Top 10 Best Chinese Scholarships Without IELTS

Top 10 Chinese Scholarships Without IELTS – The list of top best Chinese Scholarships without IELTS in 2022 for foreign/international students are available in this scholarships post. China has more than two hundred and seventy (270) globally recognized institutions of higher learning, many of which have gained international reputation and this makes it a popular study country of choice for many international students.

Financial Coverage for Chinese Scholarships

The financial coverage made available by most Chinese Scholarships sees for top paid monthly stipends , life insurance for students, free accommodation, super fundings for experimental work, research and conference participation plus free education.

Can One Study in China Without IELTS?

China is in the list of countries where IELTS is not a necessity when you apply for scholarships grants and admissions . Instead, candidates are simply expected to submit alternative certs to IELTS or even an English Language Proficiency Certificate . If you are considering selecting China as your preferred destination for study then you will be pleased to know that there are a lot of scholarships in China that you can secure without IELTS. The Chinese scholarships are open to international students and grants scholarships that are funded by the Chinese Government, individual institutions of higher learning and the provincial governments.

Top Best Chinese Scholarships Without IELTS

The Following are in the list of the highest-paid Chinese Scholarships available for foreign/international students that are being granted in the over 270-plus Chinese Universities under different Chinese academic funding initiatives;

Chinese Government Scholarships

This Scholarship is available for International students , scholars, even tutors can benefit from Chinese Government Scholarships, this opportunity offers them to study and do research in China . These scholarships are made available with the goal of enhancing mutual understanding existing between China and other nations . China Scholarship Council takes care of the administration of these scholarships. There are diverse scholarship programs currently being taken care of by the Chinese Government at different Universities in the country. Over two hundred and seventy-four (274) Universities are into the CSC Scholarships . These CSC grants are given to international students for their academics at any of the Chinese universities. They are also to cover both major academics and Chinese language studies prio to their study. Costs settled by the scholarships include accommodation fees and tuition fees . The stipend is also given to scholars. You can get more info through the website
of the China Scholarship Council .

Jiangsu Government Scholarships

Made available by the Jiangsu Provincial Government, this scholarship has a goal of promoting the growth and development of higher education system in Jiangsu . It is granted to students who want to get a full -time study opportunity in Jiangsu Province and even exchange students, including other non -degree students via agreements with governments and the institutions . The Jiangsu scholarship sees for accommodation , tuition fees and all round medical insurance . There is also half funded scholarship in the province, in this partial scholarship students are given a certain amount every academic year . To get more info about the program, you can go to the website dedicated Jiangsu studies.

Hubei Provincial government Scholarships

This Hubei Provincial government scholarship scheme is available for every international students who aspires to further their studies at a university in Hubei. It is run by the Ministry of Education of Hubei province and sees for tuition of thr university students . Scholarship holders are also given a certain amount on a yearly basis, for their tuition and accommodation fees. monthly stipend are given as well .
There are different available genres of Hubei government scholarships namely Undergraduate Scholarship , Doctorate Scholarship , Graduate Scholarship , Advanced Scholarship and General Scholar Scholarship. These Hubei government scholarships are also divided into classes as either partial or fully funded scholarships. In order to be fit, students must not be receiving any help from the Chinese government even from other organization in China , he or she should be hardworking, and be of good health . To get more info on these scholarships, also go to the website or University pages sited in the Hubei province of China .

Beijing Government Scholarships

The Beijing scholarship is made available by the Beijing Municipal Government. It sees for the tuition fees of international students either in fully or partially funded offer. This scholarship is open to students to pursue any undergraduate, graduate, and Ph .D . programs all in Beijing. Students are to apply for the scholarship again and again for the every year, to be able to renew it. Only students , who does not hold any other benefits/grands and are fit in health can apply for the scholarship to read in Beijing. Further information of the scholarship can be viewed through the website of “the Beijing Municipal Government”

UNESCO/ The Great Wall Programme

This fellowship program is taken care of by UNESCO in a good collaborating effort with the “Government of the People ’s Republic of China”. Students from some selected countries can be part of this program . The program gives students and scholars the ground to go for advanced studies and research at their choice Chinese universities. Applicants are expected to show their English proficiency certs and be much healthy in order to be fit for the program . For more info on the program , go to the UNESCO ’ s website . You can also get in contact with the National Commission of UNESCO in any of your home country office for application and further information.

International Chinese Language Teachers (Confucius Institute ) Scholarships

There are seven (7) types of scholarships which are made available by the Confucius Institute Headquarters . These are open for students who want to read in China and are committed to learning and education in Chinese language including other related work.
These scholarships in China are open to both the undergraduate and graduate students to pursue their academics.
The Confucious scholarships sees for tuition fees and equips scholarship holders with a stipend , accommodation plus medical insurance . A lot of well-known Chinese institution of higher learning are in affiliation with this program . To know about the various scholarship types, duration of scholarships and get other details go to the website of the Confucius Institute .

Jiangsu University (JSU ) Presidential Scholarships

Jiangsu University provides this scholarships to international students. This programs are enrolled to be taught in English Language. The scholarships are open to applications for master ’s and Ph . D. students, even some bachelor’s opportunity are available.
It has both the Full and partial scholarships slots which are all settled by the university . Some of the scholarships requires that you renew them every year after the first evaluation . If you are interested and aspires to get more information, go to the website of Jiangsu University.

Zhengzhou University President Scholarships

This Zhengzhou University scholarship is open to international postgraduate students and is to be read at Zhengzhou University . The set aim of the scholarship is to enhance international student exchange, plus cooperation as well as to draw brilliant foreign students to study at the university . The scholarship is to last for 4 years in order to assist students to complete their doctoral program at the university . The scholarship sees for both the tuition and accommodation fees. Apart the fees, a monthly stipend is given to successful candidates of the scholarship. The scholarship is also to be renewed every year after the first review. Further details can be seen on the university’s website .

The Schwarzman Scholars Program

This Schwarzman program is organized for students who aspires to pursue a master’ s degree (1 year) in Global Affairs, to be studied at ” the Tsinghua University of Beijing”, this Uni is in the list of the most prestigious institutions available in China . In order to be fit for this program , students must have rounded up their undergraduate degree from an institute recognized in their country, he or she is also expected to be less than 29 years of age and be good in speaking and writing English language . Students selected for the program are granted scholarship that sees for tuition fees ,health insurance, room and board, cost of travel (to and from Beijing), fees for the ” in -country” study tour plus books and supplies. Selected students also gets a stipend . Get to know all about the program by going to its website .

The Tianjin University scholarshiphis

This is available to current and prospective students at the Tianjin University. It is organized for bachelor’s level candidates at the university . Scholarship holders are given a certain amount to see for their studies at the university. Only some selected programs at the institution are covered by this scholarship. Students must also posses a high -school diploma and be proficient in either Chinese or English Language ( depending on their chosen program), and be fit in health to be deemed worthy for the scholarship. You can visit the website of Tianjin University for more details on this scholarship. If you are a current student at the Uni. Get in contact with the Office of Academic Affairs for further informations.

End Notes

We have shared the top available scholarships in China which you can secure without needing IELTS. If you wish to study in China, make sure to select from the list of these scholarships, visit the program sites for more Informations.

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