Top 30 Best Catholic Schools in Sydney

Best Catholic Schools in Sydney – Australia has some of the highest ranked high schools, colleges, and universities in its continent. Every year, there are many migrants moving to Australia to study and possibly work or live there. There are so many advantages to studying in Australia.

Australia is one of the countries with the highest number of international study aspirants, alongside top countries like Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, China and a few other countries.

Sydney is  a city in Australia and houses some of Australia’s largest organizations, companies, schools, and colleges. Sydney also has some highly ranked high schools like Sydney Grammar School, James Ruse Agricultural High School, Baulkham Hills High School and many others.

Since there are many quality schools in Sydney, it is a little difficult to find what school is perfect for you or your ward. It is even more difficult to niche down to schools that are denominational. Catholic schools everywhere in the world usually provide standard education and facilities, and this is not different in Sydney.

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Finding the best school for yourself does not require you to look at only the quality of education as there are some other factors. Location and features are also some important factors to consider before deciding what Sydney catholic school you will attend.

Parents who wish for their wards to grow up while learning in a Christian environment with moral ethics are also interested in knowing the best catholic schools in Sydney. This article will make school choice easier by listing the best catholic schools in Sydney ranked using various factors.

Using teacher to student ration, staff quality, facilities, history, alumni, catholic ethics and student performance, these schools have been ranked the best catholic schools in Sydney.

Best Catholic Schools in Sydney

The schools listed below are arranged in no particular order but are regarded the best catholic schools in Sydney. Among the schools mentioned below, there are all-boy s and all-girls schools and other types of schools,

  • St. Mary’s Cathedral College, Sydney
  • Trinity Catholic College
  • Marist Catholic College
  • St. Andrews Cathedral School
  • All Saints Catholic College
  • Southern Cross Catholic College
  • Brigidine College
  • St. Martha’s Catholic School
  • Holy Cross Catholic College, Ryde
  • Aquinas Catholic College, Menai
  • Bethany College, Sydney
  • Cerdon College
  • Christian Brothers’ High School, Lewisham
  • De La Salle Colleges
  • Delany College
  • Kincoppal School
  • Freeman Catholic College
  • Emmaus Catholic College
  • Good Samaritan Catholic College
  • Loyola Senior High School, Mount Druitt
  • Marist Colleges
  • Mater Maria Catholic College
  • Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta
  • Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College, Sydney
  • Redfield College
  • St. Patrick’s College, Campbelltown
  • St. Pius X College, Sydney

The list above is a random selection of the best catholic schools in Sydney. Following the reviews, these catholic schools are recommended as the best in Sydney. Looking up information on some of them will give you a very good tip on what school you would like. The next section of this article will talk about some of the features of these catholic schools and why they are the best, including their contact information.

St. Mary’s Cathedral College, Sydney

The St. Mary’s Cathedral College has a lot of history. This school is the oldest catholic college in the whole of Australia, having been established in 1824. This means that the school is now almost 200 years in existence, as old as some Australian universities.

Old schools are known to possess so much quality, and this school has an additional quality, it’s a catholic school. St. Mary’s College is one of the best schools in Sydney and one of the most popular schools in Australia.

The current principal at St. Mary’s is Michael Kelleher, a man who works hard every week to continue with the legacy of the school. St. Mary’s Cathedral College was founded by John Therry and is under the control of the New South Wales department of education.

Since 1910, the denomination of the school is managed by the congregation of Christian brothers. The school believes in working hard and the effectiveness of teaching as the motto implies; “To do and to teach”.

The St. Mary’s Cathedral College was established as an elementary school in 1824, becoming a college with high school only in 1828. The members of staff at St. Mary’s are diligent Christian brothers from associations like Benedictine monks, Marist Brothers, Sisters of Charity and some others.

The students at St. Mary’s Cathedral College are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as Music, track games and sports. Some of the well known alumni of this college are Anthony Albanese, James Freeman, James Griffin, Kevin Hastings, Hunter Lochard, Joe Reaichie, Jerry Skotadis, Peter Triantis, Aaron Woods and many others.

