Top 20 Best Cosmetology Schools In New York

Best Cosmetology Schools In New York

Top 20 Best Cosmetology Schools In New York – Nothing compares to New York City. The Big Apple is renowned for its distinctive flair, glitzy events, and being home to the wealthy and famous, among approximately a million and one other things. How could you not want to study beauty there?

The likelihood of your success is high if you decide to complete your cosmetology degree in New York City. In reality, you may go on to work as stylists for celebrities, jet setters, and even self-made industrial legends. Therefore, enrolling in a cosmetology program in NYC is a wise choice. If you’ve decided to study cosmetology in NY, you must do it in one of the best schools. Here is a list of the top 20 cosmetology schools in New York.

Top 20 Best Cosmetology Schools In New York

1. American Beauty Institute

American Beauty Institute is one of the best cosmetology schools in New York. ABI approaches learning by fusing theoretical knowledge with real-world experience in that design. Future estheticians are trained by the American Beauty Institute (ABI) in classrooms that mirror a real salon. 

Students at the institution are given the tools they need to realize their artistic vision and prepare to pass state board exams. Students at ABI receive instruction in small groups from knowledgeable faculty members who have spent years honing their skills. With a faculty-to-student ratio of 1:20 in all lab and theory programs at ABI, each student is guaranteed individualized care and support.

2. Carsten Institute of Cosmetology

The Carsten Institute gives students a taste of other cultures by adopting Bruno Pittini’s French Haircutting technique. Eighty percent of students graduate on time, demonstrating the effectiveness of the Institute’s instructors’ teaching strategies. When they graduate, they frequently have little debt from student loans.

Students at Carsten also give back to the community by helping underprivileged girls attend proms with their prom looks and helping local high school students and guidance counselors access educational opportunities.

3. The Academy NYC of Cosmetology & Esthetics

The Academy is a legendary New York-style school. The Academy offers the exclusive Paul Mitchell cutting system, which is sought after by stylists across the nation, as a Paul Mitchell partner school. The building is as opulent, cutting-edge, and fashionable as you would expect from the top cosmetology school in New York. Still, students also mention that the atmosphere is welcoming and inclusive.

The Academy participates in regional and national charity events to be a good neighbor in its community. Few students graduate from the eight-month school in debt, and 77% land positions in the field right after. Both scholarships and VA benefits are recognized.

4. Arrojo Cosmetology School 

Arrojo has some of the best salon facilities in New York City. This institution places students at the epicenter of New York’s fashion industry because it is situated in TriBeCa. The school boasts one of the highest on-time completion rates in the state for its 7-month curriculum, one of the shortest in the country, and Arrojo teaches a unique cutting system. 

With 80 percent of graduates getting employment in the business right away, students are sure to have a job waiting for them when they graduate. Most students incur little or no debt from loans during their time at the institution. For qualified veterans, the school receives benefits from the G.I. Bill.

5. Aveda Institute

The salon and classroom areas at the Aveda Institute are expansive, bright, and glossy, evoking New York flair and placing students right in the center of the international fashion business. Aveda encourages students’ creative expression while instructing them on how to use the most recent tools and methods. 

Aveda’s broad salon network provides opportunities for job placement for recent graduates. The school accepts VA insurance so that it can be even more affordable. Students in the program don’t rack up a lot of debt, and several national Aveda scholarships are available.

6. Lia Schorr Institute

Future estheticians can master their craft at Lia Schorr Institute from instructors who pioneered and advanced the profession. The instructors at the school have years of experience running their salons and are knowledgeable about every facet of the industry, from the aesthetic abilities needed to care for skin and apply makeup to the business understanding required to manage a firm.

7. Empire Beauty School

It would be difficult to think of a location that would be more motivating for a cosmetology school than the Empire Beauty School, which is situated in midtown Manhattan close to famous landmarks like the Empire State Building.

With accreditation from the top awarding body (the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences) and a dedicated student salon where you can hone your skills in a real workplace setting, you’ll learn more than just the fundamentals of hair, skin, and makeup here. 

8. Beauty School of Middletown

Middletown maintains a very low teacher-to-student ratio to guarantee that every participant receives the greatest amount of one-on-one instruction from qualified teachers. Students graduate from the institution with a lot less debt than the state average in terms of student loan debt.

9. The Makeup Academy of NYC by Nina MUA

Every school on our list equips estheticians with the business and technical know-how they need to work in and eventually run a reputable salon. But students at the Makeup Academy of NYC by Nina Mua also acquire a skill that is just as crucial: consulting. The Makeup Academy focuses on teaching students the interpersonal skills they need to work with clients and assist them in fulfilling their beauty needs.

10. Brittany Beauty Academy

Brittany Academy’s Hairdressing & Cosmetology course is focused on meeting the prerequisites for the New York State Exam; all teachers hold unique state licenses, and each course adheres to the necessary curriculum. 

