How To Check Airtel Number

Your Airtel number can be relatively grueling to remember if you have a lot of lines. And however, it could be a bit grueling to use or partake your phone integers in some circumstances, If that’s the case. But still, all isn’t lost because by reading this piece of information, you’ll learn how to check an Airtel number on your phone using their USSD code and also in other different forms.

You don’t have to go through the hassle of cramming your number, as you can get it by telephoning a USSD code on your phone. But this way is straightforward and within a short time, you will surely have your phone integers. But how can I check my mobile number? If you’re an Airtel subscriber and you ca n’t recall your phone number, you can calculate on one of the following styles to recall it.

Step1: How to check Airtel number using the Airtel USSD Code

There’s a companion on how to know your Airtel number using USSD law Insure that the SIM whose integers you don’t know is in your mobile phone. You just have to dial this USSD code *121# on the phone and a menu will pop up for you to select another option on your phone screen. So you have to choose Manage My Account From the menu and also choose My Number, to reveal your mobile number right on your screen.

Step2: How to check your Airtel

A number with a USSD code Besides the first code and another code to check Airtel number is available, and then how to use it on the dial pad is that you have to enter the USSD code *282# and then click on the call button. And then a menu will pop up containing the details of your numbers which will display on your phone’s screen.

You know my Airtel number without using a USSD code.

As the short code offers a quick and accessible way to know your number, there are still other ways which are also available to help you do the same. And these indispensable styles come in handy when you can not remember the codes….They are:

Using MyAirtel App to check your Airtel number.

Having the MyAirtel App on your phone not only gives you a chance to know your phone integers but also access to essential Airtel services. And thus, if you’re an Airtel subscriber, you’ll probably reap lots of benefits from the app. And knowing your numbers from the app is only possible when you formerly installed the MyAirtel App and registered with your phone number.

The procedure you use MyAirtel app:

  • Just open the MyAirtel app on your phone.
  • And on the home runner, click on Manage My Account.
  • Also on the menu that appears, just choose View and add account.
  • The details of your name and mobile numbers will appear on the screen

How to check my Airtel number details from the Airtel Customer services

You can also know your number by calling 121 or 111, which directs you to the Airtel client support service. And then select the option that will help you get your number, airtime balance, data balance and balance validity as well.

You can also choose to speak to a client care rep and also request to get your mobile number  from that representative.

How To know my Airtel Number through SMS

Yes! you can follow these simple ways to know your mobile number, If it’s clumsy to remember the different USSD codes:

  • Get the phone numbers of a friend near you.
  • With the SIM whose numbers you want to know, call or text your friend’s mobile figures.
  • And on their phone’s call log or dispatches, you’ll view your mobile number So that you don’t forget the numbers again, write them down or save them in your phonebook.

You can as well get the details on the original SIM card pack

Don’t be troubled to know your mobile number when you have the original SIM card pack. Because the SIM card holder surely has your phone number and other vital information about the SIM card.

Can I still know my number when I don’t have an airtime balance?

Yes, just send a Call Me SMS to a nearby mobile number. And this system is applicable if you don’t have airtime on your SIM, and you can not call a nearby phone to see your number. So a Call Me SMS allows you to send a communication without charges to another person’s phone.

Ensure that whoever you choose to shoot the Call Me SMS is close to you so that you can see the communication and details containing your numbers…. And to use this method, just Dial *140* then followed by your friend’s mobile number and #


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