Top 150 Beth Dutton's Quotes [2022 UPDATE]

Top 150 Beth Dutton’s Quotes


Top 150 Beth Dutton’s Quotes – Famous people are quoted for their famous or iconic statements. A quote goes a long way, living a trademark in the heart of many. Famous people have one or two saying that have constantly contributed to reminding people of what life is, hope, love sharing, or others.

Beth Dutton is a fictional character in the American tv series Yellowstone, played by Kelly Reilly. The Sassy daughter of a famous ranchman is a badass lady.

Beth has shown various characteristics throughout the season, she is a brave, sassy, fierce, and complicated character. After the rigorous threat to her family, Beth took control and became protective of her family legacy.


Here are some quotes from the badass character Beth Dutton that gives you that badass attitude;

“All the angels are gone, Son. There is only Devil left”

“Don’t look at him, you are dealing with me now”


“Cheating death like you said”

“I hate real estate agents”

“you ruin it every time, that is funny, I always remember your dick is being bigger”


“And when you get your commission, I want you to shove it up your waxed ass”

“I think heaven is right here”

“I made two decisions in my life based on fear and they caused me everything”


“You are the trailer park, I am the tornado”

“I doubt that is going to save you buddy”

“I am hunting too, just not hunting you”


“I could throw a boomerang across that room and I would hit five billionaires”

“look where you are; it is the Mecca of dumb money”

“Miss, miss, should really only apply to a woman younger or just reaching marrying age”


“If you call me maiden I am gonna stab you in the eye with this fork”

“I am chopping your family tree”

“My boyfriend put his head through a wall then I smashed a skull with an eight-point ash tray”


“This thing never fades with me, it is a painful lesson, and one you are about to learn”

“I believe in loving with your whole soul and destroying anything that wants to kill what you love”

“When all of these is over, I am gonna hang your diploma above my toilet in my guest house”


“I stay dirty” ,

“I am nobody’s girl”

“I will like to buy your ranch, everything is for sale”


“Is that all it takes to shake you?”

“I am not going anywhere, just tell me how to fight”

“I know that now and now is all that matters”


“if you cum on my leather seats, you are walking home”

“what insight, no wonder you are a governor”

“You must be watching Ted talks on youtube”


“Say it when it matters, say it when it would save me”

“You know houses are like boats, they need to be christened”

“I wouldn’t let that cocksucker pay for my funeral”


“you are many things baby, but funny isn’t one of them”

“I am going to get you disbarred you spineless piece of shit. You should never have come home”

“Actually God gave me these for free, looks like he gave me yours too”


“It’s only the things I love that die, never me”

“Don’t judge us for the way are protecting the thing we are giving you”

“The only reason you are not choking on irony is the size of your mouth”


 “Loyalty, morality, not part of the equation for you”

“For someone with no spine, you sure got a lot of balls”

“I like to know, I’m ruining generations”


“You look like a real soft fuck, all of you city boys do”

“You give them for no reason, buddy, no reasons at all”

“Penance you earn, closure you find”


“I would like to end this day on a victory”

“Learn to suck a dick like you lost your car key in it”

“I am firing you, get the fuck out of my office”


“You can not unmake family, but you can take their gold card”

“I am the bigger bear”

“I am the rock therapists break themselves against”


“I gotta tell you something and it comes from a place of love, you should really consider killing yourself”

 “Nothing is wrong, it is just life always changing”

“work, family life, it’s so demanding. A little fresh air, a little me time”


“No one wants to merge with you, you have a three to one debt ratio. It would be easier to sell VCRs”

“It is okay to watch me walk away, you know. That is why we do it”

“No, I can’t have children, you need to know that. When you are with me, it is the end of you”


“We don’t care if he is scared, we are here to scare you”

“If a meteor strikes Earth tonight, it is me and the cockroaches running this motherfucker tomorrow”

“Your company will be chapter eleven by Friday, and since we are your largest creditors, I can promise you there will be no negotiations then”


“You better have a big pistol in that purse”

“They fucked with the wrong bull, Daddy”

“I have got the cure for that, we will see how tough you are after I give it to ya”


“You know why I always run away? Cause there’s only so much I can give you, RIP”

“I remember the stories of heaven and hell in church, lies a lot of it”

“Not sure the work does slow down, Dad”


“I had the blush fucked out of me years ago”

“We are with Yellowstone, nobody gonna mess with us”

“Well, I’m no lawyer, but I believe it is the fourth amendment that deals with unlawful search and seizure”


“Ok, it is solved. We are getting married”

“That is interesting, when I am here, I understand me less”

“It is handled. It saved you the indignity, so what do you say”


“I don’t speak dipshit”

“Where is the fun wrecking a single man? When I break you, I want to know I am breaking generation”

“Everything I do is for you, and everything you do is for you”


“I have been down this road, many, many times before, buddy. And no one who tried it is alive to tell you how poorly that worked out for them”

“The only thing I ask is that you outlive me, so I never lived another day without you”

“Yes baby, I am asking you to marry me. Will you do that?”


