Best Mathematician In The World

best mathematician in the world

Best Mathematician In The World- Mathematics is one subject that most students dread especially when it comes to major exams like WAEC, UTME and some international exams. Well, my own case is different because maths was one of my best subject. Infact, I am always delighted when it is time for mathematics lecture.

This article is an exposition on the brains behind the subject of mathematics. You will get to know about how some of those great theorems in mathematics came about and the life history of some of these heroes of mathematics.

I personally believe at the end of this article, you wont only be inspired and motivated, but you will want to strive for success in whatever field of life and career you find yourself. I present to you the best mathematician in the world.

Best Mathematician In The World Of All Time

Before we consider the best mathematician in the world today, I want to quickly show us some founding fathers, the backbone of the subject of mathematics. This write-up would not be complete if I fail to mention these heroes. Out of their sweat, pain and  tears came the formula, theorems and principles we use in mathematics today. I call them the best mathematician in the world of all time.

10 Best Mathematician In The World Of All Time

#1   Carl Friedrich Gauss

Carl Friedrich Gauss was born in 1777 and died in 1855. Gauss is not just one of the best mathematicians in the world but a founding pillar in the subject of mathematics. He made some very crucial contributions to the subject of mathematics in the 19th century.

Some of his contributions to the subject of mathematics include the Gaussian distribution, number theorem, theorem of algebra. He also discovered the non –Euclidean space.

Being a perfectionist that was always looking for ways to improve on his theorems, most of his works were not published. It was after his death that most of his theorems were discovered.

He died in 1855 after an heart attack.

#2   Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton is one of the greatest mathematicians in the world. He was born in 1643 He was also a famous scientist. His theorems are much valid till date both in the subject of physics and mathematics.

Some of his contributions include:

  • Calculus
  • Laws of motion
  • Theory concerning gravity
  • Optics (which was published in 1704)

He died in his sleep in the year 1727 after suffering from mercury poisoning.

#3   Archimedes

Archimedes is one of the best mathematician in the world. He was a Greek mathematician, physicist and Astronomer. He was a brilliant and multi-talented scientist.

Some of his contributions to mathematics include:

  • Formulae for calculating the area of a circle
  • Formulae for volume and surface area of a sphere

#4   Srinivasa Ramanujan

Srinivasa Ramanujan was born in 1887. His notable contributions to the subject of mathematics made him to be one of the best mathematician in the world. Srinivasa started getting interested in mathematics at age 15. One interesting thing about this mathematician is that he never studied mathematics in school, yet he made marks in the footprints of time.

His prominence started out after publishing his first work in the Indian Mathematical Society’s Journal.

Srinivasa Ramanujan, young, brilliant mathematician unfortunately died at the age of 32 from hepatic amoebiasis(a liver disease).

#5   Euclid

Euclid was born in Alexandria, Egypt. He was a greek Socratic philosopher and he founded the Megarian school of philosophy. Euclid is the father of Geometry. The Euclidean geometry (as it is now called) focuses on Euclid elements and also an introduction to basic number theory.

His also made some positive contributions towards the development of optics.

#6   Pythagoras

Pythagoras was a great mathematician of a greek origin.

He is the brain hehind the famous Pythagoras theorem,  a theorem that plays a major role in measurements and technological equipment. This theorem forms the basis of geometry and is widely applied in the study of mathematics globally.

Pythagoras founded the Pythagoras cult,  a group that is actively involved in the study of advanced  Mathematics.

#7   Pierre de Fermat

Pierre de Fermat was born on 17th of August 1601 in Beaumont-de-Lomagne, France.

He was a French mathematician, one of the best mathematician in the world. He formulated the modern theory of numbers. He came up with a system of analytical geometry which was better than that of Descartes. He also developed methods of differential and integral calculus, formulated the integration formula for the general polynomial.

Pierre de Fermat had his university education at University of Orleans between 1623 and 1626. He died in January 1665.

