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Deggendorf Institute of Technology Germany is one of the most renowned tertiary education institutions in Europe and has been around since 1894. With a history that spans back over 120 years, it also has some interesting stories to tell. For instance, when Hitler’s “Night of Long Knives” took place on June 30th, 1934, twenty-six students from Deggendorf were arrested on suspicion of being members or supporters of the resistance movement against National Socialism. Surprisingly, the students were released after a few days. Of course, this is not only a tale of Deggendorf’s history; but similar stories can be told of other universities across Europe which had their share in the World Wars and the Holocaust. Back in 1939, Lothar-Günther Buchheim was an assistant at Deggendorf Institute of Technology Germany to compose the anti-Nazi song “Der Kampf”, which went on to become a huge hit on radio and is still sung today.

The institute’s headquarters building is called “Alte Fakultät” (Old Faculty).

The scholarship program was founded by the Deggendorf Institute of Technology, Germany, and the Deutschlandstipendium organization. Scholarship recipients are invited to an orientation event at their university. The event is currently scheduled for March 18 – 24, 2023 in Oberammergau, Germany.

Scholarship recipients must pay a $400 per month living expense allowance. The scholarship is non-renewable and is provided in the form of a check directly from the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. The stipend may be withdrawn at any time if there are insufficient funds or if the scholarship recipient leaves Deggendorf Institute of Technology.

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Scholarship Description

The scholarship pays academic tuition, room and board, stipend, and living allowance.

Scholars must be planning to attend an American university following graduation from the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. The scholarship can be used for tuition, room and board, and a stipend upon the recipient’s acceptance to their chosen institution. For the Midwest Scholarship Award, there is no GPA requirement. All applications must be submitted by December 15th 2022 for consideration for the winter orientation event in Oberammergau and/or February 15th, 2023 for consideration for the Spring orientation event in Munich.

Scholars must be planning to attend a U.S. university following graduation from the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT).

Summary Of Details Deggendorf Institute of Technology Germany scholarship

The Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) is a private university, founded in 1909 in the historic city of Deggendorf, Bavaria. As a technology institute offering engineering programs, we have established ourselves as one of the leading international technology universities operating under the German model.

DIT has an enrollment of approximately 5,000 students and offers degrees at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. The university also provides extensive continuing education for engineers and business professionals as well as an elementary school with gymnasium courses for children aged 3-14 years. DIT is accredited by ASIIN (Akkreditierungsagentur für Studiengänge in Ingenieurbau).

In summary, DIT offers scholarships for international students to pursue a degree in the following areas.

1) In the fields of business administration and management, engineering, energy, and computer sciences

2) In natural science: Mathematics, physics, and chemistry

3) In social science: economics and political science

Host Country: Germany

Host University: Deggendorf Institute of Technology Germany

Program Degree: Bachelor, Masters

Open to: International Students

Funded by: Deggendorf Institute of Technology Germany Scholarships

Application Deadline

The application Deadline is January 2023.

Documents Needed to Apply for the Deggendorf Institute of Technology Germany scholarship

The documents  needed to apply are:

  • The application form
  • A motivation letter
  • A resume with three references. 
  • Proof of enrollment in a four-year university (e.g., transcripts, certificates, etc.). If your education is over one year but less than four years for example a transcript, validated by your university 
  • Three letters of recommendation from academics not employed by the institution you are currently attending. These will be translated into German and sent on to the scholarship committee as well as to the academic committee at Deggendorf Institute of Technology Germany.
  • Proof of financial need: a bank statement or official letter detailing the full amount of your debts, including those to be paid after the start period of your scholarship.
  • A copy of the passport
  • A statement from your bank confirming that you have sufficient funds to pay for living expenses and tuition in Germany. This should be issued on the letterhead of the bank preferably with a stamp or signature.
  • – An official police check
  • – Proof of English language ability: TOEFL or IELTS (minimum score 5). Your TOEFL score must be sent directly to Deggendorf Institute of Technology Germany from the testing center.

Eligibility Criteria for Deggendorf Institute of Technology Germany scholarship

To be eligible, are some criteria:

  • Undergraduate students studying a STEM subject (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics)
  • Achieved excellent grades at school
  • Meets the English fluency requirements
  • Have high motivation and interest in the chosen field of study as well as extensive knowledge of the German language. 

The scholarship is available for full-time degree programs in Germany.

How to Apply for the Deggendorf Institute of Technology Germany scholarship

Here are the steps to applying:

  • Make sure you’re eligible for the scholarship.
  • Fill out an application form on our website.
  • Upload any supporting documents or files onto our site and make sure they are formatted correctly as well as in one package (if it includes more than one file). 
  • Send us your final application – you can use the post office, email, fax, or snail mail to send us your documents! 
  • We will review it and let you know whether the submission is complete before proceeding with an interview if required (most scholarship offers are conditional on attending a preliminary interview). You’ll know by then whether you’re successful in applying for a scholarship place or not! 
  • If you’re successful in applying for a scholarship place we will contact you to arrange your interview, if an interview is required. We will also let you know about any other things you need to do to receive your scholarship offer.

Benefits to Gain from the Deggendorf Institute of Technology Germany scholarship

The benefits are:

  • Different types of scholarships, including one for students with financial need
  • No waiting list or application process is necessary; apply right away and have the funds deposited directly into your bank account
  • Scholarships are available for full-degree programs as well as part-time study. 
  • You can study in English, plus different German language courses are taught at an advanced level. 
  • Start your degree in Germany with a semester and feel what it’s like to live here! 
  • Some scholarships also cover tutoring fees.
  • You’ll be able to make money for the semester by working (being paid) during your time in Germany.
  • A monthly allowance of 290 Euros will be provided to cover your expenses. 
  • During the first semester, your tuition fee is waived!
  • This program is sponsored by Deggendorf Institute of Technology Germany and requires its scholarship winners to complete the first-semester academic year with Deggendorf Institute of Technology Germany.
  • Scholarship winners may be asked to participate in the school’s promotion and recruitment activities.
  • Only for international students.
  • Applicants must have completed their secondary school degree with good grades (2:1 or above) at an accredited high school or have been awarded a university degree from an accredited institution. 
  • Scholarships are also available for applicants who are studying on a VISA.


The Deggendorf Institute of Technology Germany scholarship has been a boon for thesis writing, not to mention incredibly generous for its many other benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the scholarship amount and when will I receive the first payment?

The Deutschlandstipendium has a funding amount of € 300 per month. The funding period begins on 01.04. The first payment is made retroactively for past funding months after the end of the selection process.

When does the scholarship end?

As a rule, at the end of the funding period of one year. Deviating from this, if:
the last examination has been passed
the degree programme has been terminated prematurely
the student has changed his or her field of study
Exmatriculation has taken place
If one of these reasons for termination occurs, scholarship holders are obliged to inform the university immediately.



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