“And just like that, seven generations of our family legacy will be taken from you”

“you are hunting, That is why you are sitting in a bar instead of standing in a river”

“The more you became what you want to become, the more he will hate you for it”


“It is a pour the bottle in a bucket kind of  day”

“I am not here to see a who, I am here to see a thing”

“Winner, winner turkey”


“Well say hello to the new boss, same to the old boss”

“Actually, he is right you can’t  talk to me like that”

“I do, it is called my name, Beth Dutton. What is yours?”


“I wish you and your bird balls beet of luck”

“You either walk on down the hall or fuck me”

“His dream is my Aloma, and I will die on the fucking wall defending it”


“Challenge accepted”

“I am the bitch about to stab you in the stomach”

“You break your word to me; lady, I will do the same to you”


“You hurt my father, I hurt you back”

“To make a scene, ready to watch that happen”

“You should try Zumba, get that cardio up”


“I have done some morbid shit on a first date, but this takes the cake”

“Why on Earth would you ever listen to me”

“What does the world think of you? That is the only question you ever ask”


“My mother was the spine of this family, she was the center, without her, he is, well the best of him died with her”

“Don’t say it, it doesn’t mean anything on a roof, under stars, like a bunch of fucking hippies. You tell me, tell me when it saves me”

“Your company would be chapter eleven by Friday, an since we are your largest creditors, I can promise you there will be no negotiating then”


“what do you think is gonna happen when I dump our 18 percent shares tomorrow morning? I will tell you what, the stock will drop below 10, SEC will suspend trading and every creditors you have will file one you”

“Spanx, what a shocker, you know you had ass like a 12 year old boy in high school, What happened?”

“That is a conversation for another time, that we will never have”


“Came alone ‘cause none of your friends could afford it, and those who do, they have wives a lot smarter than yours ‘cause let’s be honest, Ted, you didn’t come here to fish”

“None succeeded though, I did dry hump some lawyers’ girlfriends in the coat closet. That was interesting”

“We are with Yellowstone. Nobody is gonna mess with us”


“I have got the cure for that, we will see how tough you are after I give it to ya”

“He never has anything to say, Dad”

Here’s all the things I don’t believe. I don’t believe you’re capable of swallowing your pride and contributing to this family. I don’t believe our father will ever trust you again, which is why I don’t believe you have a role here anymore”


“I think my father’s reputation warrants a little trust”

“You ask questions when you don’t understand. You ask questions when you do understand, never lie to me”

“Just a date. Lord knows you can afford it. Been wearing the same three pairs of jeans and jacket for a fucking’ decade”


“I love you; I’ll see you at the house tonight, but fuck you”

“When you consider the pain that you cause a person the person’s fault… that’s evil”

“I cared once fucked me all up”


 “Not sure the world does slow down, Dad”

“You know I ran out of things to do for the first time when I was 20”

“I have every right to be here. Every right. I have a right. This is America”


“I had the blush”

“I like to know I am ruining generations”

“Here’s all the things I don’t believe. I don’t believe you’re capable of swallowing your pride and contributing to this family. I don’t believe our father will ever trust you again, which is why I don’t believe you have a role here anymore”


“I wonder if you can take a guess on what would entice me to take a job doing exactly what my family has been fighting against for a century”

“This is my home”

“I hope you die of ass cancer”


“I think you are three seconds away from being pepper sprayed”

“Now get out of ma house”

“Marriage license is  just a contract, it is just business”


“Life is perspective and you don’t have any”

“Because I am in a bad mood and I would like to take those home”

“I look forward to it”


“Well stop making it fucking easy”

“I will short your stock in after-hours trading so you can torture trout”

“The kind of man who uses flowers to say I am sorry because he doesn’t have the balls to say it in person”


“If you gonna hire a hooker, would you please pet me get you a good one”

“we are not too old for some of it”

“I wouldn’t miss this breakfast for the fucking world”


“you should get tested for chlamydia you fucking hippie”

“I would like to end this day on victory, we would talk defeat tomorrow”

“The outcome has already been decided”


“Lady, you crave trouble; you just don’t want resistance. And if you don’t want resistance around here, you just mind your business.”

Ok. It’s solved. We’re getting married.”

“I love you, but fuck you.”


“Did you ever hear the phrase, ‘Every time something’ good is trying to happen, something’ bad tries to stop it?’ I’m something’ bad.”

“I love how people think that word entitles them to absolution from the people whose lives they ruin. We owe you nothing”

“Double Tito’s, three olives.”


“we are with yellow stone nobody is gonna mess with us”

“You know what is so fucking’ dangerous about you? That you actually believe that you’re helping. Like in your heart, you believe that. But you refuse to look at the results of your help”

“I didn’t ask you for a fucking’ hysterectomy. You know, when you consider the pain that you cause a person, is it the person’s fault? That’s evil, Jamie”


“No, martinis have vermouth and are enjoyed with friends. I don’t like vermouth, and these aren’t my friends”

Beth Dutton is really a tough lady that really can’t be broken, if you are trying to be as bad as Beth, then some of these quotes can motivate you.


Beth Dutton is a Montana sweetheart that is protective of her father. Beth is fierce and remains a fighter throughout the previous season. She is an independent woman. Yellowstone presents an interesting character and story about a woman and the struggles around her family.


Beth’s quotes are words that could direct and give ladies some great sense of independence. so if you are looking are being as tough as Beth, here are some great quotes from Beth.


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