Courageous Ghanian Lady Goes Back To School At 27, Bags Degree

Courageous Ghanian Lady Goes Back To School At 27, Bags Degree

A courageous lady has acted against all odds and inspired many by picking up courage to attend University at the age of 27.

The lady identified as Rialivhuwa Tertia took a Facebook page (#IAmStaying) to share her story, narrating how she had not done any learning-based work in over six years, deciding to take on a university degree was daunting.

Nevertheless, she did it, and nothing is not stopping her. Rialivhuwa is ready to tackle her honours and wanted to share her story to remind people that it is never too late!


Her post read;

“I decided to go back to school when I was 27 years old because things were tough out there. I did my first year in 2019 without funding. Sometimes I thought of quitting but something in me told me that I can do this. I was surprised by my performance because I spent more than 6 years without doing any academic studying.

“I am now a 30-year-old graduate and I am still pushing till I reach my destiny.”


The society has a way of making you feel like certain things should be done at a certain time and in a certain order, but Rialivhuwa has proved it wrong. Age should never be a limit to pursue what your heart longs for.





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