Top 15 Best Catholic Schools In Germany

Best Catholic Schools in Germany

Best Catholic Schools In Germany- If you are in search of the best countries in the world to get quality education, you should come to Germany. The educational system has been well designed to be highly accessible to every child to study from kindergarten up to university level irrespective of family financial state.


The Roman catholic church as part of its contribution to promote education in Germany has instituted several schools in Germany. Catholic schools in Germany offer quality education and are highly affordable.

In this article, you will be discovering the best catholic schools in Germany and what makes each of those schools stand out.

Schools In Germany

The german school system is structured into 5 levels:

  • Early Childhood education
  • Elementary/ primary Education
  • Secondary Education/High School
  • Tertiary Education
  • Continuing Education

Best Catholic Schools In Germany

The catholic schools in Germany have been categorized into two divisions:

  • Jesuit Schools in Germany
  • Catholic Secondary Schools in Germany

Jesuit Schools In Germany

The Jesuit schools include secondary schools established and managed by the Jesuit society. The Jesuit schools include:

  • Aloisiuskolleg
  • Canisius-Kolleg Berlin
  • Kolleg St. Blasien
  • Sankt-Ansgar-Schule



The school is a co-educational Jesuit high school in Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany. It was established initially in 1900 by as a boys-only school.  It was named after Saint Aloysius Gonzaga. In 1980, girls were admitted into the school thereby turning the school into a co-educational school.  The school which offers academic curriculum to prepare children for college has boarding facilities.

The school is well-recognized by the state and on successful completion of Abitur, a graduate can easily gain admission into a German University.

Some notable graduates of this school include Till Brönner (a musician), Hanns Feigen (a lawyer), Johannes B.Kerner (a television host).

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Canisius-Kolleg Berlin

The school is a private catholic Gymnasium. The school is one of the best catholic schools in Germany. It was named after Saint Peter Canisius School, a patron saint in Catholic church. It was established in 1925 as a co-educational private catholic high school.

The school offers academic curriculum for kids between 5th and 13th grade (Abitur). Religion as a subject is compulsory for all students. English and Latin languages are also compulsory subjects for students from the 5th grade. There are extra-curricular activities to engage and build up the students of this great school. Some of these activities include sports, musical clubs, photography, literary writing.

For further details about Canisius-Kolleg Berlin, visit https: // www.


Kolleg St. Blasien

Kolleg St. Blasien offers an academic curriculum that prepares its students for college. The school which is one of the most prestigious catholic schools in Germany is open to boys and girls with boarding facilities. It was established in 1307 as a co-educational catholic school offering academic programs for children between grades 5 and 12.

In addition to its academic program, the school also offers classes on Chinese and Classical languages. Extra-curricular activities like Rugby, Drama and others are available for the students to participate.

Some of the famous alumni of this prestigious catholic school in Germany include Nikolaus Brender (a journalist), Ferdinand von Schirach (a writer and lawyer), etc.

To learn more about Kolleg St. Blasien, visit http: // www.


Sankt-Ansgar-Schule is a private catholic high school in Hamburg, Germany. It was established in 1946 and named after Saint Ansgar of the Roman Catholic church in Germany. The school started out as a boys-only school in 1946 established by the Society of Jesus, an order of the Catholic church. In 1978, the first set of girls were admitted into the school, thereby turning it into a coeducational school.

The school in addition to its Jesuit tradition follows all the rules and regulations guiding public schools in Germany.

Some notable alumni from this school include Ansgar Beckermann, Brun-Otto Bryde, Klaus Grawe, Iveta Mukuchyan, etc.

For more information on Sankt-Ansgar-Schule, visit http: // www.


Gymnasium Theodorianum

The school is a catholic grammar school located in the centre of Paderborn, Germany. The school which was established in 799 is one of the 10 oldest schools in the world. The location of the school has changed several times over the years. The school offers academic program for kids between age 10 and 18 years old.