#8   Leonhard Euler

Leonhard Euler made very crucial discoveries in the field of mathematics. He was of a Swiss nationality born on April 15, 1707 in Switzerland. He had his university education at the University of Basel between 1720 and 1723.

Leonhard Euler was a mathematician, physicist, astronomer, engineer and logician. Some of his mathematical discoveries include infinitesimal calculus, graphical theory, analytical number theory, etc. He also introduced a number of mathematical terminologies such as mathematical function and a host of others.

He died on September 18, 1783 Saint Petersburg, Russia.

#9   Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

He was born on July 1, 1646 in Leipzig, Germany. He attended Leipzig University, University of Altdorf and University of Jena. He was a great mathematician. He made positive contributions in the field of mathematics.

He died on November 14, 1716.

#10   Rene Descartes

He was born on the 31st of march,1596. He invented analytic geometry and symbolic algebraic notation. He brought about a major revolution in the subject of mathematics through the use of equations to partially solve the geometric problem of Pappus.

Rene Descartes died on the 11th of February, 1650.

Now, let me introduce to you the best mathematician in the world of our time, he has also made some great contributions to the subject of mathematics.

Best Mathematician In the World Of The 21st Century

Terrence Tao

Terrence Tao, the best mathematician in the world.

Terry Tao is  the best living  mathematician in the world of the 21st century. He was born in South Australia in 1950. He is an Australian of Chinese heritage and resides in the United States.

As early as age 10, Terry had started receiving medals in mathematics competition.. He has won a lot of nobel prizes. When he was age 14, he attended the research Science Institute, a summer school organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for high school students. By the time he was 16 years old, he had already bagged  his bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics at Princeton University. By the time Terry was clocking age 20, he was already holding a doctorate degree in mathematics.  He started out as an academician in University of California Los Angeles at age 24 and became the youngest person to be appointed full professor by the university.

Tao’s major work is on partial differential equations, a nonlinear aspect of calculus. He also done some major work in other aspect of mathematics such as probability theory and number theory. He worked on prime numbers. He proved the sequence in prime numbers-where you can find primes of any length with a fixed distance apart.

Despite the fact that this great mathematician had his academic qualifications much early in life, you will never find any gaps in his knowledge.  He has a good grasp of all aspects of the subject of mathematics. Terrence Tao has won several awards in the field of mathematics. Some of the awards include the McArthur Award, Field Meda,  fellow of the Royal Society, etc. Tao was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2009.

There are other great mathematician in the world in this 21st century which I have listed below:

Other Great Mathematician In the World

  1. Keith Devlin
  2. Ian Stewart
  3. John Stillwell
  4. Bruce C. Berndt
  5. Timothy Gowers
  6. Peter Sarnak
  7. Martin Hairer
  8. Ingrid Daubechies
  9. Andrew Wiles
  10. Caroline Klivans
  11. Andrew Okounkov
  12. Fedor Bogomolov
  13. Mikhail Leonidovich Gromov
  14. Jordan Ellenberg
  15. Ken Ono
  16. Charles Fefferman
  17. Manjul Bhargava
  18. Maxim Kontsevich
  19. Caro-Bibiane Schonlieb
  20. Roger Penrose
  21. Edward Witten
  22. James maynard
  23. Peter Lax
  24. Barry Mazur
  25. Alain Connes

Final Note

I believe you have learnt one or two things from this article on best mathematician in the world. Dear reader, you can equally be great just like the heroes mentioned in this article. You just need to add some due diligence to your field of endeavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Father of Mathematics?

Archimedes is the father of mathematics

Who founded zero ?

Zero was founded by Brahmagupta, an Hindu astronomer and mathematician  in 628

What is Isaac Newton known for?

Isaac Newton is a scientist well known for his crucial contributions in the field on Mathematics and Physics

Who invented Calculus?

The theories of Calculus was invented by Isaac Newton and Gottried Leibniz in the late 17th century.


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