Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend-If you are looking for a cute name to call your girlfriend so as to make a her feel special and loved, then you are lucky reading this article as we are going to show you a list of cute nicknames for your girlfriend to make her blush.

A lot of couples give each other nicknames just to spice up their relationship instead of calling each other by their names. The nicknames are names that express the love, care and feelings they have towards each other.

People tend to give nicknames based on how the person is or the character of the person.

In this article, we are not only going to show you some cute nicknames for your girlfriend to make her blush and feel special but we are also going to show you how you can decide a befitting nickname for your girlfriend.

So without much fuss, let’s get started…

How To Decide A Befitting Nickname For Your Girlfriend

  • Ensure you pick a name that you both like. So you can try out a name for some time and see how it fits in.
  • Choose different nicknames in different places for example, having a nickname when you both are in public, one for family and friends gathering, another when you two talk on phone.

Note: if she doesn’t like the name you call her, stop calling her that and try to look for something that will make her feel so special.

Cute Nicknames To Make Your Girlfriend Blush

Angel – you can call her this when you look at her and all you see is perfection. Angels are perfect and so it would suit her and she would even love it.

Angel baby – a cute nickname for an adorable girlfriend.

My queen – if you truly love her, it wouldn’t be bad to call her the ruler of your heart because certainly, she is.

Sprinkles – your girlfriend is not just a figure head in your life, she is someone that spices up your life so this name would suit her perfectly.

Teddy bear – a name for a cute and cuddly girlfriend.

Doll – she is as perfect as a doll as far as you are concerned.

Juliet – like the characters: Romeo and Juliet. She is your Juliet and you are her Romeo.

Darling – this is one classic nickname that never goes out of style.

Babe – this is a cute pet name for a girlfriend you cherish so much.

Apple of my eye – if you are with someone you cherish and love unconditionally and this name would fit them perfectly.

Cookie – a nickname for a girlfriend you could just eat up.

Milady – call that classy girl this nickname.

Angel Eyes – her eyes captivate you, and you’re helpless when she looks at you.

Pooh bear – a perfect and adorable pet name for the sweetest being alive.

Ecstasy- She can make you feel happy and excited and often out of control too.

Tootsie – if she has lovely feet, this will fit.

Dreamboat – when she’s everything you have ever dreamt about, then you can pick this name.

Honeybunch – a great name for a girl who is as sweet as honey.

~Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend~

Fantasy – if she is like a character from a fairy tale or you have always dream about her, this would be a great name to call her.

Babelicious – this name is a more modern version of “babe” and “baby”. It is a funny nickname which is lovely too.

Jewel – a nickname for a girl you cherish so much that is precious to you

Baby Boo – a cute nickname for a girl you like a lot.

Angel face – if she is flawless in your eyes like an angel, give her this name.

Kit Kat – call her this if she is beautiful and attractive.

Tulip – when she blooms, she blooms for you.

Sunny/Smiley – if she cannot do without smiling, this name would fit her perfectly.

Lil dove – if she is fragile and pure like a dove.

Lovey – a shorter version of Lovey-dovey

Cherie – Cherie means ‘sweetheart’ in French. So spice up your love life by giving your girlfriend a French nickname.

Twinkles – she shines and twinkles brightly like a star.

Sugarlips – give her this if she gives you the sweetest kisses ever.

Pretty lady – a pretty nickname for a pretty girl.

Gumdrop – There is no actual meaning behind this name. It’s just cute and fun to call a girl.

Boo boo – for a girl who is playful and cute.

Hearties – a nickname when you feel she has the keys to your heart or she is even the key to your heart.

Bootylicious – if she has a big booty and flaunts it often, this would be a perfect nickname for her.

Beauty queen – for a gorgeous girl.

Snuggly – when she is so cute and you believe she’s not of this world and all you want to do is snuggle with her.

Dreamgirl – call her this if you have been dreaming about her your whole life and you now have her.

Blondie – a nice nickname for your girlfriend if she’s blonde.

Magic – when she makes you feel magical.

Honey – no need to say anything. It’s a classic.

Bunny ears – if your girlfriend has the cutest ears you have ever seen; give her this nickname.

Blue eyes – If her eyes are the only thing you see.

Pinks – a girl nickname for a girly girl.

Babyface – when she is so adorable.

Dollface – an adorable nickname for a sweet girl.

~Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend~

Sweetie pie – like the most delicious dessert, you can’t resist her.

Babycakes – I mean, does it get any cuter than that?

Fruitloop – an exciting and playful girl. ~Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend~

Rose – a nickname for your girl when you feel she is as precious as a rose

Lovebird – she’s extremely connected to you. She can’t separate from you, ever.