In 1945, several part of the school including its fully-stocked library got seriously damaged by bombings. In 1954, the school was rebuilt. Gymnasium Theodorianum initially started out as a boys only catholic school became coeducational in 1971 when girls started getting enrolled in the school.

English and Latin are compulsory as foreign languages for students. Additional languages such as French, Spanish or Ancient Greek can also be taken up by the students.

Catholic Secondary Schools In Germany

  • Erzbischofliche liebfrauenschule Bonn
  • Fulda Monastery School
  • Kardinal-Frings-Gymnasium
  • St.-Pius Gymnasium
  • St. Joseph School
  • St. John Catholic School

Erzbischofliche liebfrauenschule Bonn

The school is a Roman catholic gymnasium school for girls in North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany. The school was initially established in 1876 by Bernadine Frohlich in Clemensstraβe.  The school was closed down for 6 years and then in 1945 the Sister took it over again and turned it into a gymnasium for modern languages. Finally, in 1975, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cologne took over the school’s responsibility.

To learn more about the school, visit http: // www.

Fulda Monastery School

Fulda Monastery School is one of the oldest schools in Germany. It was established in AD 748 from the monastery school.  The school also known as Rabanus Maurus School is a high school situated in the German city of Fulda. Academic curriculum offered at this school is for kids between age 10 and 18.



The school is a private catholic secondary school established by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of in Beuel, North Rhine-Westphalia. The school started out in 1964 as a boys-only school until 1988 when it was turned to a co-educational.

The School offers academic curriculum for kids between grade 5 and 12. English and Latin are compulsory languages for the students to learn at the school. French and Italian languages are optional.

Some famous alumni of this school include: Bruno Kahl, president of the German Federal Intelligence Service, Sven-Ole Frahm, German artist, Rabea Schoneborn, long-distance runner and others.

For more information on the school, please visit http:// www.


The school is a private catholic Gymnasium. The school is sited in Coesfeld near Mϋnster, Germany. The school was named after Pope Pius X, one of the patron saints in the catholic church.

St.-Pius-Gymnasium was established in 1953 by Bishop Michael keller as a boys-only school. The school was built for students for the priesthood but in 1964 it was turned to a high school. In 1969 the school was turned into a co-educational school and girls were being admitted.

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St. John Catholic School

St John Catholic school is one of the best catholic schools in Germany. It runs a curriculum for kids between kindergarten and grade 12 class. The school started off in 1879 with 15 students in a small building in the city of Beloit.

The school operates an academic curriculum that is a blend of Indonesian and UK curriculum, this curriculum gives the students an edge and make them perform better in international exams. Language studies is mandatory for the students from kindergarten up to grade 12. Some of the languages taught include Bahasa, Indonesia English and Mandarin.

Students in Junior High School have the option of choosing between Mandarin and German as their extra-curricular language. 

For further enquiries, visit https: // www. saintjohn.                

St. Joseph Catholic School

The school started out in 1909 in Sylvan Heights with the Ursuline sisters as the pioneer teachers being. The school runs an academic curriculum for children from kindergarten up to grade 12. The school was built by Fr. Edmund Sallamd, the first residential pastor of the catholic church, St. Joseph Kimmswick.

Other Catholic Schools In Germany

  • St. Marien Catholic Kindergarten
  • Delone Catholic High School
  • St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School- Conewago Campus
  • St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School- McSherry Campus
  • Plumstead Christian School
  • Mother Seton School
  • St. Francis Xavier School
  • MMI Preparatory School
  • Mercy Career & Technical High School

Final Words

Most Catholic schools are open to all students irrespective of religious background. Catholic schools do not impose their religion on the students, only that the values and the traditions of the school should be respected.

This article has been on best Catholic Schools in Germany, hope it was helpful?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Infact, most denominational schools in Germany are Roman catholic or Lutheran. The students are not mandated to follow the religion of the school, but they are expected to respect the values and traditions of the school.










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