Top 20 Best Catholic Schools in UK

Best Catholic Schools in UK

Best Catholic Schools in UK -The United Kingdom has more than 2000 catholic schools, with a majority being primary schools. Catholics have made their mark in England and Wales, and the faith dates back to many hundreds of years.


Every person who seeks to preserve their faith in these trying times is facing a very harsh world, and this could extend to their wards if they are allowed to experience what the world actually allows them to do.

In order to preserve your ward’s discipline and train them to become gentlemen/women who will represent the spirit of Catholics well, a catholic school with good standards and a record of producing great students will be a right choice.

Providing your child a good catholic education as a believer in the catholic faith is vital now that the United Kingdom is not a completely safe place for children to learn good morals unless you are willing to go extra miles, attending a boarding catholic school will be very good for your kid.


This post is articulately written to make sure you get good pieces of information and details of the best catholic schools in UK. If you happen to be interested in any schools here, visit the individual website to check for more information.

Best Catholic Schools in UK

Here is a list of some of the best catholic schools in UK. These schools have been ranked by other notable organizations but are arranged in no particular order. Some of these schools are a group of schools while some others are just primary or secondary schools.

  • St. Helen’s Catholic School
  • St. John and Monica Catholic Primary School
  • English Martyr’s Catholic Primary School
  • St. Ignatius RC Primary School
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School
  • St. Monica’s Roman Catholic Primary School
  • English Martyr’s Roman Catholic Primary School
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School
  • St. Joseph’s Catholic Prima

St. Helen’s Catholic School

St. Helen’s Catholic School is a thriving primary school in the heart of Brixton. The school is open to students of all denominations. However, when there are no much admission slots left, Catholic aspirants will naturally have an advantage.


Remember to send in your application earlier if you would love to apply. On the school’s website, you can find every single piece of information you want. You can also use the contact enquiries to ask for more information in case your questions are not answered on the website.

According to the school, foreigners who come to live in the vicinity and are looking for catholic schools are usually interested in St. Helens thanks to various qualities the school possesses.

St. Helen’s is interested in providing quality education alongside gospel enlightenment for its students. The environment at the school gives off a happy and enthusiastic feeling. That way, students feel energetic and want to use the environment to their own advantage, subconsciously.

St. Helen’s aims at helping the students discover their talents and interests and develop them and the environment is just right for that. The school also celebrates diversity and promotes equality, in case you have some doubts.

Working hard to meet the expectations of many parents, St. Helen’s school can be considered one of the top best catholic schools in UK.

Contact Information

Telephone: 020 7274 4343

Email Address: [email protected]

Contact Address: St. Helen’s Catholic Primary School, Knowle Close, Brixton, London, SW9 0TQ



St. John and Monica Catholic Primary School

St. John and Monica Catholic Primary School is a school located in Birmingham, England. The school is interested in creating a learning community with a focus on discipline and Jesus Christ, helping the students to develop and maintain strong catholic values with respect for other people’s culture and religion.

St. John and Monica’s is focused on establishing a community where there are ethics and the students have the right attitude and are guided by core Christian values. The teachers are also of great quality and are of great help to students while helping them attain knowledge in numeracy, literacy.

The school is also aimed at broadening the knowledge of the students alongside their imagination and experience. This will ensure that pupils can learn while loving the experience they gain.

After graduating from this school, a majority of the students are able to process quite a lot of things on their own, displaying their personal capabilities.

The school is bent on following the national curriculum that is an important factor determining how smooth the students can study in secondary school. The students are also taught to value the achievement of people in arts, science, literature and music.

Contact Information

Telephone: 44 121 464 5868

Email Address: [email protected] /[email protected]

Contact Address: Chantry Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8DW, United Kingdom



English Martyrs Catholic Primary School

The English Martyrs Catholic Primary School is a school that teaches and enforces catholic morals in all of its students, making sure they become people who do not go about breaching codes of conduct. In order that students do not end up becoming a nuisance to their environment,

Guided by the lessons of Christ, the English Martyrs Catholic Primary School is in fact a model for many other catholic schools. The school has successfully built a community that is very healthy for students to grow in, finding their talents and passion.

The school celebrates achievements and tries hard to take all the students along. The school also has the most important feature of a school, which is the involvement of parents. EMCPS sees parents as partners looking to help the school create a healthy future for its students and their wards.

The school takes honesty very serious and is constantly trying to help its students realize the value of this moral. The values of the school are love, respect and honesty and this is reflected in the manner of a large part of the graduates of the school.

English Martyrs Catholic Primary School is highly interested in creating a space where students can maintain a balance between religious education and the “western” studies. At a young age, the pupils are guided to catholic morals and begin to get a full grasp of what it means to be a catholic.

The curriculum used by the school aligns with what obtains nationally with add-ons to ensure that pupils become problem solvers and critical thinkers. With this kind of education, it is only natural that the pupils go on to do well at middle school and high school levels.

The foundation of education is most important, and the English Martyrs Catholic Primary School offers a good one for your ward.

Contact Information

Telephone: 020 7709 0182

Email Address:

Contact Address: English Martyrs Catholic Primary School, St. Mark Street, London. E1 8DJ



St. Ignatius RC Primary School

St. Ignatius Catholic School is ranked one of the best catholic schools in UK. Being a catholic community, the school is always striving to uphold catholic morals among its pupils, guiding the students to the path of a catholic.

The school takes pride in encouraging its students to live by the gospel and is known for producing well behaved pupils who tend to abide by the codes of conduct in middle and high school levels.

Contact Information

Telephone: 020 8800 2771

Email Address: –

Contact Address: St Ignatius Catholic Primary School, St Ann’s Road Tottenham London N15 6ND


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about the best catholic schools in UK:

There are many catholic schools in the United Kingdom. Statistics list more than 2000 catholic schools and colleges in Wales and England. A majority of these schools were established more than hundred years ago and have built successful educational profiles in the UK.

St. Bede’s and St. Joseph’s catholic school are considered the biggest catholic schools in the UK. This school is the largest because it was formed due to a merge of St. Bede’s grammar school and St. Joseph’s catholic college.

Here are some of the best catholic schools in UK, listed according to no particular order. Check the earlier part of this article for a full list.

  • St. Helen’s Catholic School
  • St. John and Monica Catholic Primary School
  • English Martyr’s Catholic Primary School
  • St. Ignatius RC Primary School
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School


Catholic education is known to be of great quality all around the world. Especially in the United Kingdom, catholic education is quite dominant in certain places. In a world that is embracing the craze of a decaying society; catholic education will do your ward some good. This article helps by listing some of the best catholic schools in UK.

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Other sites: Some other pieces of information were gotten from the websites of the schools mentioned.

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