Babylicious – a delicious girl who is all yours and no one else’s.

Pookie – there is no real meaning to this one. It’s just cute and that’s all.

Cuddle bug – for a girl you love to cuddle with and snuggle on the couch while watching a movie.

Berry – this is a sweet name for a girlfriend that is curvy and adorable.

Donut – a nickname for a sweet and round girl.         

Momma – cute nickname when she is special to you.

Barbie – when she is astonishing and pretty as a Barbie.

Biscuit – when she has a cute and cuddly character

Bunny – a sweet girl with a softer side.

Butterfly – you can call your girlfriend this if she is as pretty as a butterfly on a hot summer’s day.

Jelly bean – a nickname for a girlfriend who is soft on the inside.

Wifey – if you think she’s a wife material or you are already married to her, then you can call her this name.

My love – when you feel when you see her

Cupcake – when your girl is yummy and sweet.

Cuddle bunny – for someone you always want to cuddle and hold tight

Bubble butt – she would love the name especially if she has a good sense of humor.

Daisy – when she is as delicate as a flower, this would be the perfect name.

Baby Girl – this is a popular nickname in the south and it shows that you love and cherish your girlfriend.

Sweet Pea – a perfect nickname for the most perfect girlfriend ever.

Cutie pie – the perfect nickname for a girl with an adorable face.

Pumpkin – a nickname for a bright and sweet girl.

Wonder Woman – if you feel she has superpowers, you can call her this.

Heaven Sent – If your girl has all the good qualities and you think that she is sent from the heaven.

Baby – it is a very common name. One of the oldest nicknames.

The Mrs – if you’re planning on marrying her, this is a great way to let her know your intention.

Happiness – for a girl who is the reason you are happy, you can call her this nickname.

Light of my soul – a nickname that portrays serious meaning and intention.

Lucky charm – if having her around makes you feel lucky, then give her this name.

Time Thief – If she steals your time like a thief does. ~Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend~

Love Muffin – call your girlfriend this if she is as cute as a muffin.

Beautiful – a nickname when she has a great look and an amazing personality.

Button – your girl is as cute as a button.

Cuddly Wuddly – a cute name for your girlfriend you like to cuddle with.

Baby Bear this nickname is for a soft and cuddly girlfriend.

Panda cute nickname for a cute, chubby and friendly girl.

Kitten this is a cute nickname if you feel she is adorable like a kitten and you just want to cuddle and hold her.

Lollipop a nickname when she is delicious and irresistible.

Baby doll a girlfriend that is petite and super cute.

Boo a cute nickname if you find her sexy.

Candy if you have tasted candy, you would definitely know how cute it would be calling your girl this.

Diva ­– if she’s bold and beautiful.

Summer for a girl that has brought light and positivity to your life, call her this cute nickname.

Buttercup this nickname is not used that often because it’s old-school, but face it, it’s a classic.

Shug  Call her Shug. If she is made of full of sweetness.

Ladybug wonderful nickname for a graceful and cute girlfriend.

Smooch all you want to do when you see her is to kiss her.

Caramel a cute nickname for your girlfriend if she has brought a form of sweetening to your life.

Bub call your girl this if she is incredibly adorable.

Cinderella your girlfriend is a true princess in your eyes.

Fine wine when she is the most exotic girl you have ever seen.

Dearest when she means the world to you.

Love Genie – If she is granting all your wishes as a lover.

Sunshine a nickname for a girl that lights up your day every time you see her.

Honey bunny to your sweet soft and cuddly girlfriend.

~Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend~

Diamond a cute name for girl that is as precious as a diamond.

Boo bear a great nickname for a cuddly girlfriend.

Gummy bear this is a jackpot nickname if she loves gummy bears.

Shadow if she is always around you and shows up wherever you go.

Fav fav when she is your favorite girl.

Moonshine – Her face is as bright as the moon in the night.

Honey bee she is sweet as honey, but she can also bite to take it back.

Fluffy a nickname for a girl who always makes you feel safe.

Brown eyes if she has a brown eyes which is the most attractive you have ever seen.

Cute Nicknames Based On Her Personality

Instead of choosing a random name, you could decide to give her a nickname based on her personality and this would even make her blush so hard and feel so special.

Some of these names are:

Perfect when you can see anything wrong with her.

Ice when she is always calm and collected.

Boss for a girl that is always in charge and loves to be in charge.

Odie  the best friend you can ever have.

Dimples if she has dimples on her face.

Google she is a walking encyclopedia.

Eye candy she is sweet to look at.

