Top 20 Best Cosmetology Schools In Russia

Top 20 Best Cosmetology Schools In Russia – Do you love making hair? Do you enjoy painting nails? Then why not study cosmetology? Cosmetology is the study of things like skin, hair, and nails. Because they are personal care services, these things may seem simple, but they go beyond that. 

The field of cosmetology, which specializes in cosmetic procedures, is expanding, and people are making a fortune out of it. If you want to make more from cosmetology, you need to get your license. To get your license, you need to go to the best cosmetology schools. In this post, we have covered the best cosmetology schools in Russia.

Top 20 Best Cosmetology Schools In Russia

  • Demetrius
  • Defiparis Makeup School
  • The Training Center Of Hairdressing And Aesthetics “Method”
  • Academy of Hairdressing and Design
  • School of Hairdressing “SCISSORS”
  • Moscow School of Makeup Artists

1. Demetrius

Demetrius is one of the best cosmetology schools in Russia, and the school has taught more than 10,000 students over the past 12 years.  The beauty school is located in Moscow, and hairdressers from all over the world come to learn about its unique hair-cutting method. The teachers at Demetrius are not only well-known stylists who have been in photo shoots, TV shows, and contests, but they are also incredibly successful salon hair stylists.

2. Defiparis Makeup School

Defiparis Makeup School has been teaching cosmetics, haircuts, style, and brows since 2010. The school has always ranked among the top ten cosmetology schools in Russia. Studying as a makeup artist in Deliparis is a major step. The training curriculum is meticulously planned so that even individuals who have never had a brush in their hands may learn every makeup skill. Defiparis School has developed many courses for individuals who wish to enhance their talents and become the best in their field of activity.

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3. The Training Center Of Hairdressing And Aesthetics “Method”

In 1996, the Academy of Hairdressing and Aesthetics Method was established in Moscow. For more than 23 years, the licensed hairdressing school, created by true specialists in their industry, has been preparing professional masters and efficiently employs the Pivot Point worldwide method of educating hairdressers for this. The Academy of Method is widely regarded as one of the best cosmetology schools in Russia. Beauty salons all over Russia are always eager to employ graduates from this school.

4. Academy of Hairdressing Art and Design

Studying at the Academy of Hairdressing and Design provides an opportunity to obtain a high-demand profession supported by a state diploma and qualification. This beauty school offer advanced hairdressing training, which comprises six training modules. The advanced course is built with hairdressing fashion trends in mind and is based on a review of the most relevant and popular training programs available today. 

Refresher courses are designed for working masters with at least two years of experience who aspire to become hairdressing teachers. Modern methods of training hairdressers, and innovative approaches to information presentation developed with the concepts and terms of experienced masters, allow them to quickly and clearly understand the essence of the work and, as a result, perform it in the shortest possible time and with high quality.

5. School of Hairdressing “SCISSORS”

The School of Hairdressing “SCISSORS” has been in operation since 2009 and offers two main programs. The basic training from scratch and advanced training for working masters. The beauty school provides everything you need for a pleasant and high-quality education.

They have properly equipped classrooms, programs designed using the finest global methods, small groups of up to 8 students, and plenty of practice in each subject. The school’s seminars will make you proud of your job, immerse you in the creative world of “SCISSORS,” and provide you with a wealth of information.

6. Moscow School of Makeup Artists

Moscow School of Makeup Artists has been in business for 15 years. The school have taught over 2,500 graduates, most of whom have acquired worldwide IMA credentials. The school offers a wide range of courses and master seminars for novice and experienced makeup artists. 

The school also offers hairstylist classes, self-study courses, private sessions, and online training. The school’s lecturers are working makeup artists who have worked with Russian and international celebrities in famous magazines.

Reasons You Should Learn Cosmetology 

1. You Can Have a Job You Enjoy

Once you graduate from cosmetology school and obtain your license, several job options are available. Working on customers’ hair and cosmetics may be fun because you’re assisting them in looking their best. Many cosmetology occupations allow you to express your creative side by experimenting with fresh and daring styles.

You will learn new cosmetics and hairstyling methods throughout cosmetology training. You will finish beauty school, having learned a variety of skills ranging from hair cutting, coloring, and treatments to makeup application and even business and marketing training.

Clients will turn to you as an expert and resource in advising them on products and styles that will help them look their best as a result of your education and expertise. This is one of the reasons why working as a stylist is so fulfilling.

2. More Relaxed Work Space

Many job situations, such as offices and emergency rooms, can be stressful. Cosmetology provides a considerably more casual atmosphere.

When interacting with clients, you will have the opportunity to converse with them. You can listen to music in the background, and depending on where you work; you may even be able to dress in whichever you like.

3. There’s Lots Of Freedom In The Beauty Industry

Depending on the type of salon you work in, you may be able to work when and how much you want as a certified stylist. You can pursue a variety of jobs, including being a freelancer or entrepreneur.

Many graduates of cosmetology schools work in salons. This enables individuals to develop their own enterprises using their customer lists and enjoy the independence that entrepreneurs have when marketing themselves and their work. Even if you work in a salon that you do not own, there may be scheduling freedom. You may organize your time around customer appointments or make your own!

If you are up for the task, there is also a lot of freedom to establish your own business. Cosmetologists can either create their salons or hire a booth space. You can also work as a freelancer for specific jobs like weddings, film productions, and photoshoots.

4. More Relaxed Work Space

Cosmetology provides a considerably more casual atmosphere. When interacting with clients, you will have the opportunity to converse with them. You can listen to music in the background, and depending on where you work, you may even be able to dress in whichever you like.

5. Meet People From Various Backgrounds

One of the drawbacks of office life is that it may be lonely, with limited opportunities to engage with various individuals. If, on the other hand, you prefer interacting with people, a career in cosmetology might be ideal for you.

You will have the opportunity to meet and engage with a wide range of clients. Apart from getting to know them, you will collaborate with them on essential beauty decisions. You can then show them how to keep their looks at home.

Aside from clients, depending on where you work, you can develop close relationships with your coworkers and supervisor.

6. Earn A Lot

The amount of time you work directly and immediately impacts how much money you make. The more customers you have, the more money you will make. This will become even clearer if you venture out and start your own beauty business. The amount of effort you put in will yield direct results.

7. Work Anywhere

As the world’s population grows, so does the demand for knowledgeable cosmetologists. Everyone wants to look and feel their best! The demand for cosmetologists is predicted to increase by 8% between 2018 and 2028. This exceeds the typical demand for other vocations.

If you enjoy city living and wish to work in a fashionable downtown salon, there will almost certainly be a vacancy someplace. You can also work from home if that is more convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cosmetology Important In Our Life?

Beauty isn’t just for show; it’s an important aspect of interpreting and interacting with the world around us. Beauty permeates our inner lives and aids in forming interactions with our surroundings, from food to scenery to art and even with one another.

What Do You Really Want Out Of A Career In Cosmetology?

Aside from a love of hair, makeup, and fashion, there are several more reasons to pursue a profession in cosmetology. It’s enjoyable and satisfying to help others look beautiful. A job as a cosmetologist may be perfect for you if you love working with your hands and consider yourself to be a social person.

Which Life Skill Is Most Important For A Cosmetologist?

Cosmetologists use critical thinking abilities to prioritize individuals and handle unpredictable situations. And the best cosmetologists have acquired both leadership abilities and a good attitude, as they must lead daily while working with salon owners or running their own salons.




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