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Look no further BBNaija Fam, it’s Maria and Pere.

Maria and Pere have been revealed as the Wildcards of the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye House. After days of speculations and accusations in the House, the two were finally revealed after the Diary Room session where the Housemates were invited to make their predictions.

Who are the two Wildcards? – BBNaija

Blending in

Both Wildcards did a good job of blending in with the rest of the Housemates in the House. For Maria, it was all about actively participating in the Task and making sure her voice is heard. Pere took a more laid-back approach in the House. Right from his bromance with the rest of the guys to casually having conversations with the rest of the Housemates and even on course to building a romantic alliance with Jackie B, he had his cover well secured. His military experience must have come into play here. On a few occasions, both Wildcards spearheaded conversations about who the possible Wildcards were and pointed out other Housemates as likely suspects. Talk about throwing people off your scent.

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No Clue

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Maria was particularly surprised to find out there was another Wildcard in the House during her conversation with Biggie in the Diary Room. When asked if she knew who it was, she correctly guessed Pere. She was bothered that she had to lie and maintain a front with the other Housemates but she was confident she pulled it off. Pere on the other hand was glad when he heard the revelation of another Wildcard and guessed it was either Maria or Nini.

Now that they have been revealed, tell us BBNaija Fam, did you Shine Ya Eye and make the right guesses?

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