Contact Information

Telephone: 02-9235-0500


Contact Address: 2 St. Mary’s Rd. Sydney, New South Wales 2000


Trinity Catholic College

Trinity Catholic College is a Roman Catholic School in Sydney with strict catholic morals. This school was founded by a French priest, Saint Marcellin Champagnat in 1995. The school is well constructed and is a beautiful one.

It was previously called Benedict College, Auburn and believes in instilling discipline, truthfulness, and courage in the students. The Trinity Catholic College is affiliated with one of the top religious educational associations in Australia, the Association of Marist Schools of Australia.

The principal at trinty Catholic College is a diligent and intelligent man named Daniel Delmage. When the school started out, there were only few staff members and less than 100 students. Trinity Catholic College now has an enrolment of about 1300 with so many qualified staff members.

The reason why this college is called the Trinity Catholic College is because of its history. The school was established in 1995 when three schools were amalgamated. The three schools are Benedict College Auburn, St. Peter Chanel Girls High Regent’s Park, and St. John’s Girls Regional College.

The first principal of this school was John Thompson, Paul Fensom, and John Robinson. In terms of performance, Trinity College has been doing very well in Sydney and NSW. The HSC results of Trinity Catholic College students are part of the top results and above state average.

Sports is an integrated part of Trinity Catholic College, and students are encouraged to participate in different games and sports like basketball, track games, swimming, squash, cross country, cricket, rugby, golf, soccer, tennis, chess, volleyball and many others courtesy of the Metropolitan Association of Combined Catholic Schools.

Some of the well known alumni of this college are Salim Mehajer, Junior Langi, Mark Milligan, Daniel Tupou and many others. The fact that some of the alumni are successful sportsmen is a pointer to the effectiveness of the extracurricular activity integration in the college.

Contact Information

Telephone: 02-9749-1919, 02-9644-7217


Contact Address: 16 Alice Street, Auburn, New South Wales 2144; 37 Regent Street Regents Park, New South Wales 2143


Marist Catholic College

Located in Penshurst, Sydney, Marist Catholic College is no doubt one of the best catholic schools in Sydney. This catholic school is a popular one and is also known as MCCNS, meaning Marist Catholic College North Shore.

This school instills the power of courage, discipline and hard work in the students. Marist Catholic College was established in 1888 by Walter Moore and is under the control of the New South Wales department of education.

The principal at Marist Catholic College is Anthony Boys, although there are different principals for each campus. The school has an enrolment of about 1320.

The students are highly encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities like music, swimming, water polo, cross country, volleyball, squash, golf, basketball, cricket, touch football, tennis, track games, squash and many others.

Some of the well known alumni of the Marist College North Shore are Steve Ahern (Broadcaster), Steve Balbi (Singer), Dean Lewis (Singer), Mike Munro (Journalist), Kyle Linahan (Presenter and Singer), Dan Ewing (Actor), Brian Sully (Former Justice, Supreme Court of New South Wales), Kieran Foran, Ken Irvine, Guy Leech, Phil Ritchie, Mitchell Pearce, Liam Foran, Eddie Scarf, Daniel Petkovski, Matt Shirvington, Simon Taufel and so many other well known persons.

These alumni of Marist College North Shore are established singers, radio broadcasters, television broadcasters, songwriters, presenters, journalists, lawyers, Judges, Justices, and sportsmen.

Contact Information

Telephone: 02-9957-5000


Contact Address: 65 Victoria Avenue, Penshurst, New South Wales 2222



The capital city of New South Wales, Sydney is a beautiful sight to behold. Being a major city, there are flocks of people who wish to visit the city. There are beautiful beaches, yachts and sea-side views. The education in Sydney is also top-notch with some of the schools being very popular in Australia.

Some Sydney colleges are regarded the best in New South Wales. Students who are catholic or wish to experience catholic or Christian education are willing to try catholic schools in Sydney, as these schools offer impressive quality education. This article lists the best catholic schools in Sydney.


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