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Top 5 Best Schools In Sunshine Coast – Many of the Australian states are highly urbanized, Sunshine Coast, Sidney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, New Castle, Canberra and others. Australia presents to the world with a working system and a stable economy.

Education in Sunshine Coast, Australia is working, with so many advancements. 

The state has a notable award-winning university. As an international student considering studying in Australia is a great option.

Schools at Sunshine Coast are ranked best in Australia and the world at large. Because of the state’s advancements in technology many of the schools are highly digitalized. Sunshine Coast is a coastal state that receives many visitors from all over the world.

It is also an opportunity to meet new people and people with great knowledge. Here, we would be looking at the ten best schools in the city of Sunshine Coast.

Why Study In Sunshine Coast, Australia

There are several reasons why people go abroad to study, this might include;

Firstly; Sunshine Coast is a city in the state of Queensland, with so many attractive places to visit and relax; the coastal city has quite an impressive places to visit, such as the Bribie Island and others. 

Australia at large is a safe place to live and study, in a recent study, the country has been ranked the safest place in the world with a 13% crime rate which is equally low and safe. In other words, Australia is a safe place likewise the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast is a great destination for a job opportunity. The city is a destination where startup business is highly recommended and does well, this is because of the inflow of tourists. it is one of the most visited cities in Queensland, Australia.

Also, the city has a large number of job opportunities, as the city employs, health workers, construction workers, educationists and others, as an international student who wishes to stay back and work, could get an opportunity to build a life in the city.

The Coastal state is equally affordable to live in, there are lots of places on the Sunshine Coast that are affordable, such as Nambour, Kenilworth, Burnside, Beerwah and others.

If you love foods, especially fresh foods, then Sunshine is the place to be, as the city is known for its agricultural produce. Many kinds of seafood, Fresh fruits, Milk, and others. Sunshine Coast is a place that provides people with great food. Also, there are a lot of great restaurants to visit.

Facts About Sunshine Coast, Australia

Here are some amazing things you would like to know about Sunshine Coast, Australia;

Sunshine Coast is a site for UFO landings; the earliest report of UFO citing was around 1956. However, the Queensland UFO research team has stated that the Glass Mountain area is an attraction for UFOs.

The world’s second and oldest rock is located on Sunshine Coast, Australia, it is called Mount Coolum.

The Sunshine Coast used to be home to runaway convicts.

The Sunshine Coast was formerly called Near North Coast, it was changed in 1966.

The first people to be called natives of the Sunshine Coast were the Aboriginals who were the Gubbi Gubbi and the Wakka Wakka people.

The Sunshine Coast’s economy is so strong that even when the Australian economy is down, it keeps running. This is a result of tourism, which is their major sector.

Top 5 Best Schools in Sunshine Coast, Australia

Although the number of schools on the Sunshine Coast, Australia is limited. However, there are some great schools in the city for international or national students can enrol.

Here is a list of the top 5 schools in the city of Sunshine Coast, Australia;

University of The Sunshine Coast

The University of the Sunshine Coast is relatively a young school in the city of Sunshine Coast. It was established in 1994 after the Australian government approved the establishment of the school.

The public Institute is one of the notable schools in Australia with several course work. In 2020, the university was ranked in the top five schools with teaching qualities and the best overall students in Australia.

Also, the institute enrols quite a several students, as in 2020, the University of Sunshine Coast admitted around 18,150 students. The School offers programs for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees. The University of the Sunshine Coast is affiliated with the Regional Universities Network.

The public university is a research school with two major research groups; the Sustainability Research Centre and an engagement centre for Healthy Activities, Sport and Exercise and the GeneCology Research Group. All of these are central to improving regions in the city.

The University of the Sunshine Coast is a great place for study and fun, as there are several interesting places, activities and groups to balance study life.

TAFE Queensland East Coast

Technical and further education also known as TAFE is a vocational institute in Australia for various vocational courses. The Institute awards students with Diploma certificates, and even graduate certificates. 

The Institute have campuses around Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Northern territories, Canberra, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and others. one of its campuses is in the city of Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.

It was established in 2013 to provide vocational skills. Students can take programs such as Business, Finance, tourism, construction, engineering, visual arts, information technology and many others.

The Higher education institute is a great place for any vocational skills.

Central Queensland University

The Central Queensland University is also known as CQU is a public research school based in Central Queensland with several campuses scattered around Queensland and Australia. The public school was established in 1967 as Queensland Institute of Technology but was later changed to CQU in 1992 after receiving university status.

The technical school provides students with several programs, such as Education and Humanities, Health, Information technology, Science and Technology and many others. The institute is divided into Schools, currently, it has six schools.

The Noosa Campus was established in 2003. It offers medical programs and is also home to the Learning and Teaching Education Research Centre. CQU has been ranked 29th best school in Australia and also ranked 933rd in the world.

Central Queensland University has also a great learning environment.

IVHHD Holistic Therapist and Meditation Teacher Training College

This is one of the few specialist colleges in the city of Sunshine Coast. The institute provides courses on well-being and meditation. If you are into well-being practice, the institute is a place to sharpen your skills. However, one can choose to take a course from the crash.

They provide programs such as Holistic Human Development, Meditation Therapy and Holistic Counselling. The school provides both diplomas and advanced diploma certificates. With their programs, you can build a career as a Meditation teacher, Chair Yoga Instructor, Meditation therapist, Holistic counsellor and others.

The school program can be taken online and it opens admission every six weeks. This is a good school for meditation and therapy. It is located in the Peregian Beach Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Australian College of Specialist Make-up

The Australian College of Specialist Make-up is an institute for people with a make-up dream. it was established to provide people who wish to sharpen their make-up skills or acquire one.

The Institute was established in 1986, in the city of Alexandra Headland, Sunshine Coast, Australia. It provides students with several Make-up courses for Diploma and Graduate diplomas.

It is a great institute to master the skills of Make-up.


Schools in Sunshine Coast, Australia are quite limited, the total number is around 8 for Higher Education. However, there are quite great and professional programs. Sunshine Coast is a coastal city in the South East of Queensland, Australia. The city has great places to visit, and several beaches.

It has one of the schools located in the region. The University of the Sunshine Coast has been ranked the top best in the World and Australia. So with our list, you should be able to get the best schools to study in Sunshine Coast Australia.


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