Top 30 Best Driving Schools In Vancouver

Best Driving Schools In Vancouver

Best Driving Schools In Vancouver- Do you live or work in Vancouver? Do you need to acquire excellent driving skills in the best driving school in Vancouver? Then this article is just for you. We have compiled the list of the best driving schools in Vancouver. You will surely find one that will fit your schedule and your budget too.

Here is the list; Best driving schools in Vancouver

Best Driving Schools In Vancouver

  1. SenSen Driving School
  2. Vancouver Driving School Inc
  3. Atlas Driving School
  4. Shift Gears Driving School
  5. Fraser Driving School
  6. RainCity Driving School
  7. Drive with Ellen
  8. New Day Driving School
  9. Kitsilano Driving Academy
  10. TD Driving School
  11. Johnston’s Driving School
  12. Cooper Driving School
  13. Van South Driving School
  14. Gold Star Professional Driving School
  15. Grace Driving School
  16. Solaris Vancouver Driving School
  17. West End Driving School
  18. Capilano Driving School
  19. Young Drivers of Canada
  20. North Shore Driving School
  21. Expert Driving School
  22. Topas Driving School
  23. Global Driving Academy Ltd
  24. Golden Star Driving School
  25. MacDonald Driving Academy
  26. A-Learn To Drive In BC Driving School
  27. Johnston’s Vancouver GLP Driving School

  • SenSen Driving School

SenSen Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Vancouver.  The school offers flexible schedules for its driving lessons. There are evening and weekend classes for busy executives. In case you live far away from the driving school or want to learn at your pace, online courses are available. With the online course, you can get to learn the driving skill at your own pace from anywhere, at any time. Some of the interesting features of this driving school include:

  • Affordable rates
  • Schedules of driving lessons are flexible
  • Friendly and patient tutors
  • Quality instruction at competitive price

For more detail about SenSen Driving School, visit http: // www.

  • Vancouver Driving School Inc.

Vancouver Driving School Inc is one of the best driving schools in Vancouver. The school offers one-on- one in-car practical training for its students. You are not only given driving lessons in this school, you will also be guided on how you can obtain your driver’s license. The instructors are patient and highly knowledgeable. They will ensure that your learning experience is as enjoyable and exciting as possible.

Some great features of Vancouver Driving School Inc include:

  • Reliable, professional and friendly training instructors are available in the school
  • Knowledge, skills and techniques of driving are supplied
  • One-on-one practical training sessions
  • Free pick-up and drop-off service are available

For further enquiries about Vancouver Driving School Inc, visit http: // www. Vancouver

  • Atlas Driving School

Atlas Driving School is another driving school to check out when searching for the best driving school in Vancouver. The school came into being in 2002 by Keyvan. The school has a mission of training people not only to become professional drivers but also safe drivers.

The instructors are well-experienced in the driving skill. Language is not a barrier in learning as there are instructors for the following languages: English, Vietnamese, Turkish, Mandarin, Punjabi, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi and Dari.  Evening and weekend classes are available for busy persons.  

They are also friendly and patient with their students. The major goal of this driving school is to groom its students into skilled and safe drivers. Atlas driving school is famous for:

  • Its experienced professional drivers
  • Flexibility of driving lessons
  • Affordable tuition fees

For more information about Atlas driving school, visithttp: // www.

  • Fraser Driving School

If you desire a driving school in Vancouver with several years of experience, then you should look out for Fraser Driving School. With over 26 years of experience in grooming people into safe and professional drivers, the school stands out as one of the best driving schools in Vancouver. The school is well located, just close to the commercial broad way sky train station.

Fraser driving school is owned by a couple that cares to educate and groom people to becoming professional and safe drivers. There are both male and female instructors who are well-experienced, qualified and licensed by the government. Each student is given specialized attention.

Some of the features of Fraser Driving School include:

  • Experienced, qualified and government-licensed instructors
  • Excellent driving lessons
  • Easy mode of payment
  • Learners get the best driving skills

To get more information about Fraser Driving School, visit http: // www.

  • Shifting Gears Driving School

The school is an exceptional driving school in Vancouver that focuses on teaching people how to drive manual cars. Whatever is your reason for wanting to learn how to drive a manual car, shifting gears driving school will surely put you through until you become a good and confident at it.

Some of the features of Shifting gears driving school include:

  • Great, experienced and qualified instructors
  • Detailed lessons on how to drive a manual car
  • Learners acquire great driving skills

For more details on registration, tuition and others, visit http: // www.

