Top 7 Best Private Schools In Toronto

Top 7 Best Private Schools In Toronto

If providing your kid with the finest environment for intellectual, emotional, and social growth is one of your top objectives, you’re contemplating private education. The best private schools in Toronto can help your child develop their abilities and offer an excellent learning environment.

We recognize that choosing the perfect private school for your kid may be difficult, given the importance of their education. We’ve prepared a list of the top 7 best private  schools in Toronto.

Top 7 Best Private Schools In Toronto

1. McDonald International Academy

McDonald International Academy (MIA) is a fully recognized secondary school with two campuses in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that was founded in 1994 and is led by Fraser Rose. MIA is a school rich in academically demanding and interesting prospects for individuals seeking the best education possible making them one of the top 7 private schools in Toronto.

To meet the needs of pupils, the school provides several programs. For those who seek international experience or merely need assistance with their English language abilities, students may pick from the High School Program, IELTS Preparation, and ESL programs.

It is able to give high-quality learning via creative teaching techniques and cutting-edge technology aids, thanks to the joint efforts of instructors and students alike! Over 10,000 students from 40 nations have graduated and been admitted into universities and colleges in Canada and the United States since their beginnings.

McDonald International Academy offers you all the resources you’ll need to ensure your child’s academic success. Their worry-free atmosphere, flexible enrollment choices, and contemporary facilities will provide them with all they could desire in terms of education — with a focus on responsibility! The instructors here also significantly impact your children’s progress by constantly encouraging them when they need it the most or listening intently as they describe their day at school!

2. La Citadelle International Academy of Arts & Science

La Citadelle began in a church basement in 2000 with just five pupils. The school now has a large, open-concept school with approximately 40,000 square feet headed by Alfred Abouchar.

La Citadelle is a prestigious private educational school founded on the essential ideals of Canadian bilingualism, holistic education, mastery of learning, and academic achievement. La Citadelle provides an excellent group of students with a highly intellectual reach-ahead IB and AP curriculum in Languages, Mathematics, Sciences, Technology, Humanities, and Fine Arts, as well as various co-curricular activities.

The learning atmosphere at La Citadelle Academy is one of safety, support, and love. Everyone knows this school will provide whoever needs them with the best possible outcome no matter what challenges they face along their journey through high school! The staff is exceptionally friendly to you and offers help whenever needed without hesitation or embarrassment about asking for it and that is one of the reasons they are recognised among the top 7 best private schools in Toronto.

La Citadelle believes that all children have potential. They’ve noticed how every one of them has the potential to be great, and they’re working hard to help your young talent seeker tap into these skills via intensive training programs!

3. Keystone Schools

Keystone School is a co-ed private school in Toronto. Small courses, a friendly, family-like atmosphere, and a project-based approach are all part of Keystone’s commitment to developing students into well-rounded people. For international students, Keystone International School in Toronto is one of the top 7 best schools in Toronto.

Students are taught to think critically and to base their decisions on facts and reasoning. They investigate scientific themes such as evolution via various courses that push them physically and artistically in literature and history classes.

There are two semesters in a year, with each semester consisting of four credits. Students may also take up to two credits over the summer if required or preferred. Students may focus on fewer classes at a time, resulting in less stress and more time to concentrate on their studies. They also get personalized assistance and support from instructors at all times!

Keystone promotes a project-based, hands-on learning environment in which students acquire the information and skills they need to become responsible, socially aware, and self-sufficient global citizens. Students gain the capacity required for a successful life full of purpose and pleasure due to our improved curriculum and comprehensive approach to education, kindling a desire for life-long learning and motivating responsibility for oneself, the community, and the globe.

4.  New Heights Academy

New Heights Academy was founded in 2005 and is headed by Fred Givens and Rinaldo Murray. With highly skilled personnel and instructors and a well-resourced atmosphere required for top learning, the school provides an exceptional academic experience for its pupils. They believe that each kid is capable of excellence and has distinct abilities.

Students at New Heights Academy are encouraged to become lifelong learners and leaders. They concentrate on pedagogy by teaching students how knowledge is created via Implicit learning techniques that involve individuals in the process of processing information – their metacognitive approach fosters success for every student by providing possibilities both inside and outside of school.

Their mission at New Heights Academy is to help kids uncover their inner leaders via an excellent education, which will prepare them for success in both professional and academic efforts in the future! NHA bridges the gap for all students to acquire a world-class Canadian education combined with a life-changing experience.

Their whole team works hard to ensure that each student has what they need to succeed now and in the future — you can rely on them for your child’s next milestone!

5. Hudson College

Hudson College is a non-denominational, co-educational private school serving students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. It is located on a 4.5-acre site in downtown Toronto, Ontario, in the old Earlscourt Junior Public School.

Hudson College allows pupils to continue their education from kindergarten until university/college entry. With a focus on academics, social skills, and emotional well-being, they guarantee that your children are physically and intellectually prepared to enter the world!

They are dedicated to providing students with a tough, rigorous, and caring learning environment in which they may attain their best potential. They want every student who goes through their doors to be prepared for academic achievement and personal well-being in their future endeavors.

Their pupils are taught to cherish honesty, compassion, and respect. Because it’s vital for everyone around here, these character characteristics become who they want people to view them as both within and outside their regular lives.

Hudson’s three-semester approach provides students with a more flexible academic schedule that enables them to focus on fewer subjects. Every day (fall/winter) offers 90 minutes for study and contemplation as part of this method.

The Prepare Period provides a secure space in students’ schedules to focus on homework, study for exams, and obtain assistance from instructors while giving them more time to dedicate to after-school extracurricular activities!

6. Crescent School

Crescent School is a private day school that was founded in 1913. It is an all-boys school created by John William James to raise individuals of outstanding character from an early age. The institution is dedicated to its purpose of developing young boys into character-driven men. They attempt to do this via a range of academic programs, extracurricular activities, mentorship, and relationship learning. Crescent School is recognised as one of the top 7 private schools in Toronto.

Crescent also has sporting facilities, professional theaters, cutting-edge instructional systems, and libraries. They encourage academic success in the arts, sports, and business, as well as outreach and robotics, preparing students to be champions in robotics and technology courses.

Crescent understands that boys with open hearts and inquiring minds have the opportunity to grow in a way that will match their life mission, whatever it may be. Their outstanding faculty of learners and leaders foster the student’s intellectual, moral, and social growth. Their inclusive community of alumni, parents, and friends is actively involved in supporting a varied and demanding learning environment.

7. Havergal College

Havergal College is a famous school in Toronto dedicated to developing students into world-class leaders. The school is one of the top 7 best private schools in Toronto dedicated to educating girls. The school was founded in 1894, and Katrina Samson leads it.

It provides enriching educational programs to prepare females for tertiary education and life. One of the advantages of attending Havergal College is its welcoming learning atmosphere and staff commitment to student success. Havergal students are guided and mentored by experienced personnel who encourage them to be confident and imaginative in pursuing their goals.

Students who attend Havergal College are more likely to participate in any institution. Havergal provides a challenging curriculum centered on academics and well-being. Their pupils discover new methods to express themselves creatively, enthusiastically, and confidently. Havergal graduates with an inquisitive attitude, able to solve issues and meet the needs of a quickly changing world.


Knowing the value of education, it is important to choose a school based on how the school encourages its students to work hard and thrive in all aspects of life. Make a list of your interests, potentials, and academic strengths, and then choose a school with a proven track record of bringing out the best in every student. I hope you found the list of our top 7 best schools in Toronto helpful.


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