Brainy for your girlfriend if she’s very smart and intelligent.

Sting an incredibly stubborn girl.

Firecracker she is a restless spirit.

Chef a cute nickname if she knows how to cook very well and make delicious meals.

Wheels for a girl that loves to dance.

Lover girl she has an old-school, loving personality. She loves with all of her heart.

Hottie  when she is hot and sexy.

Supergirl when she has the ability to solve any problem that comes her way.

Tiger Toes even when she has a short-temper, you still love her dearly.

Rabbit call your girlfriend this if she is always running around getting things done.

Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

Snow White an innocent and sweet girl.

Bree when she’s cool and smart at the same time.

Loony when she’s a bit crazy but in a good way.

Melody when she has a melodious voice and sings like an angel

Weirdo when you love her because she acts strange and unique.

Amazon she strong and fearless like an Amazon warrior.

Champ pretty much the same as the nickname ‘boss’.

Shoppy when she is the type that loves shopping all the time.

Fluffy if she has a body that is as soft as a pillow. ~Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend~

Hot stuff not only does she look smokin’ hot, but her personality is also hot.

Braveheart this one is pretty self-explanatory.

Meow when she cuddles you like a kitten.

Hot mama for that girl that is hot both inside and outside.

Smartypants she is super smart, and she knows almost everything.

Tricky when you love her even though it’s very hard to understand her.

Dragonfly she changes her personality to what suits her at that moment.

Giggles call her this if she laughs all the time.

Cat woman a perfect nickname for a fierce, cunning and sexy woman.

Gangsta baby she is a badass from the outside but a sweetie from the inside.

Smile maker whoever is around her simply has to smile. She has that effect on people.

Peaches when you girlfriend blushes a lot.

Missy Mischief if your girlfriend always gets you two in trouble, you can call give her this nickname.

Brownie you get mesmerized by her brown eyes every time you look at them.

Cute Funny Nickname For Your Girlfriend To Make Her Blush

If you girlfriend is the type that has a good sense of humor and appreciates jokes, then you can go ahead and call her some funny names which you guys can always laugh about when you call her that.

Lovebug you use a love bug where there is an overload of cuteness.

Ring pop a girl that is as cute as a ring pop.

Puppy love you can use this nickname when your girl is as cute as a puppy and she is always by your side.

Bubbles when she’s always bubbling all day and night.

Puppet when she is calm, easygoing and reasonable. She always does what you want.

Little monkey you can call her this if she’s like playing or fooling around when she’s with you but you have to make sure she doesn’t misunderstand and make a fuss out of it.

Dumpling she is a curvy and adorable girl.

Trouble the name tells what it means.

Chipmunk when your girl has an adorable voice and a wonderful personality.

Teacup an adorable name no much meaning attached to it.

Snuggle butt call her this if she has a nice, round and snuggly butt.

Cheese balls when her cheeks are the cutest ever.

Salty if your girlfriend is a tough and kind of aggressive, you can give her this nickname.

Pancakes when she is simple and sweet. ~Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend~

Fun size tiny and adorable girl.

Pikachu it’s quite funny so there is no need to explain this one.

Butterscotch you can call her this if she’s is a blonde and you don’t want to call her Blondie.

Energy pop when she has a great vibe and energy when shes around you.

Whiney a girl that whine a lot but you love her still.

Miss Mischief when she is always up to no good.

Cute Foody Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

You can decide to call her some foody names maybe because these foods are sweet and lovely just like her or they are her favorite food.

Marshmallow call her this if she’s as adorable as a marshmallow.

Snicker-doodle when that girl is nice and hard to forget.

Butter Cup − She behaves like a gangster but, in real she will play with teddy bear.

Peanutif you have seen a peanut before, you can tell that great things come in small sizes. So if your girl is tough on the outside but she’s sweet on the inside.

Ginger when she has a hot head or redhead.

Waffle maybe she like waffles.

Coco  If you are completely addicted to her and think like you can’t live without.

Blueberry she’s savory yet sweet.

Snookie if she’s too sweet and is one of a kind.

Sugar when she is sweet like sugar.

Sugar Cube  If she is really sweet without an alarm or if her cheek resembles the sugar cube.

Coco if you’re addicted to her and you can’t imagine your life without her.

Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend In Other Languages

Here, we will be looking at some cute nicknames for your girlfriend in other languages aside English. Some of the languages we will be looking at are Spanish, French and Italian.

Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend In Spanish

There are some cute Spanish nicknames you could call your girlfriend and this names sound sweeter in Spanish compared to English. Some of them are:

Amante lover

Mi Mujer my wife

Bebé baby

Angelita my angel

Cielito sweetie

Corazón sweetheart

Caramelasweet as candy

Empanada dulce sweet pie

Mi Dulce de leche candy 

Azúcar sugar

Princesa princess

Amanda darling

Preciosa Mío my precious

Cariño dear

Sol sun

Regalitolittle present.

Osito little bear

Ojitos little eyes

Estrella star

Chiquilla a little girl

Bombón chocolate piece. ~Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend~

Amor love

Trozo de pan attractive girl

Cari caring girlfriend

Mi muñeca my doll

Peluche stuffed animal

Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

Vida life

Mami cute lady

Mi Niña my little girl

Runga sweet and lovable

Mi Reina my queen

Conejito little bunny

Mi Tierra my world

Mimoso cuddly, affectionate—a cute name for a girlfriend

Bonita pretty

Mi Almamy soul

Maravillosa gorgeous

Tesoro treasure

Mi Tigresa tiger

Bella beautiful

Querida beloved

Enamorada your Valentine

Mi Cielito my little sky


Ojos big beautiful eyes

Mi Dulce amiga my dear friend

Luz de mis ojos the light of my eyes

Ninfa nymph

Cute Nicknames For A Girlfriend In French

French names are so sweet and romantic and you would certainly make her blush and feel special when you call her a nickname in French and she looks it up and sees the sweet meaning.

Beauté beautiful girlfriend

Coquinette a nickname for a sexy girlfriend

Bibiche same as “Bichette”—female deer

Ma violette my violet

Ma colombe my dove

Ma pépite  a piece of gold

Mon beau my beautiful one

Ma douce sweetie

Ma reinemy queen

Ma poupée baby doll

Mon bébé my baby

Mon bébé d’amour my sweet baby love

Lapinette a girlfriend cute as a rabbit. ~Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend~

Mon trésor my treasure

Ma petite sirène little mermaid

Mon bébé d’amour my lovely baby

Ma petite grenouille little frog

Ma tourterelle turtledove

Mon chou honey

Poulette chick

Ma crevettemy shrimp

Chatounette kitty

Ma promise the promised one

Pupuce pet name for a girlfriend

Mon amour my love

Mon ange my angel

Ma fée my fairy

Ma Souris my mouse

Ma mignonnette my beautiful mermaid.

Mon cœur au chocolat my chocolate heart (sweetheart)

Mon chou honey.

Ma schtroumpfette my Smurfette

Ma chérie for the love of your life

Mon sucre d’orge my little candy

Choupinette sweetheart

Ma princesse my princess

Pépette someone you value. ~Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend~

Ma tendre true sweetheart

Ma muse someone who inspires you

Ma belle my beautiful

Ma lionne my lioness

Roudoudou caramel candy in a shell

Mon amour my love

Cute Nicknames For A Girlfriend In Italian

Italian is one of the most romantic languages and so giving your girlfriend a cute nickname in Italian will certainly make her blush and feel special. Here are some Italian nicknames for your girlfriend.

Amore love

Vita mia my life

Bambino baby

Reginetta little queen

Farfallina little butterfly

Fatina little fairy

Tesorina little treasure

Amorina little lovely

Cuore mio my Heart

Pulce tiny girlfriend

Ciliegina little cherry

Fiorellino  The Italian word for “Little Flower.”

Pupa Babe

Cara dear

Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

Genia (jenia) For a clever girl

Sei unica you are one in a million. ~Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend~

Bambina child

Tigrottalittle tiger

Tesoro treasure

Tenerezza Tenderness

Principessa princess

Zuccherina little sugar

Cuore (kuore) The Italian word for “Heart.”

Pimpi short for a princess

Piccola tiny

Caramellina little candy

Coccinella (kocchinella) The Italian word for “Lady Bird.”

Ciccino darling

Leprotta Bunny

Cuore mio my heart

Pasticcino sweet Pastry

Amica female friend

Peste For a naughty girl

Coccinella ladybug

Micia kitty

Dolcezza Sweetness

Fiorellino little flower

Piccolina child

Gioia joy

Stellina little star

Nene Baby  ~Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend~

Fiore flower

Stella Star

Carina (karina)  For a pretty girl

Patatosa For a chubby cute girl

Final Note

We have shown you some cute nicknames for your girlfriend to make her blush and feel special. These cute names are going to help spice up your relationship and bring out your affection.

So you can decide to give your girlfriend a nickname based on her personality, the food she likes or you like, any funny names or cute names from Spanish, French or Italian.

We have listed over 300 cute nicknames you can call your girlfriend so it is up to you to pick one or two and make her blush and feel special.

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