List of Catholic Universities in California

List of Catholic Universities in California- California is the biggest state in the USA by GDP and third largest in size. It is one of the most visited cities by tourists. Interestingly, California is also blessed with some great universities. So if you are thinking of where to study both at first and second degree level, you may want to consider coming to California where you get a blend of good education with some unforgettable tourist attractions too.

History of California

 California is well known for its unique diversity amongst other states of the USA. It prides itself as the state with the widest range of tourism opportunities. It became a state on Sept 9, 1850 with Sacramento as its capital. The state has three nicknames,

  1. The Golden State
  2. The land of milk and honey
  3. The Eldorado state; the grape state.

List of Catholic Universities in California

Santa Clara University

It is located in the most ingenious place in earth, Silicon Valley. Santa Clara university combines high-tech consciousness with a social consciousness.

What you stand to gain at Santa Clara University

  • Our programs help kick start you on a great foundation in your career.
  • You will be prepared for your dream internship, job and graduate program.
  • You get to work with professors directly.
  • Opportunities exist to get involved in creative researches that will help you gain a lot of experience.
  • Some of the very innovative and successful businesses in the world like Google, Apple, NVIDIA and Cisco are located just some streets away from the school and they get to recruit massively from our campus.

Our Programs

They include:

  1. College of Arts and Sciences: courses include Biochemistry, Physics, Public health, Languages, Theatre arts, etc.
  2. School of Engineering: courses include Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and others.
  3. Leavey School of Business: courses include Accounting, Finance, Marketing, e.t.c.

Loyola Marymount University(LMU)

Located in Los Angeles, California, Loyola Marymount University is committed to the encouragement of learning, education of an individual and the service of faith and the promotion of justice.

Why Choose Loyola

We are focused on your success: 97% of graduates have positive outcomes within six months of graduating( such as getting employed or getting admission for post graduate studies).

We are very personal and dynamic: Our class sizes are small, this is to promote intellectual engagement and growth. Internships, leadership trainings are part of what our students go through.

We are located in the heart of Los Angeles: this implies that you have access to internships in any field of study. You also get to see and enjoy some creative work of nature like beaches, mountains and endless sunshine.

Our Programs

LMU offer a wide range of programs which are classed into six schools:

1. Bellarmine College of Liberal arts

2. College of business administration

3. College of communication + Fine Art

4. School of education

5. School of Film + Television

6. Deaver College of Science +Engineering

University of San Diego

We are located in San Diego in the beautiful city of California.

We are ranked among the nation’s top 100 colleges and universities and are very much committed to academic excellence.

Why Choose us?

  • We are strongly committed to academic excellence. Our students get good employment offers almost immediately after study.
  • We are located in a beautiful city with a lot of tourist attraction.

Our Programs

  • College of arts and sciences
  • Knauss school of business
  • School of leadership and education sciences
  • Shirley-Marcus school of engineering.

La Sierra University

We are located at Riverside, California. We strongly believe in curiosity, mentorship and discovery of life-transforming opportunities. We ensure student’s participation and involvement through our small class sizes.

Why Choose Us

  • We go beyond the classroom to empower students through some of mission programs that are internationally recognized.
  • We invest in each student’s academic and personal success.
  • We welcome people of all faith and background who are seeking to be part of an inclusive community.
  • We help you stay physically fit through a good number of our sporting activities.

Our programs

We offer over 60 undergraduate and 20 postgraduate programs

University of San Francisco

The university is a Jesuit university founded on October 15th, 1855. As a student, you get to meet and interact with students from diverse nationalities.  Our graduates rank among the top 3% in the U.S for their earning potential.

What we have to offer you

  • Our system of learning is rigorous but highly personal. We always challenge you to aim high and we help you as you journey to that height.
  • We are well located in the beautiful city of San Francisco where there are lot of opportunities for learning, research, internships and jobs.
  • You get to acquire the professional skills and cultural awareness that would help you succeed in life and career

Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles.

This is the only women university in Los Angeles. Women are being empowered to be better leaders first to themselves and then to the world. The university is vastly known for its research on gender equality, innovative health and science programs and deep commitment to service.


They offer degree programs in about 30 major courses.

Saint Mary’s College of California

The university offers a varied curriculum that includes the humanities, arts, sciences, education, business administration.

