How To Check WAEC Result

The West African Examination Council is an examination board established by law in the year (1952) by the English- speaking countries in West Africa to conduct examinations and to award instruments to their candidates. And the West African Examination Council has contributed to education in [Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, & The Gambia].


The council conducts examinations in these countries every time commanded by the representatives on the council from the countries. And the WASSCE for private candidates starts from January to February, WASSCE for main candidates on- lot thresholds from March to May and the WASSCE for GCE starts from September to October. And the students are advised to check their results online indeed before the results are transferred to schools every year.

Checking for WAEC Result 2022/2023

To check the WAEC results for 2022/2023, students are advised to login to the WAEC direct portal to them. And the dialogue boxes will appear and scholars must fill in their examination information which includes Index Number, Examination Type  depending on the country you wrote your examinations on) and also the Examination Year.

And after rightly furnishing similar information, the coming is to enter the Date of Birth. And the date of birth should correspond to the date of birth handed in during enrollment. And the coming option is to give a WAEC Voucher periodical number and pin. And again when this is done, the coming step is to confirm your Examination information which is your indicator number and the time the student sat for the examination

You Waec Result Evidence

The results evidence allows a student to request for their results which is to be transferred to them by post. And the result evidence can also be done when candidates visit their alma mata and to have a homemade check after recording the results by post and online.

And Can One  Buy WAEC Result  With Vodafone Cash

This process of buying WAEC results checking applies to Vodafone bodies with active Vodafone cash accounts with money in the account. Firstly, you have call the MONIcliq portal short code *714* 783#, the select buy a testimonial, and also select WAEC. And then enter the volume you want to buy and confirm the person’s phone number to confirm the sale details. And within seconds, a prompt communication will be transferred to confirm your Vodafone Cash pin. And after the evidence, the result details will be transferred to the person via SMS.

The Free Method of Checking WASSCE Results 

So for the person to have a free WASSCE results checking, the WAEC releases shortcodes every time for students to check their results. And when the shortcode is released, students are advised to send their WAEC, Examination number, pin and Examination Year to the shortcode. And within a second, the results of the pupil are transferred to them via SMS.

Checking WASSCE Results via Card

The WASSCE results checker card is the card made by WAEC with details students will need to fill in conditions to have access to their results both online and via SMS. And it contains the testimonial number and pin without which access to check results will be denied.

The WAEC Checking  2022/23

The ‘WAECDIRECT’ website allows candidates to check the result online in a veritably simple way. And then they will guide you to waec result checking for the 2022/23  workshop.

Step1: Open your laptop or mobile and connect to the internet.

Step2: In the address bar type

Now the WAECDIRECT main gate will appear.

Step3: Then enter your 10- number WAEC Examination Number. And this is your 7- Number centre number followed by your 3- number seeker number eg. 4123452749.

Step4: And then, enter the time of Examination….example 2022.

Step5: Then select the Type of Examination whether Academy Candidates Result or Private Student Result.

Step6: Then enter the Scratch card Periodical Number and check the rear side of your Scratch card.

Step7: Then enter the Particular Identification Number which is your pin on your Scratch card.

Step8: Click Submit and stay for the results window to come up.

And note, you can publish or download waec result for future reference.

And again, West African Examinations Council provides another service to check the result, one is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) fashion and another is GSM mobile phone via SMS. And if you don’t have an Internet connection or are facing slow internet connectivity also don’t worry.

Just send and SMS in the format below:

WAEC * ExamNo * Pin * ExamYear and Send it to 32327

For illustration:

WAEC * 5141205004 * 789630125412 * 2020

And ensure you cleave rigorously to the format over. And there should be no space in the communication.

And again, stay for your result to be delivered to your phone via SMS whether it’s an MTN, Airtel & Glo subscribers, and the  SMS cost N30 only.

The WAEC Portal

The WAEC gate is a website developed by WAEC to directly communicate with its stakeholders with the student as a target followership. And the WAEC portal website link is And still, each country has its portal for students within….. For instance:


The WAEC Scratch Card

The Waec scratch card is a plastic card with a scrape patch on the rear side that conceals a pin needed to access the WAECDIRECT service. And the scrape card can be used to access the results three times. And after the third attempt, scholars must buy another scratch card to have another chance to access their results.


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