Top 20 Best Cosmetology Schools In New Jersey

Top 20 Best Cosmetology Schools In New Jersey – Suppose you’re looking for a job that allows you to express yourself creatively and artistically daily, then becoming a cosmetologist could be the perfect fit for you!

There are numerous reasons to become a certified cosmetologist, including the fact that you will always be in demand, you will be able to create your schedule, and you will be able to combine work and play more quickly than in other professional endeavors.

But becoming a licensed, certified, and in-demand cosmetologist takes determination, talent, and training. In this post, we have listed the best cosmetology schools in New Jersey.

Top 20 Best Cosmetology Schools In New Jersey

1. Artistic Academy of Hair Design 

Artistic Academy of Hair Design is one of the best cosmetology schools in New Jersey. Students at the Artistic Academy of Hair Design are not only trained in the State Board curriculum, but they also have access to advanced education seminars on several subjects such as hair coloring, haircutting, advanced aesthetics, product knowledge, and cosmetic application.

The school’s classroom equipment and Student Salon and Spa Clinic provide students with a professional environment that mimics an industrial setting. To aid in the learning process, all students get professional equipment (student kit), which comprises tools and textbooks. The student kit is included in the total cost of education and is the student’s property. Students are responsible for keeping their kits in good condition throughout the program.

The tuition at the Artistic Academy of Hair Design is lower than the national average for the schools on our list. The school also ranks first in job placement, with 96 percent of graduates working in salons immediately after graduation. The Academy provides grants and scholarships to qualified students and accepts G.I. benefits. 

Graduates leave school with relatively low student loan debt loads to service. The school strongly emphasizes community service, hosting events such as clothing and food drives and sponsoring a Beauty-a-Thon fundraising drive for various local non-profits working for good causes.

2. Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics & Cosmetology

A Christine Valmy education is the first step toward a better quality of life and the opportunity to develop a passion for beauty into a financially and emotionally satisfying job.

Christine Valmy provides one of the best experiences in beauty education, skin care treatment methods, and all-natural products for personal and professional care. As specialists in each of these fields, they provide a unique value to anybody with a love of beauty.

Christine Valmy’s students are meticulously trained by licensed instructors in the science, theory, and practice of their profession. The beauty school thoroughly prepares its students to confidently take the state exam, obtain their license, and transition into a professional environment.

3. Parisian Beauty Academy 

Parisian Beauty Academy is a Paul Mitchell partner school, which means they have access to the Paul Mitchell cutting system. Students can also take advantage of additional perks offered at all Paul Mitchell institutions, such as VA benefits and a range of scholarships. Every day, the bright, clean, and beautiful student salon serves as a learning area that provides a pleasant setting for instruction. 

But the Academy offers more than simply a good time. Most students depart with very little debt on their student loans, and 75% finish the program within the time frame specified. And 85 percent have employment lined up for them once they graduate, demonstrating the high demand for Paul Mitchell-trained cosmetologists.

4. PB Cosmetology Education Centre

Since 1960, PB Cosmetology Education Centre has been inspiring and educating the future of the beauty industry. It is a family-owned, NAACAS-accredited cosmetology center. The PB Cosmetology Education Centre provides a comprehensive educational environment that values multiple modes of learning, from theory classrooms to hands-on experiential learning in our student salon to active participation in the job market as a shampoo or stylist’s assistant, cosmetologist, esthetician, nail technician, barber, or makeup artist.

They aim to challenge, excite, and engage students by providing a solid foundation for their future careers. Most students complete the program on time, and 80 percent immediately find work in the industry. They leave with very little debt, partly thanks to the school’s acceptance of VA benefits and the scholarships offered. With such strong ties to the community, it’s no surprise that the school supports organizations like the Gift of Life transplant and donor program.

5. Rizzieri Aveda School 

Rizzieri Aveda School offers a high-quality education in Cosmetology, Skin Care, Barbering, Manicuring, and other fields. Since 1924, Rizzieri Aveda School has delivered quality instruction to future hairdressers and skincare students.

