Top 75 Best Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Best Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Top 75 Best Crazy Hair Day Ideas – Crazy Hair Day is becoming popular in many countries. This event aims at raising funds or awareness. It is widely observed in Europe and the western world. Aside from having to create awareness, it is a day to try out some funky hair-do.

These are hairstyles one would normally not do on a normal day. There are several crazy hairstyles one can try on that day. If you are confused and want to have fun with your hair, we will be making a list of some crazy hair day ideas.

What Is Crazy Hair Day?

Crazy hair day is not really a global event. However, it is celebrated in most countries to create awareness and raise funds for various reasons. It is usually an annual event that targets the heart of givers to support the needy.

Most countries in Europe and the western world observe this day to solicit funds from people to support the needy. Countries like Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and many others are countries that observe the crazy hair day event.

It is mostly organised by school students and the dates differ from country to country. School students across the country observe crazy hair day in Australia. Some schools celebrate it in March, November, and so on, depending on the reason for the day. 

This could be for Leukaemia, Blood Cancer, Myeloma, Lymphoma, and many others. Also, in the United Kingdom, some schools observe crazy hair days in July, October and November, depending on the school calendar.

Having a crazy hairstyle can be fun. There are several crazy hairdos you can think of. However, if you want to stand out, you will have to have the best hairdo. In this article, we would be looking at some of the crazy hair ideas. 

Best Crazy Hair Day Ideas

When thinking of crazy hair ideas for a crazy hair day, you can play with colours, hair extensions and many other hair materials. The idea is to appear crazy and appealing for the event. However, picking a hairstyle for that day.

We are here to assist you with that, as we will be making a list of some funky or crazy hairstyles for that day. Here is a list of some crazy hair ideas.

  • Unicorn Hairstyles.
  • Little Mermaid Hairstyle.
  • Pumpkin Patch Buns.
  • The Golden Child.
  • Candy Buns.
  • Halloween Hairdo.
  • Christmas Tree Hairstyle.
  • Bird’s Nest.
  • Crazy Curls.
  • Spooky Graveyard Hairdo.
  • Imprisoned Hairdo.
  • Octopus Hair Accessories.
  • Garden Buns.
  • Lizard Mohawk.
  • Pippi Longstocking Braids.
  • Google Eye Hairdo.
  • Spaghetti And Meatballs.
  • Soccer Themed Hairstyle.
  • Lucky Space Buns.
  • Ribbon Curls.
  • Crazy Bantu Knots.
  • Spiderman Hairstyle.
  • Elephant Pony.
  • Bows And Bows.
  • Ladybug Chignon.
  • Butterfly Braid.
  • Mr Potato Head Crazy Hair.
  • Basketball Hair Net.
  • Creative Hairdo.
  • Autumn Tree Hairdo.
  • Catty Hair Day.
  • Easter Basket Head.
  • Campfire With Roasted Marshmallows on Stick.
  • Beehive Hairstyle.
  • Crazy Hair Day Barn.
  • Leopard Skin Hairdo.
  • Zebra Skin Hairdo.
  • Crazy Hair Day Bird Cage.
  • Mohawk Iguana.
  • Trufulla Tree With The Lorax.
  • Pineapple Hairdo.
  • Crazy Hair With Bones.
  • Lalaloopsy Hair.
  • Pom Pom Pigtails.
  • Rainbow Hair.
  • All Hail The Queen.
  • Colourful Faux Hawk.
  • Surfer Hairdo.
  • Frozen Hair.
  • Fire Hairdo.
  • Mario Kart Hairstyle.
  • Gatorade Do.
  • Ship On Tidal Wave.
  • Spiky Hairdo.
  • Wacky Wednesday.
  • Bun Hawk.
  • Mummy Hairdo.
  • Doughnut Hairstyle.
  • Ocean Wave And Surfer Do.
  • Flower Hair.
  • Soda Ponytail.
  • Little Pet Shop Hair.
  • Death Star Hairstyle.
  • Crazy Clips.
  • Camouflage.
  • Rudolph Bun.
  • Cupcake Hairstyle.
  • Two-Toned Hairdo.
  • Balloon Pigtails.
  • Bugs In Grass Hairdo.
  • Creepy Crawlers Hairdo.
  • Easy Troll Hair.
  • Silly Spider Hair.
  • Crazy Ponytail.
  • Crazy Hair Day.

These are some of the crazy hair day ideas you can think of. However, You can get more ideas from this link below with more visuals to spice up your Crazy Hair Day,

Funny Hair Quotes To Inspire You

Funny quotes can inspire or motivate you to do well. Quotes can come in various forms. Funny hair quotes are interesting and could hook you up with some memorable moments.

Here are some funny hair quotes from notable people and anonymous individuals.

“Currently holding my life together with one bobby pin.”


“You know you’ve made it when you can dye your hair blue.”

Demi Lovato

“I love you, but don’t touch my hair.”


“I hope your day is as nice as your hair.”


“People always ask me how long it takes to do my hair. I don’t know, I’m never there.”

Dolly Parton

“My real hair colour is kind of a dark blonde. Now I just have mood hair.”

Julia Roberts

“Good hair makes me feel like I can rule the world.”


“Whatever hair colour I have on my head, that’s what decides what type of outfit I’m going to wear.”

Cardi B

“Straight hair me and curly hair me are two very different people.”


“It’s very liberating to cut your hair.”

Pamela Anderson

“I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton

“I’ve discovered that how I look is not a function of anything as ephemeral as my hair.”

Judith Light

“Men don’t get smarter as they grow older, they just lose their hair.”

Mary Astor

“Happiness is a new haircut.”


“My blackness has never been in my hair. Blackness is not a hairstyle.”

Bertha Gilkey

 “I don’t need a hairstylist. My pillow gives me a new hairstyle every morning.”


“The tenderest spot in a man’s makeup is sometimes the bald spot on top of his head.”

Helen Rowland

My real hair colour is kind of a dark blonde. Now I just have mood hair. – Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts

“Oh, who is that young sinner with the handcuffs on his wrists? / And what has he been after that they groan and shake his fists? / And wherefore is he wearing such a conscience-stricken air? / Oh, they’re taking him to prison for the colour of his hair.”

A.E Housman

“I refuse to think of them as chin hairs. I think of them as stray eyebrows.”

Janette Barbe

Quotes are words that can motivate or inspire someone to do well or lift the spirit. These simple hair quotes are simple words that are funny and inspiring.


Crazy hair day is a day celebrated in many schools, especially in the western world. This day comes with many aims and objectives. There is no specific day to celebrate crazy hair day. However, schools choose to celebrate this day based on their need to, maybe for fundraising or self-appreciation.

It is important on that day you express yourself in the most expressive hairdo. Many students, whether in Primary, secondary, college, or University go to the length of getting the perfect hairdo. If you are confused about what to make, we have put together some crazy hair day ideas. We hope you find them interesting and crazy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unicorn hair for crazy hair day is one of the most popular hairstyles. If you are interested in this hairdo. Here is a link on how you can do Unicorn hair.

Spider hairstyle is another interesting hairstyle for a crazy hair day. If you want to do the spider hairstyle, here is a link to learn how you can do the style.


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