List Of Cheap Universities In The USA For International Students

List Of Cheap Universities In The USA For International Students

List Of Cheap Universities In The USA For International Students – Pursuing higher education abroad comes with lots of funds. Because of this, students are constantly searching for universities that give the best value for their tuition dollars. Finding a University with low tuition is pertinent when you are taking a loan to fund your education. There are many universities in the USA with low tuition fees. Below is the list of cheap universities in the USA for international students. The list is based only on tuition fees and doesn’t consider other expenses like accommodation, and boarding.

List Of Cheap Universities In The USA For International Students

  • San Mateo College of Silicon Valley: costs USD 7,744 per year
  • California State University: costs USD 8,320 per year
  • Sonoma State University: USD 9,158 per year
  • Arkansas State University: USD 9,972 per year. It is one of the most affordable for international students.
  • Bradley University: USD 10,170 per year
  • Ashland University: USD 10,080 per year
  • Dakota State University: USD 11,600 per year
  • Westcliff University: It is USD 11,700 per year being the cheapest in Los Angeles
  • Pace University: USD 11,745 per year
  • Metropolitan State University of Denor: USD 12,000 per year
  • Trine University: USD 12,600 per year. Located in Angola, Indiana
  • Triffin University: Located in Tiffin, Ohio, it costs USD 12,609 per year
  • University of Wisconsin: USD 12,820 per year
  • Alliance International University: USD 13,050 per year
  • Stratford University: USD 13,365 per year. Based in Falls Church, Virginia
  • Wright State University: USD 13,500 per year
  • Uppa Lowa University: USD 13,536 per year
  • Texas A & M University: USD 13,850 per year
  • Saint Leo University: USD 13,860 per year
  • California Lutheran University: USD 13,915 per year
  • Lewis University: USD 14,400 per year. It is the cheapest university in the USA
  • University of Central Oklahoma: USD 14,500 per year
  • University of North Texas: USD 14,961 per year
  • Indiana State University: USD 15,014 per year
  • Milwaukee School of Engineering: USD 15,120 per year
  • Monroe College: USD 15,624 per year. Located in New York
  • California Baptist University: USD 15,770 per year
  • Montana State University: USD 16,198 per year
  • Western Kentucky University: USD 17,154 per year
  • University of Bridgeport: USD 17,820 per year
  • Manhattanville College: It is one of the colleges offering master’s degrees for international students at USD 8, 415 per year
  • Hillsborough Community College: USD 9,111 per year
  • Sheoreline Community College: USD 9,516 per year
  • Southeast Missouri State University: This is one of the most popular institutions for international students at USD 9,990 per year.
  • Northwest Missouri State University: USD 10,108 per year
  • Bellevue College: USD 11,050 per year
  • Arkansas Tech University: Located in Russellville, Arkansas. It is made available for USD 11,656 per year
  • Missouri Western State University: USD 11,800 per year
  • Youngstern State University: USD 13,900 per year
  • Jacksonville State University: USD 14,140 per year
  • La Sierra University: Costs USD 14,735 per year
  • San Francisco State University: Being one of the cheapest universities in the USA, it is USD 15,040 per year
  • Valparaiso University: USD 15,228 per year
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology: USD 15,449 per year
  • UCSC Silicon Valley Extension: USD 16,000 per year
  • San Jose State University: USD 16,283 per year
  • Northern Kentucky University: USD 16,974 per year
  • Metropolitan College of New York: USD 17,620 per year
  • Notre Dame De Namur University: USD 17,800 per year
  • Lindenwood University: USD 17,820 per year

Reasons to Study in the USA

The United States has dominated the world as being the most popular university destination for students from all over the world. Why are students choosing to study in the USA? The answer to the question are presented below:

  • United State degrees have an excellent international reputation
  • It has flexibility in declaring a major
  • The United States has academic excellence
  • The country has achieved a first-rate education
  • You will be opportune to explore the real-world working experience
  • It has a world-renowned academia
  • Their universities are bastions of cultural diversity
  • It provides the opportunity to take a range of general education classes
  • They have a flexible education system
  • It gives opportunity to prepare for your future career
  • Their institutions are equipped with cutting-edge facilities
  • There are much range of career opportunities for students learning in the country
  • Its universities invest in quality classroom experiences
  • It emphasized career advancement & internships
  • USA provides an excellent support system for international students
  • Students are allowed to perfect their English
  • It makes provision for research and training opportunities
  • The United State of America institutions provide a flexible academic environment
  • It provides a variety of services to assist international students both inside and outside of the classroom
  • It enhances the use of technology in learning


If you have been looking forward to studying in the United States of America, these are the list of the cheap universities in the USA. Choose the one that suits your budget and start your education journey. Check below this article to read more related articles.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

They are U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, and U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. Students who attend any of these U.S. academies get full tuition-free.

The tuition fees between public and private universities in the US vary significantly. Public universities are funded by the state government and therefore charge much lower fees i.e. around $20,000-35,000 per year compared to programs offered at private universities with fees $35,000-60,000 per year.

There is no fixed minimum bank balance for US student visa, but one should have 10,000 USD and above to get F-1 visa.

Canadian university tuition fees are 27% more economical than tuition fees at US universities. However, tuition fees are not the only factor to consider. The cost of living is also a lot lower in Canada. International students may be choosing to study in Canada because it’s more affordable.

While the USA offers better salary packages, Canada has better healthcare, more maternity leaves and other social benefits. Average work hours for Canada is slightly higher than that of the US. The annual leave structure of both countries is similar.


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