The program’s partnership with well-known haircare business Wella, which provides all students with access to exclusive opportunities and product advice from the company, including competitions and seminars, is another unique selling point. Ideally, after graduating, you’ll walk right into a job.

11. Midway Paris Beauty School

Midway Paris encourages students to exhibit their distinctive originality and flare while teaching essential, contemporary, and sophisticated style principles.

For students on a restricted budget who wish to study styling at a top-notch institution, this school is one of the most affordable cosmetology schools in New York. By the time they graduate, almost all of their student loan debt has been paid off. Student services counselors assist graduates in finding employment.

12. Modern International Beauty School

It would be difficult to find a better study alternative than the Modern International Beauty School for an affordable cosmetology school with all the necessary licensing. This curriculum is well-equipped to prepare you for a career in cosmetology with a focus on passing the New York State Cosmetology test and a variety of classes covering hair care, nail care, and skincare.

Additionally, it is the only cosmetology school in New York to provide a Natural Hair Styling program, so if that is what you want to study, go no further.

13. Modern International Beauty School

Modern International Beauty School is also one of the best cosmetology schools in New York. The Hairdressing and Cosmetology course, the main course offered by the Continental School of Beauty, allows students to learn and focus on a range of topics, including salon management, waxing, and coloring. Most essentially, educators seek to encourage students to think creatively and innovatively rather than merely copying what they have learned.

The Continental School has a dedicated careers service that has been in operation for 55 years, which gives students plenty of time to establish useful professional relationships. Students have access to specialized job fairs, mock interviews, individualized guidance, and more. Even though it’s upstate, it’s definitely worth looking at if you’re committed to a cosmetology profession.

14. Formula B Parisien Beauty School

Students learn about the biology of human bodies at Formula B Parisien Beauty School in addition to makeup application techniques and aesthetics. Because they thoroughly understand the reasons for unwelcome hair growth and skin issues, students who take a science-first approach to learning have a technical advantage when applying their trade.

15. Career School of New York

The Career School of New York, as its name implies, trains students to enter the workforce. The 600-hour esthetics curriculum at the institution prepares students for employment in any industry area, from spa and solon work to department shop repetitive to researcher for a prominent doctor.

The program’s comprehensive strategy helps it to accomplish these objectives. Students undergo spa management and esthetics training in addition to courses on waxing, bacteriology, and facials. After completing Career School, students can pursue any career in the field.

16. Beauty Culture Academy 

The Beauty Culture Academy offers a comprehensive evening class schedule to serve working adults’ demands better. The Staten Island-based Beauty Culture takes excellent satisfaction in making the newest trends available to as many students as possible.

Students can use their knowledge in practical settings in the salon. Before that, students can learn by utilizing the top-notch tools available at the school, such as an extensive collection of practice mannequins, all necessary equipment, and specialized DVDs.

17. Chic Studios NYC

The School of Makeup at Chic Studios NYC is one of the best cosmetology schools in New York. Every student at the school receives outstanding makeup instruction that not only builds on time-tested methods but also foresees and influences current trends in beauty. Students can learn the theories and methods of the trade through in-person and online offerings, including business knowledge and guidance on using social media to build a brand.

18. Tribeca Barber and Beauty School

The comprehensive curriculum of this beauty school covers every facet of beauty and esthetics, including working alongside seasoned pros while giving real clients treatments. Throughout the program, students collaborate closely with their mentors and benefit from the expertise and insight they gain by perfecting their trade.

19. The Salon Professional Academy

The Salon Professional Academy’s unique program offers top-tier education on client services and business management. The academy focuses on manicures, nail technology, basic cosmetology, esthetics, and skincare. It is a fantastic location for education. Many work options are available as soon as your training program is through. It’s highly advised to attend this academy.

20. Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers 

Because Capri is located outside New York City, they can charge such low tuition fees. But they don’t cut corners on the instructions. Students are given extensive business skills training in addition to the internationally known curriculum that has made Capri one of “the ivy league of cosmetology schools,” preparing them for positions in salon management or even salon ownership.

Students incur little debt during their time in school, which can be further reduced by utilizing available scholarships or VA system benefits. Community functions like Style for a Cause at Westchester Medical Center and a Fashion Festival fundraiser for Bethel Woods Center are sponsored by the Capri Cares program.

Frequently Asked Questions

The study and practice of beauty treatments like hair styling, skincare, cosmetics, manicures and pedicures, and permanent or non-permanent hair removal are referred to as cosmetology.

Dermatologists are physicians who focus on the skin, hair, and nails. Dermatologists also deal with cosmetic issues, including scarring and hair loss.

In cosmetology school, math abilities are crucial. Algebra and geometry classes from high school will be helpful for the student to succeed in this program. In all the services they provide, cosmetologists apply mathematical ideas like ratios, percentages, angles, etc.


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