Top 10 Best Canada Scholarships for African Students

List of Canada Scholarships for African Students

List of Canada Scholarships for African Students – African students in Canada are the largest group of students that are in need of scholarships for either undergraduate studies or postgraduate studies. This is due to the fact that so many families in Africa cannot afford to pay huge fees and would greatly appreciate a scholarship. Canada is known to be one of the countries with the most scholarship programs for Africans and other international students.

In Canada, African students who are excellent can get fully funded scholarships in Canada, scholarships that can be worth many thousands of Canadian dollars. There are scholarships that offer tuition waiver, cover living expenses and textbook fees for African students.

Students who are graduates of Canadian universities after completing undergraduate study, and are willing to pursue postgraduate studies are the set of students with the most scholarships in Canada.

There are so many scholarships for African students in Canada to study for Master’s or PhD. Degrees in various fields. To get access to most of these scholarships, start by contacting the institution you wish to attend. Request for a list of scholarship programs affiliated with the school and check for the requirements.

The links to some of the scholarships mentioned below are not provided, but you can copy the title of the scholarship program into your browser. All scholarship programs mentioned below are verified and they provide Canada scholarships for African students every year.

List of Canada Scholarships for African Students

The scholarships mentioned below are in no particular order or rank.

  • University of Alberta Scholarships
  • University of Toronto Scholarships
  • University of Victoria Scholarship
  • McGill University Scholarship
  • Carleton University Scholarship
  • University of Winnipeg Scholarship
  • University of Manitoba Scholarship
  • University of the Fraser Valley Scholarship
  • Wilfrid Laurier University Scholarship
  • Trent University Scholarship
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

University of Alberta Scholarships

As usual, the University of Alberta tops the list of best scholarships for African students. This Canadian university is known to have the most scholarships for African and international students in general. After checking through the categories of scholarships on the university website, applicants or students who are not sure which scholarship program to apply for can fill a scholarship form after which the institution matches them with scholarships they are eligible for.

Some of the scholarships at the University of Alberta are International admission scholarships, May Quon Scholarships, Golden Scholarship, Regional Scholarships, Presidential Award Scholarship, International Leader scholarship and many others.

According to the University of Alberta, $34 million worth of scholarships are awarded every year. Explained below are some of the categories of scholarships in the University of Alberta for African students.

Admission Scholarships

According to the University of Alberta, this scholarship category does not require any application. All you have to do is apply for admission into this institution. You will be naturally screened to see if you qualify for the scholarship.

If you are eligible for any of the scholarship programs, the University of Alberta will contact you.

International Leader Scholarship

African students who show extreme leadership skills and are excellent in academics can receive scholarship awards worth about $10,000 CAD.

International Admission Scholarships

African students who have very good admission average and perform well in their first year can be awarded international admission scholarships, a program that can pay students up to $5,000 CAD.

Presidential Award Scholarship

African students who have shown great leadership qualities in their first year and have very high admission average with a study permit are eligible to get up to $120,000 CAD on scholarship.

May Quon Scholarship for Undergraduates

Undergraduate African students that have high admission average and declare themselves in need of financial aid while in their first year and have a student permit can get a highly valued scholarship award of $100,000 CAD, a program that can go on till graduation.

Regional Excellence Scholarship

Depending on the admission average, top students from some regions of Africa can also get scholarship awards of up to $5,000 CAD.

Golden Award Scholarship

The Gold standard scholarship in the University of Alberta gives the top students in every faculty of the school up to $6,000 CAD each.

If you do not know which of the scholarships will be suitable for you, the University of Alberta makes it easy. All you need to do is fill the scholarship application form here and see which scholarship programs you are eligible to apply for. You can check for more information on the University of Alberta scholarships here.

The University of Alberta scholarships can be considered the best scholarship for African students in Canada.

Carleton University Scholarship

There are scholarships for African students in Carleton University that are awarded annually. The scholarships programs are generally for international students, so African students are eligible to apply. The scholarship categories in Carleton University are the entrance scholarships, international scholarships and prestige scholarships. There is no need for a separate application in order to be considered for the Carleton University scholarships for international students.

In order to get the entrance scholarship awards, students are required to have admission average of 80% or above and also pass the literacy tests (Be able to speak and write good English). Students who meet those requirements will be recommended for the entrance scholarships.

Only students who apply by the end of the September are eligible for the international scholarship awards.

Students who apply by this time will be evaluated to check if they are eligible for either the international award of excellence or the international award of merit.

The prestige scholarships are the most valuable scholarships in Carleton University. Only students who have a very high admission average (90% or more) are considered for this scholarship. Only students who apply for admission directly after graduating from high school are eligible for this scholarship award.

The candidates will be screened based on secondary school grades, activities and a few other factors, but most of the recommended candidates are awarded the prestige awards.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Here are some answered questions you may have about the list of Canada scholarships for African students.

To get a full scholarship in Canada, the easier route is checking if the government of your country provides Canada scholarships. Most countries in Africa provide fully funded scholarship opportunities sponsored by the government every year, and only citizens of the country are eligible for the scholarships.

Sponsored by the government of their country, there are many African students studying on scholarships in Canada. If there are not any available, you can start checking for full scholarships in Canada sponsored by other organizations, although this may be more difficult to achieve.

Most scholarships for African students in Canada are for applicants who already have their admission or acceptance letters or are already students of a Canadian institution. In order to qualify for these scholarships, applicants must have a high admission average or have average grade point of above 3.0.

However, there are various scholarships for African students in Canada and the requirements vary for every scholarship.

One of the Canadian universities that give the most scholarships for African students is the University of Alberta. The University of Alberta has one out of five students on scholarship. On the UAlberta website, applicants who do not know which scholarship program fits them best can fill a form that will help the school to match them with scholarship programs.

In order to study in Canada for free as an African student, you must either be on a fully funded scholarship or be sponsored by more than one scholarship program if possible.

The best way to do this is by applying for fully funded scholarships that cover tuition fees, accommodation, feeding, textbooks, and miscellaneous fees. Fully funded scholarships also give stipends to cover living expenses.

Yes. There are scholarship programs for African students to get full scholarships in Canada. Most Canadian universities will give full scholarships to the best students with high average grade points and admission average.

The University of Toronto offers scholarships to African students and other international students through the National Scholarship program and other scholarship programs. The scholarships are awarded on merit, which means applicants should already have an offer of admission from the school to be eligible for the scholarships.


African students in Canada are usually looking for ways to get scholarships to help them wade through academics successfully like other international students. There are many African students who are graduates and are in need of postgraduate scholarships to study for a Master’s or PhD. Degree.

This article helps such students by providing a list of the top best Canada scholarships for African students.

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