Top 6 Best Cooking Pots in Nigeria

Best Cooking Pots in Nigeria

Best Cooking Pots in Nigeria-If you are very interested in cooking either as a career or as a flex, there are so many factors you must take into account. Some of these are your recipes, ingredients, pot type and brand, sauce types and cooking style.

Your cooking pot is really important, and in Nigeria where you can hardly get quality stuff, it is even more difficult to identify good pots. The fake pots are too similar in look to the original one, and non-stick pots are so much uncommon at the markets.

If you are looking to get the best cooking pots, it would help to have your own personal seller whom you are sure sells original products only. If you do not have a trusted seller, try the big shops that sell expensive stuff. Although they are expensive, you have the highest bet of getting good products from them.

There are “copies” of the actual products everywhere and they are way too similar to the original to easily identify which from which.

Especially for frying, you can never undermine the importance of a quality pot or pan. While watching out for quality, remember to check other important factors like what material the pots are made of, durability, and cost.

For the best bargains, check the reviews of more than twenty people who purchased the product. As it is very easy to get carried away in a Nigerian market or store, this article will list the best cooking pots in Nigeria and where you may buy them.

Best Cooking Pots in Nigeria

  • Dessini Pot (Cookware Set)
  • Master Chef 3 Sets Non-Stick Cooking Pot with Fry Pan
  • The Master Chef 5.5 Litre Pressure Cooker
  • Tower 4-Sets of Cooking Pots
  • Upscale 5 Sets Non-Stick Die Cast Cookware
  • Tramontina 10 Piece Non-Stick Heavy-Gauge Aluminum Cookware Set

Dessini Pot (Cookware Set)

This cookware set contains 13 pieces of pots, and purchasing the set means getting to use those precious quality wares for a long time.

Since there are thirteen pieces, the Dessini pots can cook any type of food, from frying to stir frying to hard boiling. The pots have a non-stick design, so that your eggs or meat do not get burnt and stuck. This is quite rare in Nigeria, as most of the pots available are steel pots with low quality.

The bigger advantage of having a non-stick pan or pot is that cleaning gets way easier. It is very easy to clean a non-stick pot after using it, because the food never gets stuck to the pot and you can just wipe everything clean in less than a minute.

The pots are also made from high quality materials, so they last for so long. You can keep using them until the non stick paint starts coming off. This will take at least five years before happening, if you clean the pots correctly.

Surprisingly, heating the Dessini pots takes very short time, and the heat is spread very evenly so you can enjoy cooking. The pots are also made to save oil, and everything will come off after use. You can use way less oil than you used to when using steel pots. This means the pots help you save some money in the long run.

If you are in love with beautiful things, the Dessini will interest you. The pots are very beautiful and even after using them for a long period; they still beautify your kitchen.

 You can also see through the pot covers because they are made of glass. Such pots are a very nice catch in a country like Nigeria. The handle of the pot remains cold even when the pot is heated at a high temperature, so your cooking will be seamless.

The pots are in different sizes and shapes and getting the entire set will enable you to cook anything using the right pot.

Master Chef 3 Sets Non-Stick Cooking Pot with Fry Pan

The Master Chef cooking pots set has some of the best cooking pots in Nigeria. The pots are the non-stick lovely type of pots that are in vogue.

The pots are obviously made from quality materials, enabling them to be very durable. The pots can be used every day without any problems for such a long period of time.

The design of the pots is very impressive that they can be used on almost any heating device, from coal pots, to stoves, to cylinders to electric cookers. The base is well designed and the pot sits very comfortably.

The pots are quite thick, especially at the base. The reason for this is to reduce the energy spent while bringing water to boil or cooking food.

There is also a steam vent on the lid of the pots so that the temperature can be controlled. The frying pan in the set of pots is also a very beautiful piece.

Frying meat or eggs becomes absolutely easier. If you have any experience with non-stick pans you would have noticed the many benefits they come with, including oil management, easy cleaning, and better cooking.

The pots are even scratch resistant, so you can watch them without fear of the non-stick paint coming off.

The Master Chef 5.5 Litre Pressure Cooker

Best Cooking Pots in Nigeria

The advantage of this pot is the speed with which it cooks food. Pressure cookers have so many advantages, and I could go on and on if I were to list all of them.

A pressure cooker saves you time and energy, and that is the charm of this piece. Cooking beans usually takes more than a hour and half at the minimum, and using gas to cook for that long is a huge loss, considering cost.

When using a pressure cooker, you can cut down the time you spend cooking and the energy you burn, either with a gas cooker or an electric cooker. Pressure cookers cook food two times faster than normal pots, making this a must-have.

You may be wondering if there will be any difference in the taste of the food cooked with a pressure cooker. However, the food tastes absolutely normal or even better, when you cook food that should come out crisply.

Since the pressure is high and the food gets cooked faster, more nutrients and flavours are usually retained in the food. When you cook veggies with a pressure pot, they get ready so fast and still maintain the normal colour.

The pressure is very high inside the pot, but there is a system that ensures you are very safe using it. Excessive pressure is controlled and the pressure level in the pot is maintained at the same time. Considering the cost of gas in Nigeria, pressure pots are some of the best cooking pots you can ever get.

Tower 4-Sets of Cooking Pots

Best Cooking Pots in Nigeria

This set of pots is unique and different from other pots in terms of beauty and material. The Tower cooking pots are made from pure high quality aluminum and the durability is commendable.

These pots last so long and the quality hardly fades. The beauty of the pots is impeccable, with the fine ends and curves. The body is shiny and is rust-proof, which means you have no fear at all when using the pot.

The set of pots are in various sizes, some serving different purposes. The pots can serve as a beauty to your kitchen cabinet, if you are a kitchen aesthetics enthusiast.

The handle of the pot is heat resistant, and at no point will it heat up no matter the temperature of your pot. The coating on the inner part of the pot makes it a non-stick, so cooking is even easier. The heat is evenly spread thanks to the fine base given to the pots. This set of pots is a great bargain you will love.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are frequently asked questions about the best cooking pots in Nigeria:

Here is a list of some of the best cooking pots in Nigeria:

  • Dessini Pot (Cookware Set)
  • Master Chef 3 Sets Non-Stick Cooking Pot with Fry Pan
  • The Master Chef 5.5 Litre Pressure Cooker
  • Tower 4-Sets of Cooking Pots
  • Upscale 5 Sets Non-Stick Die Cast Cookware

If you are in a remote location, purchasing your pots from online stores like Jumia and Konga is the best option. Instead of going to a store you do not fully trust, start by checking the products online. Remember to look up the review from people who purchased the same product.

The feel of the pots is one of the most important things. Feel the pot with your hand to see how it is. The modern style of pots is good coating that makes them non-stick, making cooking and cleaning easier. Those are some of the factors to look out for when buying new cooking pots.


Thanks to the high percent of fake products in Nigerian stores, it has become more difficult for Nigerians to get good bargain for any product at all.

Unless you are purchasing from a big brand, you may never be sure what you are buying. This article lists the best cooking pots in Nigeria that may serve as a guide or raise the bar for the quality of your kitchen purchases.

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