual basis, Flex Dollar, Flex Naira, Investify, Safelock gives 12.5%, and lastly, Target Savings.

Piggyvest is a legit platform to invest with.


Here is another platform that provides financial stability for users through its financial plans from loans and others. Carbon has several options for investment.

Carbon’s Carbon Vault, with 11% ROI, users can save from #50,000 and above. Carbon Goals has an option to save as low as 100 on daily weekly and monthly savings with an interest of 9.5%. And lastly, Flex Save with 9% interest on your savings.

Carbon provides interesting returns with great financial planning.

Alat by Wema Bank

Many financial institutions have been providing people with investments plan. Wema bank is one interesting platform that provides customers with several investment options.

Alat has investment options, Fixed Goals, Flexi Goals, Stash, and Group Savings which all provide with 4% interest rate.

These could be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, while for the fixed, you pay a certain amount and get a return.

Alat is a trusted one and operated by Wema Bank. You can visit Alat link or download the app to read about their offers.

So we have been able to mark a list of legit and great platforms that pay, these ten platforms are trusted.

However, there are other great platforms you can also check, here are some great ones, Smart Saver, FBN Edge, Kolo Pay, Chaka, wealth.ng, Fint, I-Invest, Trove, Farm Funded, Porkvest, and others.


Investments are a great deal as you get interesting ROI. This is an option to get on your journey to financial stability. There are several platforms out there you can invest on. Meanwhile, as you tend to do any investment online, you should also consider the risk and also make sure you get to know what platform you want to invest on.

We have been able to make a list of the best investment platforms in Nigeria you can invest on, from Alat, Carbon, Bamboo, E-Farms, E-Poultry, and others. We hope with our list, you should be able to pick a good investment platform.


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