Top 10 Best Communication Schools In USA

Best Communication Schools In USA

Top 10 Best Communication Schools In USA – Are you ready to pursue a bachelor’s degree in communications? The subject of communications encompasses a vast range of alternatives, particularly today that we live in the era of many forms of social media. What was previously restricted to the local news desk is now a medium in which everybody may participate in some way, shape, or form. Communication students have a plethora of options available to them.

If you’re ready to start a career in communications, we’ve compiled a list of the best communication schools in the USA.

Top 10 Best Communication Schools In USA

1. Northwestern University School Of Communication

Northwestern’s communications department has a long history of being one of the most successful globally, having graduated many of the world’s most well-known figures. Stephen Colbert, Warren Beatty, and award-winning actress Heather Headley are just a few notable graduates.

Unlike many other communications programs, Northwestern’s multiple specialties in communications include performing arts, developing digital media, speech-language pathology, and more. Northwestern’s communications department also consists of classic television, cinema, and radio curriculum.

Todd Rosenthal, a Tony Award-winning scenic designer, Anna Shapiro, the famed Steppenwolf Theatre’s director, and Dilip Gaonkar, the director of Northwestern’s Center for Global Culture and Communication, are among the faculty of Northwestern’s communications school. Northwestern University is among the top 10 best communication schools in USA.

2. Foothill College

When it comes to communications, Foothill College provides many of the same learning possibilities. During their studies, students will have the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree in Communications. If you want to transfer to a four-year institution after that, the Associate Degree for Transfer is a good option.

Students may utilize their Associate degree to transfer to a Bachelor’s degree program at a California State University via the AAT program. After that, you may choose to pursue a graduate degree or start working. The unique architecture of Foothill College’s communications curriculum will undoubtedly assist you in preparing for your future job.

Throughout their studies, students will learn how to recognize communication patterns in various situations. This curriculum will also teach you how to use critical thinking in communication settings to attain certain goals. Human resources, social services, public relations, healthcare, and various other fields employ numerous graduates.

This school’s communications program is especially noteworthy since it mixes academics with practical experience. Students will make presentations with their classmates and get a cross-cultural perspective of communication. Rhetorical analysis, professional communication, and argumentation will also be covered.

3. Boston University College Of Communication

Several Bachelor of Science degrees in communications are available via Boston University’s College of Communications. Boston University, a college on the Charles River, and its students use the urban options available to them in a city filled with professional media firms.

Students studying communications at Boston University may pursue degrees in advertising, media, cinema and television, and public relations.

Radio station operated by students The College Radio Awards in New York City has recognized WTBU College Station of the Year two years in a row. From the third floor of BU’s College of Communications, this radio station transmits 20 hours a day, broadcasting sports and news themes produced by its students.

The AdLab and PRLab, student-run projects to give students real-world communications experience while in college, are two of the College of Communication’s top experiential offerings. AdLab and PRLab faithfully carry out this objective by providing paid and pro bono communications services to Boston-area companies and charitable groups.

4. Villanova University 

Villanova University, which is fewer than 20 miles from Philadelphia, provides communication students with several options for student-centered learning. Villanova is a must-see for every prospective communications student because of its world-class academics and over a century of communications expertise.

The university-recognized and approved student-run newspaper produces 12 issues each semester with 6500 copies per issue, which is one option for communications majors. Since its inception in 1916, the journal has been continuously published.

In addition, The Villanova Times is a biweekly magazine that the Collegiate Network recognized in 2009. TVT is a student-run publication run solely by communications students. Another student-run journal, The Belle Air Yearbook, has been around for over a century. Several organizations, notably the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, have given Villanova students national honors and honorable mentions for their yearbooks.

Villanova also has its student-run television and radio stations, where communication students may practice their production skills by generating unique material. WXVU radio may be heard on 89.1 FM and online worldwide, while WVTV television keeps Villanova up to date on current events, politics, and school news.

5. University of Houston – Downtown

The University of Houston – Downtown is an excellent place to start your career in communications with a four-year degree. The College of Humanities & Social Sciences offers a Bachelor of Arts in Communication program. Students will obtain a diversified education to produce better and analyze communications so that unique meanings may be shared.

