Top 6 Best Drinking Games Apps

Best Drinking Games Apps

Best Drinking Games Apps-Drinking with your friends is very exciting and especially when you meet new friends, drinking is a great way to make your meeting so much fun. When you meet someone for the first time, there is usually so much to talk about.

However, as you become good friends over months or years, drinking together may get boring. This is because you now know each other so well and after saying all you want to, the conversation gets really boring.

Unless you keep talking, the meeting is dead even with the drinks. The ideal way to solve this problem is using drinking games and apps. Drinking games can increase the fun in the air and you do not have to think about what to say.

However, do not drive or try to walk home when you play any of the games below. You will get intoxicated after playing and drinking, so call another friend in advance or get an Uber to take home. Driving while you are drunk is not safe for you and you may also severely harm other pedestrians or road users.

While playing these drinking games, you may get so intoxicated and mistakenly destroy your phone so you really have to be careful. Unless you are sure that you do not get easily intoxicated by drinks, make precautions for situation because these drinking games apps are going to make your drinking outings much more fun.

Readers are advised to drink responsibly. The details on this page are provided for informational purposes only and we will not be responsible for any consequences gotten as a result of these apps.

Best Drinking Games Apps

  • Picolo
  • Drinkie
  • Kings
  • iPuke
  • The King’s cup
  • Drunk Potato

Above are some of the best drinking games/apps ever made. While playing these games, drinking becomes less boring and way more exciting. Instead of gurgling your drink and downing cup after cup of drinks over small talks, these games help you create fun and forget your worries.

Picolo Drinking Game

People who are new to this game can use it, thanks to its great user experience. You can even add your own challenges to these games, and this makes it more fun.

The drinking game app is available for android and iOS devices and has very simple rules. You do not need any tutorials as the game is very easy to use. When you open the app, you need to enter the name of the players.

 After entering your names, you just need to follow the prompts and do the challenges in the app with your friend(s). The game is generally fun to play and according to reviews, it heightens the mood when you have a stiff atmosphere, and this is the needed quality of a drinking game app.

Follow these steps to download and use the Picolo app:

  • Visit Google Play Store
  • Type “Picolo drinking game” in the search tab and search for it
  • Download the app and install. The app is small in size and has a beer mug logo. The description says “Alcohol game for parties”. It has more than five million downloads and is rated five stars by 45,000 users.
  • After download, launch the app on your device. There will be a warning sign that asks you to drink responsibly. The app also informs you that Picolo is not responsible for any consequences you suffer from using the app. Click on okay and you will see the landing page.
  • Click on cancel if you do not want to pay for a subscription. If you pay for premium features, you will get access to more interesting drinking games on the Picolo app.
  • Type the names of each user and then start the game. You can enjoy drinking as much as you want thanks to the exciting games on this app. Remember to drink responsibly and take precautions.


iPuke is a very simple drinking game app. After download, you just need to click on play and start playing the starter deck game. The app also allows lots of players to play, so many of your friends can come to drink.

To play this game, launch the app and click on play. Select the starter deck since you will be using a free account.

Select the starter deck and click on next. You can add as much players as you want and then click on play. The games include challenges, for example, asking someone to do ten pushups and if they fail, they down a mug.

Published by Mint Mobile, the iPuke drinking games app very small in size and has a human figure logo colored red.

To download, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit Google Play Store
  • Type “iPuke drinking game” in the search tab and search for it
  • Download the app and install. The app is very small in size (less than 5MB) and has human figure logo, which you can use for identification

With more than one million downloads on Google Playstore, the app description says iPuke is the craziest drinking game you will ever play.

The King’s Cup

This is a game of cards that is made for drinking. The app size is less than 3MB on Google Play Store and has more than 100k downloads. The logo is red in colour and is basically a circle with a mug in it. Follow these steps to download the game from Playstore:

  • Visit Google Play Store and search for “the King’s cup”
  • Identify the app among other apps and ads using the mug in circle logo.
  • Click on download and install the app.
  • Launch it on your device and you can start playing.

After launch, there is a warning that informs you that using the app can cause serious injury caused by high alcohol level and users play at their own risk. If you agree to the terms and conditions, click on “I understand”.

Among the four buttons displayed, click on how to play to see the instructions. In order to play, you may need a large pint of drink that is usually called the king’s cup. This can be substituted with any other thing though. The cup is placed in the center of the group while you play. Simply read the instructions and enjoy the entertaining game.

Drunk potato

This game was published by Prodigal Creative and is named Drunk Potate by Drink-O-Tron. The description says “From the makers of Drink-O-Tron comes a brand new fast paced drinking game”. The app is still very much underrated but is a really great drinking game.

It has about ten thousand downloads on Google Play Store and is rated 4.8 on the average. The app is also available on App store and is considered one of the new best drinking games apps.

The concept of the game revolves around the idea of Hot Potato and is fast paced. Many people often say that when it comes to alcohol, it is not the quantity consumed but the speed at which it is consumed that makes more fun.

The questions come at you fast and you have to answer in short timeframes. This drinking games app completely changes the drinking apps game.


Drinkie is a drinking game app for people who are in love with parties and drinking sprees. Taking the qualities for some of the best drinking games apps, Drinkie has made use of them to produce one of the best drinking games of all time.

It was made to cheer up users and help them avoid getting bored after playing the same game for some time. The games are exciting and will surely lift the mood in your drinking party.

There are four different games on the Drinkie drinking game app. All four games can serve different purposes perfectly. The games go by the names Sexy, Tipsy, Ridiculous and Macho.

Sexy can make a great game for spicy parties and Tipsy is best for a normal drinking party. Ridiculous has crazy questions for crazy parties and Macho is best for guys only parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about the best drinking games apps:

Yes. There are several drinking games apps that you can use during your parties or gatherings. Here are some of the best drinking games:

  • Picolo
  • Drinkie
  • Kings
  • iPuke
  • The King’s cup
  • Drunk Potato

There are several drinking games apps with exciting features and it is really difficult to select one as the best. However, apps like Picolo and King’s cup are many people’s favourites.

The Drinkie drinking game app has a feature for spicy parties called Sexy, so it is one of the top best app for drinking with girls. It is likely that you are satisfied with the features of the app, considering that more than 75% of its users find it great, on the average.


Drinking is so much fun when you do it with friends. This may get boring overtime as you may lose interest in doing the same thing over and over. With the help of drinking games apps, your drinking game can be improved significantly.

Remember to drink responsibly so as to not cause harm to yourself or other people. Kindly leave a comment if you found this helpful.

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