The school boasts cutting-edge facilities, great career placement services, and the usual concern for the local community and worldwide social good that comes with membership. Acceptance of VA program benefits and a very low debt ratio for graduates constitute an already outstanding institution.

6. Robert Fiance Beauty School 

Robert Fiance Beauty School is among the most recognized cosmetology schools in New Jersey. The Cosmetology curriculum at the school may teach students the fundamentals of cosmetology, such as hairstyling, cutting, coloring, barbering procedures, skin care methods, and nail technology.

Their barbering education is enhanced by opportunities for students to demonstrate their most creative abilities. Students work in the student salon halfway through the program, performing on real clients to gain professional hands-on experience. Students are also given opportunities to hone their creative abilities through entertaining competitions, showcases, and technical courses.

Other programs are also enhanced to provide students with the opportunity to study effectively through hands-on encounters with expert professors. With tuition that is cheaper than the national average, the institution provides excellent value to potential students while also offering scholarship options and accepting VA benefits. Because of the combination of these assistance programs, students graduate with relatively little loan debt to repay!

7. Total Image Beauty Academy

Total Image Beauty Academy is committed to assisting students in pursuing a successful career in Cosmetology Arts & Sciences. The cosmetology and hairstyling program prepares students to pass the state board test, become fully licensed, and fulfill all obligations necessary under such licensure to get entry-level employment.

The manicure course prepares students to pass the State Board exam, get legally licensed, fulfill all tasks necessary by such licensure, and find entry-level employment. The teacher-training program prepares students to pass the State Board test, get duly licensed, and fulfill all obligations necessary under such licensure to gain entry-level employment.

8.The Salon Professional Academy 

The Salon Professional Academy is a beauty school franchise that produces outstanding graduates ready to spark the industry and enhance the profession via successful careers. TSPA stylists receive an immersive education in the latest trends and techniques right from the source, thanks to a curriculum established in collaboration with Redken’s premier 5th Avenue NYC salon. 

However, with a large, clean, contemporary salon floor, numerous business skills seminars, 7 different scholarship possibilities, and acceptance of VA benefits, the school is already well-qualified for a position on our list. A high completion rate, minimal loan debt, and extensive humanitarian efforts are more than enough to distinguish this institution from its competitors.

9. Shore Beauty School

People associate New Jersey with the Jersey shore, and there is no disputing that the coast has its distinct flair. The Shore Beauty School embraces that aesthetic rather than avoiding it. However, thanks to a collaboration with the prestigious Redken’s 5th Avenue salon, students are exposed to all the current trends, not only those popular on the beachfront. 

To give back to the community, the school hosts an annual Locks of Love Charity Hair Show. Students also receive additional business training through the school’s Shear Success business basics classes. A job placement program assists them in finding employment following graduation. The institution offers scholarships, and VA benefits are recognized.

10. Innovate Salon Academy 

Innovate Salon Academy’s dedication to quality enables them to provide a friendly and professional learning environment that includes real-life’ hands-on salon experiences, individual classroom teaching, current technical and practical training, and industry-focused communication and business workshops.

Their dedicated curriculum and talented and specialized teachers provide a progressive education that allows you to develop technical skill excellence to change your personal and professional life and jumpstart your beauty career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Hair Stylist Called?

Hairdressers, often known as hairstylists, offer coloring, chemical hair treatments, and styling services in addition to shampooing and trims to both male and female clientele. Cosmetologists provide scalp and facial treatments, as well as makeup analysis.

Does A Cosmetologist Need Skills?

In today’s competitive industry, cosmetologists must have practical capabilities. Traditional cosmetology skills such as cutting and styling are combined with soft skills such as time management and problem-solving. You can become a successful cosmetologist with this set of hard and soft skills.

Is Math Used In Cosmetology?

Math skills are required for the cosmetology program. Algebra and geometry classes in high school will assist the student to succeed in this program. Math principles such as ratios, percentages, angles, and so on are used by cosmetologists in all the services they provide.




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