Big Moment For Jasmine Pinder As She Becomes The First Receipt Of Fully Funded Scholarship

Eight Mile Rock High School senior, Jasmine Pinder is the lucky as well as the first winner of the C-Clarke scholarship( a fully funded scholarship to study in Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland) just after she was shortlisted as one of the three finalists.

The C&C Advocacy and Health Services Inc usually offers two full funded scholarships to two deserving students in Grand Bahama.

The winners of this scholarship will receive complete Funds to pay for the school tuition as well as funds to pay for accommodation and Feeding.

The C&C scholarship came as a result of the partnership by Aaires Coleman, of Baltimore City Community College and former recruiter of undergraduate admissions at MSU and also Cathlyn Clarke who is Grand Bahama native.

These two attended Morgan State University together as athletes and so decided to bring Good educational opportunities to the public schools in Grand Bahama.

It was a really fufilling day for Jasmine Pinder and her single mother Nicola Pinder.

They received the news officially through Zoom to study in one of the top ranked Black colleges in the US.

Jasmine Pinder who is the Last child of three children with a grade point average of 3.9 said she wants to major in accounting.

According to her words:

” I am so happy to have been selected as one of the finalists.
Even if I did not get it, it was just amazing to hear I was a finalist because I did not know I would make it this far; thank you for making me the first recipient of this scholarship”

“The financial burden has just been lifted, I want to thank you” said her single mother.

Jasmine Pinder and her single mother Nicola Pinder after hearing the news that she is the first receipt of the C-Clarke scholarship to study in Morgan State University.
Jasmine Pinder and her mother Nicola Pinder.

“This is a big milestone; she worked extremely hard, and she is very independent. And being a single mother, I do thank you all.” she added.

Mr Cathlyn Clarke was so impressed with Jasmine’s performance and says that he is very sure she will do even better in Morgan state University.

In his words:

” It was good to see the work you put in at high school in terms of academia, and the ability to know what you want out of your future”

“Mr Clarke was adamant and wanted it to benefit the students in the public schools and really wanted to get back to his home country, and I was all on board. We had a lot of applicants, and Jasmine was a stand-out in that process” Ms Coleman chipped in.

“I am overjoyed; it is an exciting time for us. Jasmine is one of those achievers who worked hard from day one. She was one of our first 4.0 students, and she has maintained that GPA throughout high school, and that is commendable” commended Chester Cooper, principal of Eight Mile Rock High School.

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