List Of Cheap Universities In Poland

List Of Cheap Universities In Poland

The expense of studying that comes with this goal is one of the primary roadblocks for many students who want to study abroad. So, how do you plan on studying abroad on a shoestring budget? You’re looking for low-cost colleges where you can study abroad. We will cover the inexpensive and economical universities in Poland in this post, which offer low tuition prices without sacrificing academic quality.

For all the right reasons, Poland is becoming a viable study abroad option for students wishing to study in the eurozone. In this post, we’ll talk about university tuition prices in Poland, living expenses in Poland, and the best reasons to study in Poland. We’ll also talk about study abroad scholarships for students who want to study in Poland and education loans for individuals who need financial help.

List Of Cheap Universities In Poland

1. University Of Szczecin 

The University of Szczecin is a Polish public higher education institution based in Szczecin. The school was founded on July 21st, 1984 and is led by Waldemar Tarczyski. It is the largest university in the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship. It is constantly strengthening its ties with both local and international organizations.

The institution has relationships with nearly 200 schools under the Erasmus+ and MOST programs. The University of Szczecin offers many English-language bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Social Sciences, Economics, IT Applications, and Public Management are among these majors.

Students might choose to live in a student home where they can engage with other university students. They may also look forward to certain monthly cultural activities in the town. Students wishing to unwind after a week at school may also choose entertainment and sports facilities. With a tuition price of $500 per semester, Szczecin University is thought to be the least expensive university in Poland for foreign students.

2. AGH University Of Science And Technology

Another cheap university in Poland is the AGH University of Science and Technology, which was founded in 1913 and is located in Krakow. It is one of Poland’s top 10 universities and is led by Professor Jerzy Lis. It now has 15 faculties, with plans to add one more in the near future, covering a wide range of topics in the subject, from traditional to new.

The AGH UST provides instruction at three levels: first-cycle, second-cycle, and third-cycle (doctoral schools). The school has more than 20,000 students and more than 2,000 academic staff, including more than 200 full professors and more than 500 associate professors.

The institution offers a specific department for overseas students, who flock to the university in huge numbers owing to its affordability and high teaching quality. Most of the international students are there as part of an exchange program, but there are a few full-time students as well.

3. The Jagiellonian University 

The Jagiellonian University is a well-known research university in Krakow, Poland’s southernmost metropolis. The institution was established in 1364 by King Casimir III the Great and led by Jacek Popiel. It is the country’s oldest as well as the second oldest in the Central European area.

Its campus is interwoven with the city, with student buildings strewn across the city’s key districts. The institution now has about 36,000 students enrolled in various programs as of 2019. The university’s academic structure is made up of 15 primary faculties that include the humanities, social sciences, law, medicine, and natural life sciences. Students may choose from over 80 fields to pursue their degrees in.

While Polish is the primary language of instruction, extra courses are provided in English and German. Astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, the playwright Stanislaw Lem, and the current President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, are just a few of the notable people linked with this wonderful institution. The Jagiellonian has a long history and reputation as one of the premier universities in the nation, as well as one of the top 400 institutions in the world.

4. The Pedagogical University 

The Pedagogical University of Cracow is a public higher education institution in Krakow, Poland. When it was founded in 1946, the institution was known as the National Higher College of Teacher Training. Its purpose was to prepare teachers for Poland’s educational system.

The Pedagogical University is Poland’s first postwar Pedagogical University. It operates on the comprehensive education approach, which combines theoretical and practical knowledge. Across several dozen disciplines of study, the university’s goal is strengthened via scientific research and development that meets the highest European standards.

The Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Art, and Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences are the university’s four faculties. Arts and Media, Computer Sciences, and Philosophy are among the bachelor’s degrees offered. Among the university’s offerings are Master’s degree programs in Biology, History, and State Security. The university’s courses are tailored to meet the market’s current demands. It works with local and international institutes to continue to strengthen its academics.

5. Adam Mickiewicz University

The Adam Mickiewicz University was founded on 7 May 1919. In the cultural center of Poznan, in central Poland. There are now about 40,000 students enrolled at the institution.

