10 Best Student Jobs In Nigeria

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Student jobs in Nigeria can be relatively difficult to find however, they are jobs students can take.

The Nigerian environment can be pretty difficult to live in, as many people need to have another source of income to keep themselves from further difficulties.

Many Nigerian students can do other jobs to assist their financial demands, being in School can demand from students a lot of financial needs. This is in times of personal need, academics and others. 

The reason students are advised to also take other means of income. Unless you are from a wealthy home and won’t be needing a source of getting more funds.

This would also not just give you the opportunity to add to funds but also add to your personal development, career-wise and more.

College and working

As stated earlier, studying and working can be very difficult, as the education system in Nigeria does not give students the room to work and study as full-time students. However, this is not impossible.

Just as there are different programs in tertiary institutions to run, there is also an option for students to apply for per time schooling or full-time schooling. However, the per time schooling is only advisable for individuals who have other commitments or are self-sponsored.

But, if you are sponsored by a guardian, then taking a per time job is still possible; this doesn’t mean you can’t make extra fun or do something to assist yourself or develop a skill.

So college and working are possible.

What kind of jobs can a student take?

 There are several jobs as a Nigerian student you can take, however, these could be a per time jobs, weekend jobs or freelance jobs. These jobs would be jobs that would balance with your academic timing. This would allow you to study and work.

These could be content writers, freelancers, tutoring, Vloggers, or weekend or per time jobs. These are jobs that students can take to give them extra income.

Benefits of student Jobs

Many Nigerians do not take just one job, they practically take more than one job, for students this could mean a side hustle. Students’ employment could mean a lot.

  • Students with jobs could get real-time work experience that could be beneficial or prepare them for much better work.
  • These side jobs could enhance their skills for a much better job, and also help them to discover their skills. You see many students discover their talents while they are offered jobs that they feel could be very difficult. But you see them do it better 
  • Taking a student job means adding to your income, this could add you to supplement your finances. Many students who do not have enough financial support may enjoy the benefits of having an extra means of income.
  • Having to go to work while studying, increase your instances to meet professionals. It is an opportunity to socialize. 
  • As a student, there are some life instances that are not taught as time management and money management. With you working a per time job as a student. You practically learn to manage your time and how you spend money. Imagine, you joggling from school to work, this would put you in the position to manage time, so you could meet up o your job requirements and academics.
  • Lastly, this is my favourite, students get motivated. They say a lazy hand is the devil’s workshop. When you are not lazy, but occupied, you tend to avoid all unnecessary activities which might come to your mind. And because you are now making extra income, you are motivated to do more, so you can do more.

10 Best Student jobs in Nigeria 

Since you now know that working and schooling are very possible, we would be listing ten jobs college students can take. 

Here are ten jobs students can take;

Blogging/Freelance writing/Copywriter

Bloggers/freelance writers/copywriters now earn enough in doing lucrative jobs. Blogging is a lucrative business that can earn you more than enough, all you need is writing skills and others that you can learn in a short period of time.

You can earn up to 3000 naira per article and more, while if it is possible you get your own blogging page. With your skills in blogging, you could be updating a page while studying. This is something you can do to balance work and study while you earn.

Freelancer writers and copywriters can even do more, as their service is widely needed. They are sites one can register to enrol, Upwork is a great place to enrol for copywriting and freelance writing jobs.

Tutoring or Teaching

This is another lucrative one to take. Many parents or people need people who would teach them a particular subject. I know people earn 25,000 naira, every month for just teaching Mathematics and Physics twice a week.

This could be planned on a weekend or hours or days that might be convenient for one. They are also sites one can enrol to teach. These online tutoring jobs include; Superprof.ng, Tutor, also you can take students on site, this could be for UTME, and others.

Per-Time Attendant

There actually some jobs you can take that could favour or balance with your academy as a full-time student.

This could be on a weekend or hour based. This could be a restaurant, bar or store attendant. You can actually ask friends for any available opening, where you can work as an attendant.

Run a Petty Business

These days you see students sell stuff to classmates or even in their dormitory. The beauty of this type of job is that you barely stay away and doesn’t affect your academy at any point.

There are several things as a student you could sell, it could be clothing materials, any form of costumes, Airtime, or anything you feel could sell. All you need to do is look at what is attainable for you.

Do Cleaning Service

Cleaning service like laundry is a great job a student can do to help sustain or support their finance.

There are other cleaning businesses, you can think of, pertaining to your time schedule, you could take cleaning jobs on weekends, this might not provide you with all the financial support you need, but it is something to your finance.

Errand Jobs

So many people want others to do a job for them, you can run weekend errands or go whenever you are available to run an errand and get paid. This could be for shopping or picking up something over even doing a particular task.

You can also register with an errand site such as Kwik Errands or Errands. ng. These are some ways to get extra income.

You can even speak to your neighbours in your neighbourhood to see if there are any available tasks you can do for them.

Affiliate Marketing

The fact that there are several affiliate marketing platforms to enrol with is a good way to start earning. Affiliate marketing might not be the all best job to take however, it takes no less to do this job and even gives you room to work remotely while you study.

The concept is to introduce people to a business and have them subscribe by buying or joining whichever is their services offering while you get paid a commission on the number of people you pull to the business or product you sell.

If you are very good at persuasion then you can try affiliate marketing to get more income.

Per-Time Delivery Service

Here is another per time job as a full-time student you can take. You don’t even have to be available always for delivery, whenever you are available and you are called for delivery, then you make delivery.

If you have a bike and wish to register with a dispatch company as a per time dispatch, so when you are available you for delivery. Students can use this as a side hustle. 

Social Media Jobs

With the fast rise of the social media business, many individual businesses now need people with social media wit to promote their business. You can apply for a marketer or Social media manager while you get paid heavily.

The beauty of this job is for you to have the with for social media and you are good to go. Many young social media managers get paid heavily to help young businesses to build their presence online.

Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are also a good one to do while studying. These jobs can be done remotely, online, from home and anywhere. it is a good job full-time students can take to earn extra income.

As a data entry agent, you must have good computer skills, in order to deliver your daily task. Students could earn up to #9,000 a day.


Students’ Jobs in Nigeria are very much possible and come with a lot of benefits, which could contribute to personal and financial development.

Many students in Nigerian universities do take jobs to support themselves, this could be cleaning services, errands, content creation, delivery and many others. as these jobs could earn students up to 10,000 naira per day.

It is advisable for students who have the opportunity to take a job while schooling, because students could be acquiring real-life skills, such as interpersonal skills, communication, work etiquette and many more.


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