Canadian Scholarships For Nigerian Students

Canadian Scholarship For Nigerian Students 2

Canadian scholarships for Nigerian students are practically and numerously available. Students who desire to get them can apply for them.

To study and live in a country where its system is highly developed is a plus to getting the best out of life. As the world, itself is moving at the speed of light.  one has to catch up with the fast-growing world.

Countries like Canada, the United States, China, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Japan, are all living in the futuristic age. lifestyle is practically on the high side.

Nigerian students who chose to study in any of these countries are certain to get a standard that can be compared anywhere in the world. Also, students’ might be looking at a promising future.

Canada has one of the fastest-growing economies with many universities in the country ranking top in the world universities. Studying in Canada can be fun and a great experience.


Canada is a North American Country, it is one of the largest countries in the world. Canada is one of those highly developed countries with over 38 million citizens, as estimated in a recent census by Q1.

Canada has its capital in the city of Ottawa, which is the fourth-largest city in Canada. Canada is a great country with so many to offer to both citizens, immigrants and visitors. Canada is highly digitalized as it competes with other highly developed countries.

Canada is a beautiful country with a multi-diverse community, practically you find different people from several regions who come to settle in Canada. Canada is known to welcome immigrants, as it has contributed to its economic development.

The nation is said to have one of the strongest economies in the world. In fact, in a recent survey, Canada has been topped to be ranked number 8th, with the strongest economy and safest country to live in.

Because of its diverse society, many languages are spoken in the country, however, two official languages are recognised English and French. So thinking of migrating or visiting Canada; you don’t have to worry about the language barrier because many of its citizens speak English.

Canada has many side attractions, places one could go to relax and have a great time. Canada’s lifestyle is not only interesting but one to experience. One of its landmarks has been recorded in UNESCO heritage sites; which was recorded in 2007, The Rideau Canal.

There are other many heritage sites in Canada, such as The Central Chamber, The Central Experimental Farm and many others.

Canada’s Education is one of the strongest in the world, as many universities in Canada have been ranked top in the world. Canadian Education is Categorized into four categories.

The Pre School or Early childhood Education, Primary or Elementary Education, Secondary Education and Post Secondary Education (Colleges/Universities or Vocational/Technical Schools). Canadian post-secondary education has been marked as one of the best and most highly standardized.

Why take scholarships and study in Canada.

Scholarships are one of the best ways for students to get the best out of their academy because practically, if the student gets a scholarship, it is either they are paying partial or nothing.

Scholarships are financial support; awarded to students to support them in their academic pursuits. Usually, they can come in partial or full scholarships and are given based on merit or needs.

One important reason students should apply for scholarships in Canada; many universities in Canada are highly developed and can be a bit expensive, with scholarships students can ease themselves from the financial burden such as tuition fees.

Also, with Scholarships, students can get the best from any Canadian institution,  especially for those taking programs in the science field. Many universities in Canada are highly standardized, so whatever you get in Canada is equivalent to the world’s best universities.

Many scholarships provide students with other packages such as housing, extra cash and other freebies. With this students can enjoy the beautiful country of Canada and be able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Why study in Canada

Canada is a beautiful and welcoming country. The country houses many races of people, who speak diverse languages, however, many people in the country in the country speak English and they are very friendly.

Canada’s education system is top-notch, as most of its tertiary colleges are ranked among the world’s best. These universities are highly developed that meets up to the standard of other countries.

Canada is an interesting place to study and also gain work experience, you can enjoy the work permit program once you have completed schooling. This is a great avenue to penetrate your permanent residence in Canada. Also, students have the opportunity to work while they study.

Canada is a beautiful country that accepts all, notwithstanding your sexual orientation, so students are welcomed and Canada remains the safest place to be. As it has been ranked 6th safest country in the world, in a recent ranking.

And lastly, in many Schools in Canada, their tuition fee are quite affordable compared to other developed countries like USA, UK and others. Students could pay around $5,000 to $20,00 for tuition fees per year. Canada has one of the cheapest tuition fees in the world.

10 Best Canadian scholarships for Nigerian Students

For every Nigerian student who wishes to study in Canada, there are several scholarships they can apply for. Here are some Canadian scholarships for Nigerian Students;

University of Manitoba Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship

The University of Manitoba offers entrance scholarships to international students every year based on their academic performance.

This scholarship is open to international students, so as a Nigerian student, you can apply. The value is dependent on the grade gotten in High school. The Minimum high school grade is 85%. 

To be qualified for this scholarship, the student must be an international Student (Nigerian) enrolled for admission in the school.

Must be paying international tuition fees and, must have an average high school score of 85%. 

The Value of the scholarship is around $1,000- $5,000 depending on students’ grades.

There are other Scholarships available, this include, International Undergraduate Students Scholarships and International Student Bursaries.

The University of Manitoba is a great option for Nigerian students to enjoy scholarship opportunities.

University Of Waterloo Undergraduate International Student Entrance Scholarship

The University of Waterloo is another great university that offers scholarships to Nigerian students. The school offers a lot of scholarships as twenty students receive $10,000 each every year.

This scholarship is available for international students (Nigerian) who score 90% and above in their admission. As this scholarship is awarded for academic excellence.

The requirements include; Academic excellence, Admission Information Form and Euclid Maths contest results (for mathematics students).

So if you are considering studying in Canada, you can also put in for waterloo university and apply for their scholarship.

Carleton University Entrance Scholarship

Carleton University has a series of financial support for international students which Nigerian students can enjoy.

The Entrance Scholarship is renewable for four years and is given to students with academic excellence. The value is dependent on the admission score with a minimum score of 85%.

The Value covers around $1,000 to $5,000 per year. after first-year student can apply for another, however, the student must score a GPA of 10.0 (A standing). 

Nigerian students who are enrolled or want to put in for the institution can enjoy this financial aid. so once you are enrolled for a full entry you are automatically eligible for the scholarship.

University of Ottawa International Student Entrance Scholarship

The University of Ottawa is one of the best schools in Canada that offer a wide range of scholarships to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The international scholarship for Africans which Nigerians can apply for; offers, the student a scholarship worth $50,000 to $80,000 for four years. This depends on the student’s admission score.

To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must be a descent of African country, must study in English and must be admitted to any of these fields of Science, Social Sciences and Engineering before the fall. 

Once the student can meet up to this, then the student can enrol for the scholarship. They are other interesting Scholarships students can get, like the Excellence Scholarship.

University of Winnipeg Special Entrance Scholarship

There are several financial aids made available in the institution. The University of Winnipeg is a great institute to get the financial award. Nigerians can enjoy the Special Entrance award for international students.

The special Entrance Scholarship provides students with $3,000 to $5,000 financial aid, depending on the entrance division.

The student must be an international student (Nigerian), score 80% and above in their admission score, and must be admitted for the first year in the institute on any program, and exhibit excellent leadership skills. 

Once the student is qualified, the student can apply online for the scholarship.

Other Canadian Scholarships for Nigerian students include;

  • University of Victoria International Student Entrance Scholarship
  • Simon Fraser Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship
  • Lakehead International Entrance Scholarship
  • York University Tentada Via Awards
  • Niagara College Africa Continent Scholarship.


Canadian Scholarship for Nigerians is usually incorporated in the international scholarships or especially for the African continent which some schools provide.

Many organisations and universities give scholarships to students to ease them from the financial burden. If you are considering studying abroad, especially in Canada. It is also advisable to take scholarships that suit your position.

Students can look at the schools above to consider, this would also provide them with the opportunity of picking the best schools in Canada.

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