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List Of Best Universities In Nigeria – Due to the numerous universities in Nigeria, choosing the right and best university can be very difficult. Out of the 170 universities in Nigeria of which 43 belong to the federal sector, 48 to the state, and a total of 79 as privately owned, confusion can set on where and where not to go.

Although all the institutions in Nigeria provide quality education, it is no doubt that some still beat others and ran higher as a result of better teaching aids and amenities, more quality lecturers ad professors as well as a more conducive environment not excluding stuffed libraries amongst others.

If you have been on the search for the best institution for you in Nigeria, then this list is for you as this article covers the top universities that are present in Nigeria.

Top Universities In Nigeria

1.University of Ibadan

It is an unarguable fact that this institution located in Ibadan is the best institution Nigeria can boast of. In addition to being the oldest and premier university in Nigeria, it is also one of the most prestigious institutions in the whole of Africa beating other institutions to the list. 

UI as it is popularly regarded, was founded in the year 1962, two years after Nigeria gained her independence. UI comprises 17 faculties with 92 different departments under them.

The faculties are: Faculties of Science, Clinical Sciences, Agriculture,  Social sciences, Education, Art, Veterinary, Basic medical sciences, Medicine, Technology, Dentistry, Law, Public Health, Economics and Management Sciences, Renewable Natural Resources, Multidisciplinary Studies as well as Environmental design and management.

In addition, the institution has 15 halls of residence.

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2.Covenant University

Despite being a private university, Covenant University has emerged as the second-best university in the whole of Nigeria.

Covenant University is a private university that is located in Otta, Ogun State. It was established by Bishop David Oyedep on 21 October 2002 hence the school is affiliated with Living Faith Worldwide as Bishop Oyedepo is also the founder of the church.

In addition to being the second-best university in Nigeria, it also emerged as the first university to make the ranking of the top 401 to 500 best universities in the world.

Motto: Raising A New Generation Of Leaders.

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3.Obafemi Awolowo University

Yet another federal institution that has made it to the top list of universities in Nigeria. Obafemi Awolowo University was founded in the year 1961 in Ile Ife Osun State and began academic activities in 1962.

At the time of creation, it was known as the University of Ife but was renamed on the 12th of May, 1987 after Obafemi Awolowo who lived between 1909 and 1987.  The institution has about nine halls of residence for students.

Motto:  For Learning and Culture

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4.University Of Nigeria, Nsukka

University of Nigeria, Nsukka(UNN) is located in Nsukka, Enugu State. The prestigious university was founded in 1995 by Nnamdi Aziwike but was officially opened on the 7th of October 1960.

UNN has 17 faculties with varieties of programs in them. The faculties are as follows: Agriculture, Arts, Basic medical services. Business Administration, Law, Health Sciences, Dentistry, Biological Sciences, Education, Engineering, Environmental sciences, health sciences, medicine, pharmaceutical science, Social sciences, Physical sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Humanities, and Clinical Sciences.

Motto: To restore the dignity of man.

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5.University of Lagos

University of Lagos, UNILAG was founded in the year 1962, making it one of the indigenous universities in Nigeria, in fact, one of the first five universities established in Nigeria.

It has also made it to the top universities in the world.  In 2020, it was also be rated as the number 1944th best university in the world by CWUR world.

In 2021, it was rated among the top 601 to 800 universities in the world by THE world and in 2019, it was rated as the number 20th in the best regional state in Africa among others.

Motto: In Deed and In Truth

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6. University Of Port Harcourt

The University of Port Harcourt is a government institution established in 1975 and it is located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

It was initially created as University College, Port Harcourt and then in 1977, it became the University of Port Harcourt.

It started with a school system in the year 1977 with six schools namely: School of social sciences, School of Humanities, School of Biological Sciences, School of Physical Sciences, School of Science Laboratory Technology, and School of Educational sciences.

However, it upgraded to the use of faculty instead and it had twelve faculties viz: Faculties of social sciences, faculties of Pharmacy, Faculties of Law, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Management Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences and Faculty of Science.

Motto: For Enlightenment and self-reliance.

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7. Ahmadu Bello University

Ahmadi Bello University, Zaria is located in Zaria, Kaduna State and it was founded in the year 1962.

At its inception, the university was named the University of Northern Nigeria as it is located in the north but was later changed to honor the first Northern Premier of Nigeria and Sardauna of Sokoto, Ahmadu Bello. Ahmadi Bello University has over thirteen faculties including but not limited to: Faculty of Art, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Administration, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Environmental Design, Faculty of Physical Science, Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Science e.t.c.

Motto: The First Duty Of Every University Is The Search For And Spread Knowledge And Establishment Of The Nation.

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8. Federal University Of Technology, Akure.

Federal University of Technology, Akure is located in the state capital of Ondo State; Akure. The University was founded in 1981.

Currently, the University has nine schools viz School of Science(SOS), School of Health and Health Technology(SHHT), School of Earth and Mineral Sciences(SEMS), School of Environmental Technology(SET), School of Agricultural and Agricultural Technology(SAAT), School of Management Technology(SMAT), School of Postgraduate Studies(SPGS) and School of Computing(SOC).

Motto: Technology For Self Reliance

Official Website:

9. Landmark University

Landmark is yet another private university that has made it to the top list of the best institutions in Nigeria.

Amazing fact? The University is also owned by the owner of the first private university to make it to the list, Covenant University.

Landmark University was established in 2011 and is located in Omu Aran, Kwara State.

In the year 2014, it got featured among the top five universities in Nigeria despite being a private institution.

Motto: Breaking New Grounds.

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Note, the listing above was according to the Webometric rating of the best institutions. Listed above are some of the best universities in Nigeria but do remember that one University might have a better training style than another university.

When choosing your choice of institution, do ensure to check for your course, for example, Unilag might be better than Covenant in Medicine and Covenant might be better than Unilag in Computer Science so your course has a major role to play when selecting an institution.

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