  • Rain City Driving School

This is one driving school in Vancouver that offers driving lessons using modern tools and techniques. The instructors at the school are well trained and qualified to groom people of all ages to become professional and safe drivers. They also offer some after-school services like in the purchase of a car. They can help you to inspect and ensure that the car is fit enough for the road.

Some of the great features of the Rain City Driving School includes:

  • Friendly and patient instructors
  • Qualified, experienced and government-licensed instructors
  • State-of-the-art learning tools
  • Some of the courses offered include teen driver training, defensive driving, advanced driving

For information on registration, tuition and others, visit http: // www.

  • Drive with Ellen

Drive with Ellen is another driving school in Vancouver where you can acquire good driving skills.  The school is located in downtown Vancouver. The instructors are well-experienced, qualified and licensed by the government to teach others driving skills. Some of the driving lessons taken include defensive driving, advanced driving techniques and road rules.

Some of the features of this driving school include:

  • Experienced, qualified and licensed instructors
  • Courses includes defensive driving, road rules and advanced driving techniques
  • Driving lessons are quite affordable

For further enquiries, visit www. https: // www.

  • New Day Driving School

New day driving school offers flexible schedules for its driving lessons. No matter how busy and tight your schedule is, you will always find a driving class that will fit you in this school. The school offers weekend classes, evening classes and even online classes.  Apart from the in-car training which is of course is the most important aspect of training, there are also classroom trainings to feed you with basics of driving. The instructors are friendly and patient with their students. And the prices are quite affordable.

Some of the features of New day driving school include:

  • Affordable driving lessons
  • Flexible schedules for the driving lessons
  • Knowledgeable, qualified and licensed instructors

For more information, visit http: // www.

  • Kitsilano Driving Academy

You can also acquire great driving skills at Kitsilano Driving Academy. The academy is located in Vancouver, BC and its one of the best driving school in Vancouver. There are professional and qualified instructors on-ground at the academy. And they are willing to help you overcome the fears and fright associated with driving. By the time you are done at the school, you would have become a confident driver.

Some of the features of this driving school in Vancouver include:

  • Patient, professional and qualified instructors
  • Hands-on practical driving lessons
  • Learners acquire great driving skills and become confident behind the wheels

For further enquiries, visit https: // www.

  • TD Driving School

TD driving school offers a well- structured and comprehensive driving course, this qualifies it to be among the best driving school in Vancouver. You will be taught all you need to know about the driving skill when you enroll in this school. The instructors are highly knowledgeable in the driving skill and are ready and willing to put you through till you become a confident driver.

Some of the features of this driving school include:

  • Comprehensive and detailed driving lessons
  • Highly knowledgeable, dedicated, qualified and patient instructors
  • Driving lessons are for students across all ages

To learn more, visit https: // www.

How To Choose A Driving School In Vancouver

  • Cost of Training

The tuition fee varies from one driving school to another. The cost also depends on the duration of learning, may be a day, two, a week or even 1 month. Note that the longer the duration of learning, the more fee you have to pay. Also, ensure you ask for the details of the training before you make commitment to any driving school.

  • Years Of Experience Of The Driving School

Before enrolling in any driving school, you should find out how long the driving school has been in existence. You should find out how long they have been grooming people in the skill of driving. You shouldn’t go register in a driving school that doesn’t know much of the rules that applies to driving in British Columbia.

  • Qualified and Licensed Instructors

Basically what makes a good driving school is the qualification and experience of the instructors. Good driving schools always hire experienced, qualified and licensed instructors to groom people on the driving techniques. You should find out if the driving school has such instructors before enrolling.

  • Good Teaching Techniques

A good driving school in Vancouver will employ state of the art tools in teaching its students. Good teaching tools and techniques will make better and safer drivers on the road.

What You Need To Apply To A Driving School In Vancouver

Before you can apply to a driving school in Vancouver, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old
  • He/ She must have at least 20/40 vision in each eye.
  • You will also be required to go through a physical examination/ drug testing.

Last Note

Now that you have the best driving school in Vancouver, its time to step out and go acquire that driving skill. You will never know how simple and easy driving could be until you get behind the wheels.  I wish you the best in your driving lessons!

Frequently Asked Questions

The average tuition fee of a driving school is $150


Ford Fiesta (MK7)

Skoda Fabia (MK3)

Toyota Aygo

Kia Picanto (Mk3)

Renault ZOE

Vauxhall Corsa (MK4)

It is quite easier to learn driving with an automatic car than a manual car as it does not require much input. A manual car on the other hand is cumbersome and requires plenty input from the driver. But in deciding what gear a car should be driven, a manual car is preferable.


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