List Of 10 Best Universities In Rwanda

list of best universities in rwanda

If you are to list the best universities in Africa, Rwanda is sure to be listed among the countries.

Africa is a great continent with promising potential. Rising talents that are changing the world with their innovative ideas. After all, Africa is not what other worlds have painted it to be.

Today we see innovations springing from Africa, this idea affecting lives across the world. Thanks to the developing education system in Africa. Though many African countries still struggle to provide a great educational system, however, many African countries are doing well. Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and many others; bursting with ideas and improving the lecturing techniques to provide students with the best of ideas.

The number of great universities in Africa is rising. Many of them have been listed in the world’s best universities, like Addis Ababa University, Makerere University, University of Ibadan, University of Ghana, University of Cape Town, Cairo University, and many others.

This does show that Africa is rising to its full potential when it comes to education.

Rwanda is a lovely country with many great colleges. The University of Rwanda remains a top-notch university around the world. Selecting a college for study in Rwanda shouldn’t be a problem. The reason we would be discussing the best universities in Rwanda.


Rwanda is a beautiful country located in the East of Africa. It is one of Africa’s best places to find nature at its best with so many mountains, rich areas of Savannah, and game reserves.

Rwanda has its capital in the city of Kigali, which is one of the largest and most urbanized cities in Rwanda. The nation is a multi-diverse, with four official languages, English, French, Swahili, and Kinyarwanda.

The country has a population of roughly about 12 million citizens. The nation has a history of early settlers, which has been dated back to the early stone age. This has been believed that the Hutu people were the first settlers in Rwanda, other groups would include, the Banyarwanda, Tutsi, Twa, and others.

The country has a record of being a sustainable nation as the country solely depends on its agricultural sector and Tourism. The country is known for its large export of Coffee and Tea. With its fast-rising interest in technology, they have been an enormous growth in the technology industry in Rwanda. It has even been stated that the country is seen to be the home of technology in Africa.

Uganda is bordered by Tanzania, the Democratic of Congo, Uganda, and Burundi (which the country broke out of to gain independence. The country runs a system that allows the president to run for seven years, after which another tenure would be decided by a popular vote.

Paul Kagame, who is currently the president of Rwanda has been running for a period of 3 tenures. In 2003 he took over from his predecessor Pasteur Bizimungu who resigned in the year 2000. While in 2003 he won the popular vote, in 2010 and 2017.

It has been stated that the country is Africa‘s best country when it comes to corruption, as compared to other African countries. The nation’s transparency is widely accepted.

Rwanda’s education system is a suitable one as free education is provided to children in primary and secondary state schools. Rwanda runs a 6-3-3-4 system of schooling. Six years in Primary school, three years in junior secondary school, three years in senior secondary school, and four years in tertiary institutions.

Rwanda teaches in Kinyarwanda and English while other official languages are taught as selective languages. Kinyarwanda is used in primary 1-3 while from 4 to higher institutions is taught in English.

Rwanda has a stable education system and it has been doing well.

Why study in Rwanda

If you wish to study abroad Africa to be precise, Could suggest Rwanda.

If you choose to study in any of the public colleges in Rwanda then the standard you get from the University of Rwanda is what you would get as the Institution has been merged into the one University of Rwanda.

Rwanda has an enabling environment, beautiful landscape, culture, and welcoming people, where you get to learn a lot from them.

Africa at large has been mapped to be unsafe, however, many African countries are improving. Rwanda is a safe place and has been marked as the 6th safest country in Africa. This is coupled with its stabled political system.

And lastly, before we choose to study in-country, looking at the standard offered is prominent. Today, Rwanda has been marked as Africa’s technology hub. The standard of teaching given is somehow comparable to that of the world’s best. The nation’s education sector is striving.

General Requirements for Rwanda Universities

To be admitted to any university in Rwanda, some general documents would be needed, these include;

  • An advanced general certificate of secondary education with at least two passes. Also, students must demonstrate competence in English.
  • The student will have to provide a health certificate.
  • A certificate of good conduct
  • While Students will also have to meet university requirements.

For international students, you would need;

  • Rwanda Visa
  • Enter into Seychelles from and through only authorized ports of entry
  • A valid passport
  • Declare purpose of entry into the island and institution
  • Proceed to immigration to get a study permit.

10 Best Universities in Rwanda

Rwanda runs a very unique higher education system. In this system, all of its public institutions are under a single university. While private institutions are allowed to run.

Rwanda has around 34 tertiary institutions, 11 public, and 23 private institutions, as of 2013, 11 of the public institution was merged to form a single public institution with several colleges. Today it is referred to as the University of Rwanda.

Here is a list of the best universities in Rwanda, which have been ranked top in the country and the world;

  • University of Rwanda
  • Kibogora Polytechnic
  • University of Global Health Equity
  • Institut d’ enseignement superieur de Ruhengeri
  • University of Kigali
  • Adventist University of Central Africa
  • Universite Libre de Kigali
  • University of Lay Adventist of Kigali
  • The University of Tourism Technology and Business Studies
  • Protestant Institute of Art and Social Sciences

These are a list of the best universities from Webometrics 2022. However, there are other great institutes, most of which have been ranked best and also have standards of providing standard training. So if you are making a list you are sure to get the best.


Rwanda is a country with a remarkable history, though have a record of difficult times. However, in recent days, Rwanda has proven to be a great country with so much potential, this is a result of its stable political environment and striving economy.

The country has been marked as one of the safest and most peaceful African countries, as we understand Africa to be a continent with a series of poor records. It also started that Rwanda is fast becoming a country of highly digitalized environment.

Selecting a choice of institute in Rwanda can be very difficult however, with the list above, one can easily pick out the best institutes in Rwanda. So you can enjoy the beautiful nature of Rwanda and Africa at large.

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