Czech Government Scholarships For Developing Countries

Czech Government Scholarships For Developing Countries
Czech Government Scholarships For Developing Countries

Czech Government Scholarships for Developing Countries is now currently on and accepting applications from local and international students who has an interest in studying in Czech Republic.

Government scholarships for studies at universities in the Czech Republic are governed by a Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic .

The Government of the Czech Republic offers scholarships within the framework of its Foreign Development Assistance in support of the study of foreign nationals from developing countries listed below at public institutions of higher education in the Czech Republic.

Granting scholarships to citizens from developing countries listed below for studies at Czech public higher education institutions (referred to as “universities”) is an important part of the foreign development cooperation of the Czech Republic and has a long tradition.

Before we dive into the details about how you can how can apply to this scholarship or what it is required of you to even apply at all, lets learn more about the host country.

About Host Country

Higher education in the Czech Republic comprises of public and private universities, as well as state-run police and military preparation foundations. Czech-language learn at state funded colleges is limitless and free for first-time specialists; but after the age of 26, the chaperon won’t get understudy status from social administrations and the singular’s health care coverage won’t be state-subsidized. Czech state funded colleges additionally have worldwide students, who have the decision of free guidance in Czech or paid guidance in English.

For private universities, yearly educational cost is somewhere in the range of 2,000 and 3,000 euro and for BSBA and MBA (not authorize by Ministry of Education) concentrate on programs cost somewhere in the range of 3,000 and 10,000 euro. The apparent nature of education at state funded colleges is higher than private establishments, as private universities have gone through numerous embarrassments as of late.

University education takes from 2 to 6 years, contingent upon the level of studies:

Four year college education programs – endures generally 3 years, title Bc. (bakalář) or BcA. (bakalář umění) (just imaginative fields of study), Maturita level is required. Students should breeze through last, most important test (státní zkouška, state test – regardless of its name, this test isn’t coordinated by state, however by universities themselves; at certain universities required provided that the understudy didn’t have passing marks during his investigations) and present their postulation.

Graduate degree programs – Bachelor’s certification expected, besides of regulation, drug store, dentistry and first stage instructing (5 years programs, maturita required) and medication (6 years programs, maturita required).

Specialist concentrate on programs, Ph.D. title
These titles are conceded after an extraordinary test (rigorózní zkouška), which contains a postulation show. A graduate degree is expected to compose this test. This a non-far reaching list titles given to those with doctorate degrees

Czech Government Scholarships Details

Gender: Male and female

School To Study: Czech Republic Universities

Country To Study: Czech Republic

Degree: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Master’s, PhD

Deadline: September 30, 2022

Benefits Of The Czech Government Scholarships

Below are the benefits of being eligible for Czech Government Scholarships for Developing Countries

  • Government scholarships for Master study programmes or Doctoral study programmes.   are awarded to graduates from Bachelor or Master study programmes, respectively, who enrol in study programmes with instruction in the English language.
  • Government scholarships Master study programmes plus a one-year-long preparatory course of the Czech language are awarded to graduates of Bachelor’s degree programmes. They can enrol only in study programmes from the selected areas of study in which instruction is given in the Czech language. Depending on the subject area, applicants are normally required to sit entrance examinations at the university concerned. Successful passing of entrance examinations constitutes a precondition for a scholarship award.
  • Scholarship Award include an amount designated for the payment of accommodation costs. Costs of accommodation, food and public transport are covered by scholarship holders from the scholarship under the same conditions that apply to students who are citizens of the Czech Republic.
  • The amount paid to students on a Bachelor’s, Master’s or follow-up Master’s study programme stands at CZK 14,000 per month.
  • The amount paid to students on a Bachelor’s, Master’s or follow-up Master’s study programme stands at CZK 14,000 per month.

Eligibility And Requirements For Flinders University Destination Scholarship

  • Since this scholarship award is dedicated solely to promoting the studies of foreign nationals from developing third countries. Neither a citizen of the Czech Republic, nor a citizen of the European Union, nor any other foreign national with a permanent residence permit in the territory of the Czech Republic may, therefore, apply for a scholarship.
  • The following countries are the only ones eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Cambodia,
  • Ethiopia,
  • Georgia,
  • Moldova,
  • Ukraine,
  • and Zambia.

How To Apply For The Czech Government Scholarships

All interested applicants for the Czech Government Scholarships for Developing Countries are accepted  to fill in the E-application form before the deadline (30 September, 2022.).
More detailed information on about the scholarship awards is provided in the binding “Guidelines for Granting Scholarships of the Government of the Czech Republic”

Frequently Asked Questions

You can study for free at Czech public universities as long as you enrol in a degree taught in the Czech language. If you choose a programme taught in English or another foreign language, you will pay tuition fees between 0 and 18,500 EUR per academic year.

It is necessary to submit language proficiency proof to study abroad in Czech Republic. If you are unable to provide the proof, some universities provide Intensive English Language programs.

You can study in the Czech language, in English and selected programmes even in other foreign languages.


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