Deakin University International Scholarships in Sustainable Farming, Australia

Deakin University International Scholarships in Sustainable Farming, Australia- Deakin University is currently receiving applications for “the HDR International Scholarships in Sustainable Farming”, this opportunity is open for the 2022/2023 academic cycle.

About The Host University

Deakin University is a famous institution of higher learning that provides hundred and six (106) undergraduate courses, hundred and seventy-one (171) post-graduate courses, and forty-three (43) research degree programmes that are well recognized internationally . It boasts of quality education and highly qualified professors who are ever ready to guide individuals toward a successful future. Why would you think of pursuing your ambition at Deakin University ? Deakin University scholars have the best opportunity to study their specific course of ambitions and become great leaders in their fields of expertise. It’s a very good place to study, with a diverse set of learning aid and resources.

About The Scholarship Program

There is a wonderful opportunity to become part of the Blue Carbon Lab (Deakin University) in conjunction with Sustainable Farms of the Australian National University to experiment on the effects of enhancing farm dam environmental conditions on their methane emissions. This fully funded PhD scholarship will give successful candidate the opportunity to carry out research on topics relating to sustainable farming. The topic will go together with field campaigns, compiling, site monitoring and analysis of data from the field, GIS and remote sensing.
The set goal of the scholarship program is to assist students who want to start a research programme at the university. The successful applicant will further improve their understanding of “the drivers of methane gas” in the environment. This PhD funded project is also aimed to address the following aspects:
— The project will capture and study temporal and spatial variability in greenhouse gas emissions among farm dams
— The project will also Investigate the role of biotic or living factors (e.g., vegetation) and abiotic or non-living factors (e.g., climate) on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
— The project will also determine the impact of land use type (e.g., livestock, crops) and management interventions (e.g., fencing) on greenhouse gas emissions
— It will also conduct Analysis to check the role of microbial communities on methane emissions

University or Organization: Deakin University
Department: NA
Course Level : PhD
Awards: $28,600 per annum
Access Mode : Online
Number of Awards: Not Known
Nationality : both domestic and international students, the award can be taken in Australia

Benefits one stands to gain from Deakin University International Scholarships in Sustainable Farming

The Deakin University International Scholarships in Sustainable Farming programme will offer the following benefits:

Successful candidates will be given a stipend of $28,600 per annum tax exempt International and foreign

  • Students will have their Tuition fees offset for the time range of 4 years.
  • Scholars are also covered by the “Single Overseas Student Health Cover policy” this insurance is to last for the duration of the student visa.

Eligible Countries

All nationalities, be it either a domestic or international aspirant, you are fit to apply. Domestic includes candidates that has any Australian Identity source which may include Australian Permanent Residency, Australian Citizenship or even New Zealand Citizenship. Please note that preferential treatment will be given to students currently living in Australia. Candidate must be applying for PhD program (not BSc or MSc) as PhD is the Acceptable level for the research program on the topic of Sustainable Farming.

Admissible Criteria :

To be eligible for admission into Deakin University International Scholarships in Sustainable Farming, applicants must meet or exceed all the criteria explained below:

  1. Candidates are expected to Meet PhD entry requirements for Deakin University.
    He or she must be enrolling full time and should posses an honours degree (first class) or “an equivalent standard master’s degree with a substantial research component” should incase he has lower CGPA.
    The candidates must also prove their experience level in publishing “peer-reviewed scientific journal” (firstauthors are the preferential role) candidates are expected to be familiar with the statistical software (or a similar software)
  2. Candidates are to have experience in carrying out various research topics, most especially in ecology, environmental sciences, or similar areas.
  3. Candidates are to also have had experience with remote sensing or spatial modelling.
    On Selection preferences, Not much detail is available for individual feedback on competitiveness of the scholarship program. The following characteristics were common among successful PhD applicants at the Blue Carbon Lab (Deaking University)
    (a) Many of the successful applicants had a first-authored work in a peer-
    reviewed scientific journal,
    (b) Majority of successful candidates had first class Honours/Masters
    (c) They all had strong quantitative skills,
    (d) they were also able to publish comprehensive experience of them working in similar topics.

How to Apply

— If you wish to be possibly enlisted in this educational program, then, it is recommended that you take admission in “the PhD degree coursework” at Deakin University.
After you are done registering, you must apply for the scholarship by using the expression of interest forms which are available online.

— Next is to upload Supporting Documents: You must submit your CV, academic transcript and names of referees to Dr Martino Malerba.

Admission Requirements for Deakin University International Scholarships in Sustainable Farming

To successfully be eligible becoming a scholar of the university, you must go through the program procedures and the entry requirements of the program.

— The candidate will be expected to work in close collaboration with the “Sustainable Farms project” which is located at Australian National University. The Sustainable Farms project is in the list of “Australia’s leading research groups in sustainable farming”. In current years, many farmers invested to improve the conditions of their farm dams.

— The members of the team at Sustainable Farms has been on the move in the monitoring of “positive effects of management interventions at farm dams on water security biodiversity and farming productivity”. For the past 2 years, “Sustainable Farms and Blue Carbon Lab” have been working together to show that improving farm dams can also decrease methane emissions.

— The successful candidate will further deepen our understanding of the drivers of methane emissions at both micro and macro scales including other discoveries.

— Language Requirement: If your previous studies has been conducted in other Languages that are not English language, you will be.expected to show evidence of an adequate level of English proficiency. Details on Language requirements visit the English language requirements page of the scholarship portal.

Application Deadline for Deakin University International Scholarships in Sustainable Farming

You must not wait for the last day to apply, network delays can be disappointing. It is advised that you apply as soon as possible to avoid unforeseen circumstances and disappointments. This scholarship opportunity will still be accepting application materials and online forms until 25 July 2022. Any application received after 25th July, 2022 may not be regarded.

End Notes

This a great opportunity that is not worth missing as the Deakin University’s Blue Carbon Lab is known as a multi-disciplinary research group which has been on the forefront of global efforts to make lives better and to improve sustainable livelihoods . Their first ever study report was on unusually high methane emissions from farm dams (Ollivier et al. 2018). They have also shown a continental scale map of farm dams in Australia (Malerba et al. 2021). This scholarship has been working in collaboration with other developmental projects across 30 countries. They are among the world leaders in ” the science underpinning natural climate solutions”. Make sure to follow the application flow to be part of this great team of researchers. Good luck!

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