Top 80 Best Catholic Schools In Edmonton

best ctholic schools in Edmonton

Best Catholic Schools In Edmonton- Edmonton is the one of the coolest city to live in Canada. It is the capital city of the province of Alberta. A number of people prefer to attend catholic schools because of the high standard of education despite the low tuition. So you may want to consider enrolling your child in one of the best catholic schools in Edmonton.

In this article, we have compiled the list of the best catholic schools in Edmonton.

About The District Of Catholic Schools In Edmonton

The Edmonton Catholic School District is the Catholic School board in Edmonton that manages and controls all the catholic schools in Edmonton. The catholic schools in this district offer academic curriculum for children from kindergarten class up to grade 12. There are currently 96 schools under the district comprising K-6 school, elementary schools, junior high school and senior high school.

Best Catholic Schools In Edmonton

Pre-Kindergarten  Catholic Schools In Edmonton

Pre-kindergarten school is open to children between the age of 2years 8months and 5years old. Here, children learn a lot with a play-based curriculum.

 Some of the things kids get to learn in a pre-K school include:

  • Calendar (days of the week, months, seasons, etc.)
  • Colours
  • Colouring
  • Cutting
  • Drawing and painting
  • Shapes
  • Identification of letters of Numbers
  • Writing of letters and Numbers, etc.

There is only one Pre-kindergarten catholic school in Edmonton and that is;

  1. St. Monica Early Learning Centre

Elementary Catholic Schools In Edmonton

Elementary schools form the basic education for a child. It forms the very foundation upon which every other learning will be built. Elementary schools are usually for kids between age 5 and 11 years.

The academic curriculum at elementary schools include:

  • Reading and Writing
  • Arithmetic
  • Introduction to Natural and Social Sciences
  • Health Education
  • Physical Education
  • Arts and Crafts

There are 48 elementary Catholic schools in Edmonton :

List Of Elementary Catholic Schools In Edmonton

1.       Anne Fitzgerald Catholic Elementary School

2. Annunciation Catholic Elementary School

3.         Bishop Greschuk Elementary School

4.         Bishop Savaryn Catholic Elementary School

5.         Divine Mercy Catholic Elementary School

6.         Father Leo Green Catholic Elementary School

7.         École Frère Antoine Catholic Elementary School

8.         Holy Child Catholic Elementary School

9.         John Paul I  Catholic Elementary School

10.       Katherine Therrian Catholic Elementary School

11.       Mary Hanley Catholic Elementary School

12.       Monsignor William Irwin Catholic Elementary School

13.       Our Lady of Peace Catholic Elementary School

14.       Our Lady of the Prairies Catholic Elementary School

15.       Our Lady of Victories Catholic Elementary School

16.       St. Angela Catholic Elementary School

17.       St. Anne Catholic Elementary School

18.       St. Augustine Catholic Elementary School

19.       St. Benedict Catholic Elementary School

20.       St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School

21.       St. Bonaventure Catholic Elementary School

22.       St. Boniface Catholic Elementary School

23.       St. Charles Catholic Elementary School

24.       St. Dominic Catholic Elementary School

25.       St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School

26.       St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Elementary School

27.       St. Gerard Catholic Elementary School

28.       St. Jerome Catholic Elementary School

29.       St. John Bosco Catholic Elementary School

30.       St. Justin Catholic Elementary School

31.       St. Kateri Catholic Elementary School

32.       St. Leo Catholic Elementary School

33.       St. Lucy Catholic Elementary School

34.       St. Maria Goretti Catholic Elementary School

35.       St. Martha Catholic Elementary School

36.       St. Martin Catholic Elementary School

37.       St. Mary Catholic Elementary School

38.       St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School

39.       St. Philip Catholic Elementary School

40.       St. Pius X Catholic Elementary School

41.       St. Richard Catholic Elementary School

42.       St. Stanislaus Catholic Elementary School

43.       St. Teresa Catholic Elementary School

44.       St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Elementary School

45.       St. Timothy Catholic Elementary School

46.       St. Vincent Catholic Elementary School

47.       St. Vladimir Catholic Elementary School

Junior High Catholic Schools In Edmonton

The Junior secondary education phase helps to strengthen the bridge between elementary and secondary school. The curriculum is more advanced than that of elementary education. Some of the subjects and activities in Junior high school include:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Business Studies
  • Agriculture
  • Religious Education
  • Health Education
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Life skills
  • Sports, etc.

