DELSU Students Set To Rewrite Some Courses Cancelled In The 1st Semester Exam

A memo was released on the 19th of October on the rewriting of some courses canceled in the first semester 2019/2020 examination in Delta State University. These courses were canceled in the first-semester exam because of some irregularities observed that affected the integrity of four courses. The Senate of the school has decided that these four courses be rewritten.

To ensure that the students do not carry over these courses, the Senate has decided that the four courses be re-written on the first week of resumption of 200 and 300 level students. These four courses to be re-written are outlined below:

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1. CSC 200 : Introduction to Computer

2. GST 101 : Use of English and Library studies.

3. GST 102:  Logic, Philosophy and Human existence.

4. PHY 101: General Physics 1.

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