How To Check Airtel Data Balance

This post is for those looking for how to check Airtel data balance on Android, iPhone, Modems, Windows and other handy biases. And you ’ll find all the guides you ’ve been looking for.

And still, also this post is for you, If you ’ve been facing difficulty checking your current data balance. And I understand that there are ways in which you can keep track of the amount of data you have consumed on your Airtel line but this system won’t reveal the true data balance left on your SIM.

There are different ways of checking data balance on Airtel Nigeria, so you need not worry because you’ll be given all the tips, tricks, and USSD Code to check your data balance.


And a lot of Airtel subscribers don’t know how to check their data balance on the network or have simply forgotten which is relatively normal especially when you have multiple sim cards.

Many times ago Airtel came the first open network company in Nigeria that grace Android bodies with data rush plans. And Airtel is one of the most successful companies running in Nigeria currently

And six months ago Airtel announced new plans for Android users. And you can now check the airtel data balance plan and find its price. The airtel is one of Nigeria’s largest telecommunications network providers with lots of affordable data plans available for its users.

So after buying a data plan to enjoy the fast internet access Airtel offers, you have to keep on checking your data balance to know when exactly to decelerate down on your data operation.

And again, browsing requires certain offerings and caution when using your mobile internet, unlike unlimited browsing, you do n’t have to worry about the quantum of data consumed. This post contains a list of all methods used in checking data balance in Nigeria.

It also covers all the necessary USSD code, text dispatches and other indispensable means of getting the remaining data of your current account… and we’ve mentioned the colorful ones …

Airtel has quite a lot of intriguing data plans on Android, PC, MiFi Modems and further. And in this post, I listed and reviewed all the best Airtel data plans you need to stay connected online. And you should also have a look at the cheapest data plans in Nigeria and their subscription methods.

So, if you’re looking for the Airtel USSD code used to check your remaining internet data rush balance, just scroll down and check the answer you seek for.

How To Check Airtel Data Balance

There are Ways to Check Airtel Data Balance in Nigeria….with USSD codes. And there are principally two easy ways you can know how important data is left on your Airtel SIM, they are;

  • USSD Code Method
  • Airtel Care App Method

Step1: How to Check Using USSD Code Method

This system works impeccably on Android, Windows, iPhone and other types of phones. And however, also with the following USSD codes below, you can reveal your remaining data rush balance on Airtel.

The USSD Code Method 1 Dial  *140# to check your MB data balance fluently. And again, an SMS showing your airtel data balance and expiry would be transferred immediately.

The USSD Code Method 2 Dial *223# to check airtel data balance on Android.

The USSD Code Method 3 Dial *123*10# to check airtel data balance on Android, iPhone etc.

Step2: How to Check Using Airtel Care App Method

The Airtel Care App is a free client service app that allows you quick access to your account balance, data balance, subscriptions and special offers. And with this app, you can also send client enquiries/ complaints to the Airtel customer service platoon for a quick resolution. And the app is available for both Android device users and Apple device users

So if you ’re looking for how to check data balance on iPad, Android, iPhone, Windows and other point phones, also all the best listed and explained over is enough to help.

How to Check Airtel Bonus Data Balance

Also, Airtel gives you a data bonus when you recharge your line. And still, you’ll find it insolvable to know your Airtel bonus data balance if you use any of the ways explained over. And checking it’s actually veritably possible. And then how; To get your bonus data balance on Airtel SIM, dial *223#, and you’ll get a pop-up guide showing your Airtel bonus data balance.

Then’s how to Check Airtel Data balance status

To Check Airtel mobile data Simply dial *141*11*0# or *123*10# or dial *141*712*0# or  *140#  And to Check Airtel BIS Text Status to 440 or dial *123*9# .

The Conclusion

That’s all for now, And over to you … Are there other ways you ’ve tried that weren’t and didn’t work for you? Kindly follow the guidelines given to you above and your problem will be solved.


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