Bill Gates: He Dropped Out Of College And Became A Billionaire

There are so many successful stories out there about how many literally grew from nothing to highly valued people in not just their family but in the entire world.

One of such stories is that of Bill Gates, who is apparently the Co-founder of the largest software company on Earth, Microsoft.

William Henry Gates III popularly known as Bill Gates is a Sponsor, Programmer investor, author, , as well as a philanthropist. He has made over 100 Billion USD thanks to the establishment of his software corporation.

Apparently, he is on the list of the “world richest Men” with a net worth of 124.1 billion USD, according to Forbes. He has also given away over 28 billion USD as a philanthropist.

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Early Life

Bill Gates wasn’t born into a very rich and wealthy Home, rather he was born into an upper middle class family.

“Bill’s school friend Allen discovered an article on MITS’s first mass-market Altair microcomputer in 1975. However, the machine lacked software. On the other side, Bill and Allen saw this as a chance to start their own software company. When Bill Gates approached MITS, he had no choice but to lie and pretend that he and a buddy had already created the BASIC programming language for the company’s idea. The company was so impressed by the concept that they were obliged to develop the Altair software from the ground up in a month and a half, using only school computers. When the machine adopted Allen and Gates’ design, MITS forged a relationship with them”

“Microsoft was founded two months later by Allen and Gates. Gates’ mother, who had previously been on the board of a banking and telecoms company, became the manager since the young people couldn’t afford to hire a large workforce. Success did not come easily, since the first five clients went bankrupt. In 1980, IBM made an order with Microsoft for the first personal computer operating system. Gates first opposed since he didn’t have his own system, but he was forced to accept because IBM couldn’t agree with anyone else. Bill paid $50,000 for Tim Paterson’s Q-DOS operating system, then adapted it for IBM and sold it to the company under the name MS-DOS for the same price. Microsoft now owned the operating system’s rights and could sell it to other computer companies. Microsoft has continued to grow since then. The number of software and hardware products has been growing, from Windows OS to Microsoft Office Suites, Office 365. Since 1975, Microsoft has controlled the software market, and most firms use Windows software. They’ve always kept up with change, which is why they’re still the most successful software company in the world.”

Here are some lessons you should learn from Gates story

Giving Is Never An Option, Hard Work Is!

Building something great would always take a lot of time, patience and hard work from you and Microsoft was not an exception. In the early days of Microsoft establishment sales were very much unpredictable and the company was on the low budget that they couldn’t even afford to hire a sales manager but that didn’t stop Bill Gates at all he didn’t give up rather he dropped out of Harvard University to focus more on going his product and services. He also opt out of MITs just to have more time to grow his company.

And this is very much applicable to you if you are a student or a business owner it’s always going to take time to grow something that is going to be great someday that’s why you should employ a lot of hard work, patience and take decisions that would actually make a change in your life and help you get where you want to be.

And at the end of the day, his hard work finally paid off when he became a distributor to IBM and Microsoft finally Saw The light of Day and since then they’ve been known around the world and this could be you in a matter of months or years if you continue to put in the hard work and patience and resilience.

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