You’ll learn how to communicate effectively in various situations utilizing a variety of media with the aid of your classmates. It’s also a fantastic curriculum for assisting learners in better understanding cross-cultural communication. To get your degree, you must complete core and major requirements throughout your study.

The following are some of the most typical fundamental criteria you’ll need to include in your course planner: Beginning Public Speaking, Introduction to Speech Communication, Principles of Public Relations, Intercultural Communication, and Interpersonal Communication are all topics covered in this course.

Approximately 43% of students who graduate from the University of Houston – Downtown have successful careers in a variety of fields. Following are a few employment possibilities to explore if you have a BA in Communications: Sales, Human Resources, Business Administration, Marketing, Advertising, Law, Writing and Editing, and Education are some of the careers available.

6. Amridge University

Students at Amridge University may pursue a communications degree. You may get a Bachelor of Science in Management after graduation. This curriculum will provide you with a fresh perspective on business communications.

Students will realize how critical it is to learn evolving communication tactics to have a successful career wherever in the globe. Decision-making, teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership are all topics covered in many courses. One of the most significant benefits of this curriculum is that it provides a solid foundation in business management for fast-paced environments.

With this degree, you may work in various fields, including public relations, sales, management, government work, and operations. If you want to go further in your study, you may get a master’s degree in Leadership and Management, Behavioral Leadership and Management, or Professional Counseling.

You’ll have a good grasp of organizational leadership and management. You’ll also feel comfortable communicating with public and private businesses and customers. This degree choice is one of the greatest for a diverse range of post-graduation professional options.

7. Utah Valley University

Every communications major should enroll in a well-known program for its diverse course choices. Students may enroll in an award-winning program at Utah Valley University that leads to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Applied Communication. A specialty in Public Relations and Strategic Communication is also available to students.

Throughout your studies, you’ll gain the abilities that all leaders need to lead their firms and organizations into the future. Let’s examine both specializations closely to see which is ideal for your future career.

The Applied Communication program will help students discover their desired job in human resources, consulting, or education. It’s also an excellent choice to pursue a higher degree, such as an MA or a Ph.D.

8. De Anza College

Getting an Associate Degree in Communications is a fantastic way to jump-start your chosen profession. At De Anza College, you may learn about the many communication principles. Students will take general education and specialist and communications studies courses. As previously stated, De Anza College offers students an Associate Degree in Communications. 

If you choose to continue your education, you may transfer to a four-year college or university with this degree. Alternatively, you may work as an entry-level employee for a communications business, a corporate, or a private client.

Around 32% of students graduate with their intended degree, many of them earn an average of $95,739 each year. This is the sort of curriculum that will provide you with practical experience that will enable you to begin working immediately after graduation. De Anza College is also part of the top 10 best communication schools in USA.

9. Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins University School of Communication and Media Studies is one of the best communication schools in USA. Johns Hopkins Institution is a big private, not-for-profit university in Baltimore, Maryland. Johns Hopkins is a strong institution in general, with a Best Schools ranking of #19 out of 2,576 schools nationally.

In the most current data year, 128 students graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies from Johns Hopkins. Students who acquire a degree in communication and media studies from Johns Hopkins University earn $33,372 more than the typical communications graduate.

10. Columbia University 

If you want to study communication and media studies, Columbia University in New York City is among top 10 best communication schools in USA. Columbia University, located in New York City, is a private, non-profit university with a sizable student body. Columbia is a strong institution in general, with a Best Schools ranking of #22 out of 2,576 universities nationally.

In the most recent year for which we have data, roughly 96 communication and media studies students graduated with this degree from Columbia. Graduates of Columbia University in the City of New York with a Communication & Media Studies degree earn $64,872 more than the typical communication and media studies major.


A communication degree may be used in a variety of ways. Our list of the top 10 best communication schools in USA can get you started in the right direction. Communication students may pursue various careers, including public relations, news anchoring, human resource management, social media experts, and market research, among others.


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