Why St Mary’s

As a student, you will be challenged to think critically and analytically as you develop skills that will be of immense benefit to you after graduation.

The university is located in the bay area, students are thus close to a diverse array of professional, cultural and service opportunities. For example:

You could land yourself a job in prestigious organizations like Google, Apple.

You could attend food festivals and other opportunities.

Holy Names University

This university is located in Oakland, San Francisco bay area of California. It is a small private institution with enrollment of about 591 students. Admission is competitive here with about 63%. Major courses include Business, Psychology and Criminology.

Mary mount California University

It is a private Catholic university located in the Los Angeles area of California. The admission is much easier and acceptance rate is 100%. Popular majors are psychology, humanities, liberal arts.

Notre Dame de Namur University

The private catholic university is located in Belmont, California in the San Francisco bay area. It is a small institution with about 129 students. The acceptance rate for admission is 100%. Its popular majors include Sociology, Psychology and Business.

Thomas Aquinas College

It is a private, Catholic college located in California. It is a small university with an enrollment of 462 undergraduate students. The Thomas Aquinas acceptance rate is 86%. The only major offered is Liberal Arts and Humanities.

John Paul the Great Catholic University

The university incorporates its hands-on degree program in with creative arts, media, and business with an enriching Catholic liberal arts education.

What we offer

  • You get to study and master your crafts under seasoned professionals in your field of study.
  • You get to propagate/breed your talent through our project-intensive coursework from the very 1st year of study.
  • You get to receive an authentic catholic education which includes study of scriptures, theology, literature, art, music and philosophy.

Our Programs

Major include:  Communications Media, Business and Humanities

Minors include: computer programming, creative writing, creative entrepreneurship, digital music, music theatre, philosophy and theology.

University of La Verne

It is a non-profit, private university. The university since 1891 has been helping students pursue and achieve their dream career.

What we offer

  • Small class size:  with an average class size of 16, and student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1, you will have access to one-on-one interactions with your professors.
  • There is also room for interactive sessions amongst your classmates.
  • There are varieties of campus activities to help you build community.
  • You can also stay fit by joining the athletics team.

Some interesting and must-visit areas in California

The San Francisco Bay Area.

San Francisco is the most advanced city in California. Here are some of the things you would enjoy when you visit.

  • Executive restaurants of high repute
  • Varieties of theatre performance
  • World class Opera and ballet

Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Pasadena.

Despite being a busy urban metropolis, Los Angeles attracts its visitors with its beautiful scenery. Favorite beaches include Venice Beach, Santa Monica beach. Santa Monica is filled with fashionable shops and a wide range of restaurants, with ocean views.

San Diego

Tourist attractions include:

 Balboa Park: this is a beautiful garden

Gaslamp quarter: it is full of boutiques, art galleries and good restaurants.

Old town San Diego State Historic park: present here are museums, retail shops, restaurants.

Yosemite National Park: A UNESCO World heritage site.


Yosemite is being described as the grandest of all special temples of nature. The Yosemite Valley is surrounded by sheer granite cliffs and domes. The most significant sights of Yosemite are Yosemite falls, an amazing 2, 425-foot waterfall and half dome, the sheer face granite mountain.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

 Top attractions include state parks with lovely beaches and Lakeview. At Summer times, Lake Tahoe is a common destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, watersport, lakeside, sun bathing, mountain hiking.

 Sea side towns and nature sites of Marin Country.

Marin country is located north of San Francisco across the Golden gate bridge. Nature sites include:

Tennessee valley -highly loved for its spring time wild flowers and gentle walking trail to the beach.

Muir Woods National Monument – a dense forest of giant 1000-year old coastal wood trees.

Other  interesting places  in California include:

  • Gold country in the Sierra Nevada
  • Sonoma county, Napa valley and Colistoga
  • Medocino Coastline
  • Big Sur and Heart Castle
  • Santa Barbara, Sandy beaches and a charming downtown
  • Palm springs
  • Santa Cruz, Monterey and Carmel
  • San Luis Obispo and the central coat
  • Anaheim
  • The Red wood forests of Humboldt county
  • Mammoth lakes: Hiking, fishing and skiing.


Catholic universities are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church and they offer education in the Catholic intellectual tradition, theology than other schools. 

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