List Of Junior High Catholic Schools In Edmonton

  1. Cardinal Leger Catholic Junior High School
  2. Father Michael Troy Catholic Junior High School
  3. H.E. Beriault Catholic Junior High School
  4. J.J. Bowlen Catholic Junior High School
  5. St. Cecilia Catholic Junior High School
  6. St. Edmund Catholic Junior High School
  7. St. Hilda Catholic Junior High School
  8. St. Mark Catholic Junior High School
  9. St. Nicholas Catholic Junior High School
  10. St. Rose Catholic Junior High School
  11. St. Thomas More Catholic Junior High School
  12. Sir John Thompson Catholic Junior High School

Senior High Catholic Schools In Edmonton

The curriculum of senior high school is more advanced and specialized too. Students have to choose 1 out of 3 academic tracks. This include BAM (Business, Accountancy, Management), HESS (Humanities, Education, Social Sciences) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  

List Of Senior High Catholic Schools In Edmonton

  1. Archbishop Macdonald Catholic Senior High School
  2. Archbishop O’Leary Catholic Senior High School
  3. Archbishop O’Brien Catholic Senior High School
  4. Cardinal Collins Academic Centre-City Centre Campus
  5. Cardinal Collins Academic Centre –Clareview Campus
  6. Cardinal Collins Academic Centre-Mill Woods Campus
  7. Cardinal Collins Academic Centre-Westmount Campus
  8. Revelation Online Catholic Senior High School
  9. St. Joseph Catholic Senior High School
  10. St. Oscar Romero Catholic Senior High School
  11. Archbishop Joseph MacNeil Catholic Senior High School
  12. Ben Calf Robe/ St. Clare Catholic Senior High School
  13. Bishop David Motiuk Catholic Senior High School
  14. Christ The King Catholic Senior High School
  15. Corpus Christi Catholic Senior High School
  16. Father Michael Mireau Catholic Senior High School
  17. Genesis Online School Catholic Senior High School
  18. Holy Cross Catholic Senior High School
  19. Holy Family Catholic Senior High School
  20. Joan Carr Catholic Senior High School
  21. Monsignor Fee Otterson Catholic Senior High School
  22. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Senior High School
  23. Sister Annata Brockman Catholic Senior High School
  24. St. Alphonsus Catholic Senior High School
  25. St. Basil Catholic Senior High School
  26. St. Brendan Catholic Senior High School
  27. St. Catherine Catholic Senior High School
  28. St. Edmund Catholic Senior High School
  29. St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Senior High School
  30. St. John XXIII Catholic Senior High School
  31. St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Senior High School
  32. Louis St. Laurent Catholic Senior High School
  33. J.H Picard Catholic Senior High School
  34. St. Gabriel Centre for Diverse Learning

Last Word

One of the advantage of catholic schools is that the tuition fees are quite low when compared to private schools and you are also sure to get quality education.

This article has been on best catholic schools in Edmonton, hope it was helpful?

Frequently Asked Questions

The provincial government funds catholic schools in its province, so you don’t have to pay any tuition if you attend a catholic school.

It depends on the policy of the catholic school. But a number of times, Catholics are given higher preference in admission process than non-Catholics.

In Catholic schools, students get to learn in a community that place emphasis on faith and strong moral values.

Edmonton is well-known for its culture, natural beauty and beautiful sceneries.


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