Top 10 Best Charter Schools in Canada

Best Charter Schools in Canada -If you are reading this article right now it means you have either heard of Charter schools in Canada and want to know what they are or you stumbled here because you were checking random articles on the internet.

This post is made to help you understand what charter schools are, how they work and where they are, also listing the best charter schools in Canada.

Canada is known for being one of the top locations with the highest number of foreign entrants who came into the country for studying. Canada has some of the best student cities and provinces like Calgary and Alberta. The country also has some of the best institutions and charter schools, and colleges in the world.

This is apart from several tourist attractions that bring foreigners into the country. The lower cost of fees compared to countries like the United States and the UK despite offering the same quality of education and experience is even more exciting.

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Canada is also one of the countries with the most scholarship programs. In some colleges or universities like the University of Alberta, one out of every five students is on a scholarship. This means that attending school in Canada can give you a great chance to be on scholarship when you get to college.

These reasons explain why so many citizens and foreigners are interested in attending the best charter schools in Canada.

The Canadian charter schools mentioned in this article are known to produce quality students who tend to excel in college or university, have great teaching staff, follow national standard curriculum, encourage extracurricular activities, and have standard facilities.

If you are interested in knowing what the best charter schools in Canada are, this article is written for you.

Best Charter Schools in Canada

  • Western Christian Schools
  • Heritage Oak Private School
  • Fallowfield Montessori Schools
  • Learning Tree Walnut Education Center
  • International School of Montessori
  • Springs Charter Schools- Rancho Cucamonga Learning Center
  • Excelsior Public Charter School
  • Excelsior Charter Schools- Ontario
  • Soar Charter Academy
  • La Verne Science and Technology Charter School

1. Western Christian Schools

The Western Christian schools are a group of college prep and high school. The school is a Christian school and their curriculum is made to teach students along with the principles of Christianity. The school infuses the lessons of Jesus Christ in the students, paving the way for them to become gentlemen and women of the society.

Western Christian School is focused on helping students aspire and achieve their goals. On their website, the school encourages students to aspire for nothing less than what God has in plan for them. The school also believes that learning is simply a pursuit of truth.

With knowledge, students can discover the wonders of God and acknowledge them themselves, and the school just guides them to this path.

The school has existed for more than a hundred years and has developed gradually into a standard Canadian school. Teaching the students the love of Jesus Christ, Western Christian is providing a dynamic and standard educational system for the optimal growth of students.

According to alumni of the school, the school is very special. It also focuses on the individual growth of every student. The school also makes it clear that there is no discrimination in any of the school activities. No matter what race, ethnic group and color students are from, they are accorded the right respect and have access to all privileges that should be enjoyed as a student.

Contact Information

Telephone: 909 920 5858

Contact Address: 100 W 9th St. Upland, CA 91786


2. Heritage Oak Private School

This charter school is the favorite of many school kids who were there. For most of the parents, the school was their last stop after they searched high and low for the perfect school for their kid.

According to these parents, they are really glad they could send their kid to Heritage Oak. There were still a few problems though, as some parents complained that the summer camp is expensive and crowded.

However, the school is highly rated on the average. The school’s catchphrase goes, “developing the whole child. The school offers your child an all-round education including music, Spanish, art, French, physical education, technology and computer skills.

With all of these, any kid would pick an interest and will likely follow that path for his career. The courses and system are made to train students to become future leaders of the society. Students are able to attain awareness after passing through the educational system at Heritage Oak.

At Heritage, there is an online grading system, assignments portal, a mobile app used by the school and students, and weekly teacher emails. The emails help parents keep a tab on what is happening in the school.

Since it was established in 1966, Heritage Oak has evolved from a preschool to become a standard elementary school. Without any doubts, it is one of the best charter schools in Canada.

Contact Information

Telephone: +1 714 947 3923

Contact Address: 16971 Imperial High Way, Yorba Linda CA 92886


3. Fallowfield Montessori Schools

At Fallowfield, safety of the students is a priority. The school made sure that students were safe and had no problems during the COVID pandemic. At the time of this publication, the school still uses safety precautions as they do not want to take chances.

The school offers Montessori-based pre-school and elementary school education, summer camp, Mommy & Me classes, elementary aftercare and tutoring.

The summer camp usually starts by the end of May, offering quality Montessori experience and growth to participants. The camp is very efficient in building team spirit and encouraging the self confidence of students.

Fallowfield is quite focused on helping its students attain academic success while having a grasp of real life education.

Contact Information

Telephone: 949-502-0936

Contact Address: 99 Spacial, Irvine, CA 92618

Email Address:


4. Learning Tree Walnut Education Center

This school is a private elementary school in Canada. It is ranked as one of the best charter schools in Canada thanks to parent reviews only, as they do not have a website currently.

Using the contact information given below, you can get some information and see if the school is the right one for your ward.

According to the reviews, the teachers are very nice and the founder is also very smart. There are a few Chinese teachers too, and the preschool is really great.

Contact Information

Telephone: (909) 612-7668

Contact Address: 20781 AMAR Rd. UNIT 7 WALNUT, CA 91789-5039

Email Address:

Website: Nil

5. International School of Montessori

This school is also a charter school in Canada and does not have a website. You can use the information provided below to ask questions or go online to check parent reviews and see if you like the environment.

According to a reviewer, the school is very special and holds all of the kids in high esteem. The students are very safe and are treated very importantly. The teaching system is also made to boost self confidence and thinking abilities.

Contact Information

Telephone: 250 737 1119

Contact Address: 2375 Koksilah Rd., Duncan, BCV9L 6M5


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about the best charter schools in Canada:

Are there any charter schools in Canada?

Yes. There are fifteen charter schools in Canada. “Charter schools” is a term common in North America and is used to refer to schools (usually public) that operate semi-autonomously.  Charter schools are publicly funded so cannot select their students or charge fees for tuition.

Why are people against charter schools?

A lot of people do not like charter schools because they suspend kids with disabilities at a high rate. This is caused by different factors, including the fact that there is a lack of resources for special kids. The staff may also have no experience or sensitivity for these kids, causing withdrawals and suspensions often.

What are the best charter schools in Canada?

Here is a list of some of the best charter schools in Canada. Check the first parts of this article to see the full list.

  • Western Christian Schools
  • Heritage Oak Private Education
  • Fallowfield Montessori Schools
  • Learning Tree Walnut Education Center
  • International School of Montessori
  • Springs Charter Schools- Rancho Cucamonga Learning Center


Although charter schools have a few cons, they also have immense advantages and can be like any other school. There is usually a huge workload for the teachers and funds from organisations or individuals could really be used in order to allow the schools make adjustments to their stiff programmers in case of special students.

However, some charter schools have absolutely no problems and will help your child receive the elementary education they need.

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