Four Nobel Laureates, as well as honorary members like Javier Solana and Pope John Paul II, are among the institution’s distinguished graduates, a remarkable success for such a low-cost university in Poland. The academic structure is made up of six major academic entities divided into twenty faculties and one doctorate graduate school. Students may choose from more than 80 different degree programs.

Although Polish is the most common language of teaching for these degrees, courses are also given in English and German. The campus has a variety of structures, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Like other Polish colleges and universities, the university offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, as well as habilitation courses for people who have already finished college.

6. University Of Gdansk

Despite its low cost, the University of Gdansk is one of Poland’s top five universities and a major public research institution. The university is run by Prof. Dr hab. Piotr Stepnowski and was established on March 20th, 1970. In Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia, it provides programs in practically all fields of study in contemporary, state-of-the-art facilities. In addition to teaching theory, the university wants to give its students real-world experience and works with a wide range of businesses and organizations in Poland and around the world.

Year after year, the number of foreign students attending this low-cost institution in Poland increases, with the majority coming via student exchange programs or bilateral partnerships. The school offers classes in many languages, including Polish, so that students from other countries can learn the local language.

7. Warsaw University Of Technology

The Warsaw University of Technology is a major technological institution and one of the biggest in continental Europe. The university, which was founded in 1826 and directed by Krzyszt Zaremba, is situated in Warsaw, Poland’s capital, and has grown into a world-class institution of higher learning.

The institution now has more than 31,000 students enrolled as of 2019. The university’s academic profile includes roughly 19 main faculties, all of which are focused on science and technology. These faculties include everything from architecture and chemical engineering to management and transportation studies.

Students may choose from over 30 different disciplines of study. It has two campuses: a main campus in Warsaw and a satellite campus in Plock. Due to its high academic standards, the school has always been in the top 700 universities in the world.

This school is a great option for international students because it has modern and creative academic programs, important research, connections to the high-tech industrial market, and partnerships with schools all over the world.

8. Opole University 

Opole University is a low-cost university in Poland that is situated in Opole. It was founded in 1994 when the Catholic University of Lublin’s Opole branch and the Higher Pedagogical College in Opole merged. The school is run by Marek Masnyk.

English Philosophy, International Business, and Spatial Management are among the Bachelor’s degree programs offered by the institution. Some of the university’s Master’s degree programs are Liberal Arts, Intercultural Communication, and Sustainable Development.

Students may also make use of the university’s many sports and cultural areas for some relaxation. Any football fan who wants to attend a game or two will like the Orlik sports field. Students, on the other hand, may attend cultural events in the Student Cultural Center.

9. Silesian University Of Technology

Students from other countries who are interested in scientific research would benefit greatly from Upper Silesia, which is a modern, industrialized area where the Silesian University of Technology is located. There are many opportunities for professional training and internships in this area.

The institution was founded in 1945 with a focus on science and education. It has subsequently made a substantial contribution to Upper Silesia’s industrialisation. It now has the distinction of being one of Poland’s leading research institutions.

This cheap Polish university is now focused on cancer and medical research, as well as artificial intelligence, smart city development, future technology, process automation, modern energy, and future technology.

10. The University Of Bialystok 

The University of Bialystok began as a division of the University of Warsaw in 1969. In 1997, it obtained autonomy and became a full-fledged university. This institution in Poland has low tuition and accepts many government and external subsidies for students. Also, foreign students might benefit from living in a dorm on campus, where the rent is much lower than in homes and share houses off campus.

The institution offers three undergraduate English-taught programs: English Philology, Computer Science, and Medical Physics. It also has four English Master’s degree programs: International Relations, International Economic Relations, English Philology, and Computer Science (Internet and Mobile Technologies).


Poland is a beautiful country with lots of affordable universities, The best thing about these schools is that they teach in English and also grant admission to international students. Universities in Poland are known for having world-class facilities and professors, so in addition to being economical, you can be certain of receiving quality education.

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