Top 10 Best Colleges For Volleyball Scholarships

best colleges for volleyball scholarships

Best Colleges For Volleyball Scholarships – Volleyball is a fun full game. It is played by everyone and everywhere. Children, adults, males, and females do play the game.

We see people play the simple game at home, beach, within the community and more. It is a widely accepted game.

It is widely accepted and simple that many institutions, Primary, Secondary and colleges have it as part of their extra curriculum activities. While you see schools have teams that go out to compete, even at local, national and international levels.

Volleyball is a wonderful game. There are many institutions or colleges out there encouraging students to develop their skills. Providing financial support, and others to build student professionalism in the sport.

It is recorded that institutions in the United States spend around 4 billion dollars yearly on athletic scholarships. While then won’t students take advantage of this opportunity. After all, is great to combine academy and sport.

If you are an international student who wants to school abroad, got the volleyball skills, and enjoy the great opportunity of athletic scholarships. Here are some great institutions that you could consider. 

Volleyball Game

Volleyball was first played as an indoor game to while away time. As it was not counted as a game. The game was developed from a series of aspects taken from other games, such as Baseball, Basketball, Tennis and others.

In 1895, a young man named William Morgan of the Young Men Christian Association In Holyoke Massachusetts United States, who was a physical health director created the game called Mintonette. 

The name was derived from the game Badminton. The game was first created with no limit to the number of people who could play the game. Though William made some rules governing the game, it was only played within the YMCA.

Over the years, the game began to receive recognition. In 1896, Alfred Halstead who was observing the game came up with the name “volleyball” as a result of the throwing of the ball. 

Ever since then the game has gained world recognition and has been played worldwide, there have been international competitions, such as the world competition and more.

Volleyball has widely been accepted, it is played on a pitch, like a Baseball, Tennis and others also, with a ball. It is played within two teams, with 6 players each. 

The game is usually played in a period of 9 innings. It is a competitive game played, each member is identified based on the role they play. 

The setter: This is the person who sets the ball for another team to hit back.

The Middle Blocker: One who serves as an attacker and the main blocker.

The Outside Hitter: Also an attacker but takes the left position.

Weakside Hitter: Here, the player is to block or defend. The player is also referred to as an attacker.

The Liberos: This is the most distinct player in the game. The player is positioned at the most position of the game. He wears a separate jersey from the rest of the team, also the first to come in contact with the ball.

How to play Volleyball.

Volleyball is played on a pitch separated by a net. Each team with 6 team members. The game is played in 9 innings.

One team strikes the ball from their part through the net, while the other hits it back. They keep hitting, avoiding the ball to drop on their part of the field, if it does, that is winning for the opposition.

The volleyball game is played as an indoor game or played at the beach.

Why take Volleyball Scholarship

Scholarships are given to support students or individuals in their pursuit of excellence. The scholarship can come in partial scholarship, where a part is covered or full scholarship, where everything is covered for.

Scholarships are a great deal, with them one can get the best out of them. Most sports scholarships cover packages like kits, gym subscriptions, medical services and others.

With a volleyball scholarship, you get to get the best of mentoring and coaching from professionals. Get the best of training as well.

Because you would be training with professionals, you also get a great network. Meet other talented volleyball players, even professionals, where you get to learn from them in the process of developing.

And lastly, if a student shows signs of development and a promising future, they could be enrolled in the national team, where you get to play at the national level or international.

 10 Best colleges for Volleyball Scholarships

Universities out there provide scholarships at several levels. Sports, Academy, and others. 

It is always great to enjoy these opportunities that provide students with financial and other benefits to ease student of their financial and other related burdens.

Here is a list of ten great schools that provides students with a volleyball scholarship.

Newcastle University

The university which is located in the city of Newcastle, England, United kingdom provides students who are qualified with sports scholarships.

This Scholarship is made available every year to students with sporting excellence, and those who wish to represent the school.

Both national and international students are eligible as long as he or she is enrolled with the school, at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.

This scholarship provides students with 10,000 pounds worth of scholarships, with other benefits such as Medical services, mentoring and lifestyle support, professional coaching, athlete workshop programs, sport science support, access to training facilities and others.

University of Sussex

The University Of Sussex is a great place to harness your sporting skills as the school provides students with sports scholarships worth 1,250 pounds of financial aid and other benefits to students every year.

The scholarship is available to EU, the UK and International students enrolled in the university.

The institute is located in Falmer, Brighton, England. It is a great place to combine academy and sport.

University of East London

The University of East London is one of the three universities in London that dedicate full-time volleyball scholarships.

The public university located in London provides the student with a sports scholarship worth 6000 pounds every year to students and other benefits which include; physiotherapy and body massage, Gold membership at SportsDock, Lifestyle and performance workshop, access to on-campus accommodations and the option to stay with other athletes.

The Scholarship is open to international and national students enrolled at the University. 

International students can apply for the international sports scholarship available for postgraduate students only (postgraduate students get their tuition fees 100 per cent covered).

The institute is a great place to combine fun and academy.

Brunel University

The Brunel University is located in London. The public research institute every year provides students with a good deal of sports scholarships.

The sports scholarship is divided into three categories; Bronze, Silver and Gold. The scholarship is available to both national and international students enrolled in the school both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The packages include; up to 3000 pounds per year, support package benefits worth 500 pounds, sport psychology support, free spa access, free use of world-class sports facilities and many others.

Students must show excellent sports achievement, and other needed tests would be carried out.

The Brunel University provides great sporting scholarship which helps to support student development.

Kingston University, London

Kingston University, London offers sports scholarships to students who are interested in sporting and wish to balance academic and sports commitments.

Every year they roll out several sporting scholarships, however, the sporting scholarship is divided into different levels.

The performance level, Achievement level and Development level all have their benefits.

Benefits of this scholarship include; free fitness centre membership, sports psychology support, sports bursaries, medical services, and other interesting packages.

This scholarship is open to both national and international students, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The program is designed to support students who are interested in sporting activities, this also includes volleyball games.

Other universities that provide volleyball scholarship includes,

  • University of Manchester
  • University of Kent
  • University of Denver
  • University of San Diego
  • University of California

They are, however, great universities out there that offer volleyball scholarships. Especially in the United States of America. All these are made available to balance study and sporting commitments.


Sport and academy are two different things, however, many colleges have to understand the needs of many students with an interest in sports. The reason universities have made available a series of sports scholarship programs is to support students.

They have several sports, however, Volleyball is one of the fun full sports, enjoyed by many. The game is played by two teams with six team members opposing each other for a win.

The game is played on a pitch divided by a net, as players try to avoid the ball landing on their part of the pitch. It is a game played by all age groups.

A volleyball scholarship is a great deal for many, as this would support students who are interested and would like to grow a career out of the game. Schools like Newcastle University, University of East London, University of Sussex and many united states universities provide good scholarship packages to meet their needs.

So if you have a strong athletic record or Volleyball achievement and planning to study abroad you can consider any of these universities to suit your interest.

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