Top 10 Best Catholic Schools in Australia

10 Best Catholic Schools in Australia

Best Catholic Schools in Australia -Schools in Australia are considered some of the highest ranked high schools, colleges, and universities in its continent. In the last ten years, countries like Australia and Canada have become a great choice for people who want to move abroad from Africa and other continents.

The cost of studying and living is relatively lower than in the United States or the United Kingdom. This is so even when the quality of life and education offered is almost the same. Besides, many of the people moving to Australia are looking to study and possibly work there for some time.

There are so many advantages you can get from studying in countries like Australia, especially when you are from a third-world country. Australia is one of the countries with the highest number of international study aspirants, alongside top countries like Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, China and a few other countries.

Australia has loads of good schools, making sure that the education of kids and grown-up citizens can compare to the one offered in other top countries of the world. If you are new to a place in Australia or are looking to enroll your kid in a catholic school in Australia, this article will serve as a great help.

What you should understand is that catholic schools are always backed by organizations and the church so they always offer great quality. Your choice should be based on other factors such as the teacher to student ratio, hostel facilities, teacher qualities and others.

The schools mentioned here are ranked some of the best catholic schools in Australia due to some of these factors: teacher to student ration, staff quality, facilities, history, alumni, and catholic ethics. You can visit the website of each school in order to get more information.

Best Catholic Schools in Australia

As mentioned earlier, the rankings of the schools may change after this publication but all of the schools mentioned below are part of the best catholic schools you will find in Australia. Among these schools, there are all-boys and all-girls schools and other types of schools.

  • Trinity Catholic College
  • Southern Cross Catholic College
  • Brigidine College
  • St. Mary’s Cathedral College
  • Aquinas Catholic College, Menai
  • Bethany College, Australia
  • Cerdon College
  • Christian Brothers’ High School, Lewisham
  • De La Salle Colleges
  • Holy Cross Catholic College, Ryde

The next part of this article talks about some of these Australian catholic schools and why they are considered the best in the country.

Holy Cross Catholic College, Ryde

The Holy Cross Catholic College in Ryde, Sydney is an independent catholic school located in Sydney, Australia. The school helps to maximize the potential of every student. It is considered one of the best catholic colleges in Australia for various reasons, one of which is the quality of its education.

It was established in 1808 in tradition of the patrician brothers and is one of the oldest catholic schools in Australia.

Contact Information

Telephone: 02-9808-1033

Email: [email protected]


Address: 517 Victoria Road, Ryde, NSW, 2112

Trinity Catholic College

Trinity Catholic College is a Roman Catholic School in Sydney with strict catholic morals. This school was founded by a French priest, Saint Marcellin Champagnat in 1995. The school is well constructed and is a beautiful one.

It was previously called Benedict College, Auburn and believes in instilling discipline, truthfulness, and courage in the students. The Trinity Catholic College is affiliated with one of the top religious educational associations in Australia, the Association of Marist Schools of Australia.

The principal at trinity Catholic College is a diligent and intelligent man named Daniel Delmage. When the school started out, there were only few staff members and less than 100 students. Trinity Catholic College now has an enrolment of about 1300 with so many qualified staff members.

The reason why this college is called the Trinity Catholic College is because of its history. The school was established in 1995 when three schools were amalgamated. The three schools are Benedict College Auburn, St. Peter Chanel Girls High Regent’s Park, and St. John’s Girls Regional College.

The first principal of this school was John Thompson, Paul Fensom, and John Robinson. In terms of performance, Trinity College has been doing very well in Sydney and NSW. The HSC results of Trinity Catholic College students are part of the top results and above state average.

Sports is an integrated part of Trinity Catholic College, and students are encouraged to participate in different games and sports like basketball, track games, swimming, squash, cross country, cricket, rugby, golf, soccer, tennis, chess, volleyball and many others courtesy of the Metropolitan Association of Combined Catholic Schools.

Some of the well known alumni of this college are Salim Mehajer, Junior Langi, Mark Milligan, Daniel Tupou and many others. The fact that some of the alumni are successful sportsmen is a pointer to the effectiveness of the extracurricular activity integration in the college.

Contact Information

Telephone: 02-9749-1919, 02-9644-7217

Email: [email protected]

Contact Address: 16 Alice Street, Auburn, New South Wales 2144; 37 Regent Street Regents Park, New South Wales 2143


St. Mary’s Cathedral College, Sydney

The St. Mary’s Cathedral College has a lot of history. This school is the oldest catholic college in the whole of Australia, having been established in 1824. This means that the school is now almost 200 years in existence, as old as some Australian universities.

Old schools are known to possess so much quality, and this school has an additional quality, it’s a catholic school. St. Mary’s College is one of the best schools in Sydney and one of the most popular schools in Australia.

The current principal at St. Mary’s is Michael Kelleher, a man who works hard every week to continue with the legacy of the school. St. Mary’s Cathedral College was founded by John Therry and is under the control of the New South Wales department of education.

Since 1910, the denomination of the school is managed by the congregation of Christian brothers. The school believes in working hard and the effectiveness of teaching as the motto implies; “To do and to teach”.

The St. Mary’s Cathedral College was established as an elementary school in 1824, becoming a college with high school only in 1828. The members of staff at St. Mary’s are diligent Christian brothers from associations like Benedictine monks, Marist Brothers, Sisters of Charity and some others.

The students at St. Mary’s Cathedral College are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as Music, track games and sports. Some of the well known alumni of this college are Anthony Albanese, James Freeman, James Griffin, Kevin Hastings, Hunter Lochard, Joe Reaichie, Jerry Skotadis, Peter Triantis, Aaron Woods and many others.

Contact Information

Telephone: 02-9235-0500

Email: [email protected]

Contact Address: 2 St. Mary’s Rd. Sydney, New South Wales 2000


Christian Brothers High School, Lewisham

The Christian Brothers High School, Lewisham is a boys only catholic school located in Lewisham. According to outsiders, students from the school are groomed to become gentlemen who possess respect for elders and uphold the values of humanity.

The school is interested in nurturing the students to become a man and has been producing excellent results for more than 130 years. The motto of the school says that there is a crown for people who strive.

The students look very mature, from the [primary level to secondary. Primary school pupils wear white shirts, black shorts and striped ties, making them look smarter than their age. The secondary school students wear a full uniform with suits, enabling them to look like the gentlemen they are.

Contact Information

Telephone: 612 8585 1744

Email: [email protected]

Contact Address: 68 The Boulevarde, Lewisham, New South Wales 2049, Australia


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about the best catholic schools in Australia:

Here are some of the best catholic schools in Australia. Check the earlier part of the article for a full list.

  • All Saints Catholic College
  • Southern Cross Catholic College
  • Brigidine College
  • St. Martha’s Catholic School
  • Aquinas Catholic College, Menai
  • Bethany College, Australia
  • Cerdon College

The best catholic schools in Australia are located in the city of Sydney. Sydney is a large beautiful city in Australia and is known for having high standards in schools, hospitals and almost anything.

No. Catholic schools are not free in Australia. Although the cost of these schools may be less than what obtains in other Australian schools, students still pay fees for their education.


Catholic schools all over the world are known for offering quality catholic education for lower costs. The schools are usually very old with great history and experience, outperforming many schools in their region. Australia has lots of catholic schools with quality, and this article has helped to select random high schools that are thought to possess high quality.

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