Top 30 Best Driving Schools In Brampton

Best Driving Schools In Vancouver- Do you live in Brampton, the Canadian province of Ontario. Are you in search of the best driving schools in the city where you can acquire MTO-Approved driver education? Then you should read this article to the end. We have listed the best driving schools in Brampton. You will surely find the one that will fit into your schedule and budget too.

List of Best Driving Schools In Brampton

  1. Competent Drivers
  2. Super Tech Driving School
  3. Excel Drivers
  4. Carlton Driving School
  5. AGC Driving School
  6. Peel Driving School
  7. Pioneer Driver Education
  8. Young Drivers of Canada
  9. New Method Driving School
  10. Ultimate Drivers of Canada

Competent Drivers

Competent Drivers is one of the best driving school in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. The school has been approved and licensed by the ministry of transportation to provide driving education to beginners.

Their instructors are well-qualified and licensed to provide you adequate training in driving. These instructors are very patient with their students, you will always feel confident and at ease during each lessons.

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Some of the training programs offered by Competent Drivers include:

  • Beginners Drivers Education Program
  • Defensive Driving
  • Road Test Prep
  • 20 Hours In-Class/ Online Instructions
  • Private Individual lesson
  • Hour Lesson
  • G2 Exit Road test
  • G1 & G2 Road Tests
  • 1,3 and 5 Hours of In-Car Instruction
  • 10 Hours of Driving School On-line Assignments

Super Tech Driving School Inc.

Super Tech Driving School Inc. is also one of the outstanding driving schools in Brampton. The school is highly committed to providing quality driver education at affordable fees. The classes are highly flexible and can always fit into your schedule no matter how busy you are. In-person and online classes are available in this school.

The instructors are highly knowledgeable in the driving skill and are qualified and licensed to take beginners through driving education. They are patient, friendly, efficient and timely too. Language is not a barrier as the instructors can speak English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu fluently.

Some of the key features of Super Tech Driving School Inc. includes:

  • In-class and online driving lessons
  • In-vehicle lessons
  • Flexible training schedule which includes weekdays and weekends (depends on your time of availability)
  • Four and Ten 45 Minute In-Vehicle Lessons
  • Road Test Preparation
  • In-Class Instruction
  • 10 hours of Home Assignments

Excel Drivers

One of the driving schools in Brampton where you are sure of getting quality driver education at affordable tuition fees is Excel Drivers. The instructors are well-experienced and qualified to provide sound driver education to the students. The school provides driving course and also driver rehabilitation.

Beginners Driver Education (BDE) will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills for operating a vehicle. You will also be taught defensive driving techniques and safe habits while on the road behind the wheel. How to prevent collision will also be taught in the course.

Some interesting features of Excel Drivers:

  • Defensive driving course
  • Professional driving improvement course
  • Online independent e-learning
  • Its BDE courses are MTO-approved
  • Training for teenage first-time drivers, new adult learners and existing drivers.
  • One-on-one In-car lessons
  • Flexible schedules for both the theory and practical lessons

To learn more about Excel Drivers, visit: https: // www. exceldrivers. com/

Carlton Driving School                                     

Carlton Driving School has been providing driving lessons, driver education and training since 1988. The school has a mission which is to provide its student with knowledge and skills to drive safely and professionally. The instructors are highly skilled and qualified to take you through lessons that will make you become a professional driver.

Some major highlights of Carlton Driving School include:

  • In-car and In-class driving lessons
  • Beginner’s driver education
  • Defensive driving course
  • Advanced drivers education for existing drivers

For more details on Carlton Driving School, visit http: // www.

AGC Driving School

AGC driving school is one of the driving schools in Brampton where you can access MTO Approved BDE course. The school also offers digital MTO approved BDE course and private lessons.

Features of AGC Driving School

MTO approved BDE course

In-car lessons are fixed around your schedule and availability

Instructors are friendly and knowledgeable

Private in-car lessons are also available

Peel Driving School

Peel driving school provides professional driving lessons to people desiring to acquire driving skill. Its instructors are highly experienced and qualified and willing to put you through the lessons. Different kinds of courses are being offered in the school depending on the needs of the students. You also get to learn in this school proper road habits that will lead you to becoming a safe and responsible driver.

Some Features of Peel Driving school includes:

  • Driving lessons cut across all ages & experience levels  at your own time
  • Friendly, knowledgeable & qualified Instructors
  • Modern tools are used to teach the lessons
  • Complete in-class and in-car lessons
  • Free local pick-up from house or work
  • Flexible mode of payments, you can pay in installments
  • Ministry-Approved BDE Course provider
  • Digital E-learning course also available

To learn more, visit https: // www.

Pioneer Driver Education

Pioneer driver education is one of the driving schools in Brampton where you can get quality driver education at affordable prices. It was established in 1988 to provide lessons to its students around Toronto, Brampton & Mississauga.

Some features of Pioneer Driver Education are:

  • MTO-Approved Beginner Driver Education course
  • You will get a certificate well-recognized by the insurance industry on completion of the course
  • Students can get to do their homework assignments at their own time
  • Course duration can be as short as 9 days
  • Instructors are certified, experienced, patient and well-trained to take you through the driving lessons
  • Flexible Schedules for the driving lesson.

Young Drivers of Canada

Young drivers of Canada is not just one of the best driving schools in Canada but the largest driving schools in Canada. It has 140 locations scattered in six provinces in Canada. The organization has trained over a million students. There are three main programs offered by this school:

  • The novice young driver education program
  • The collision-free driver improvement course
  • Cognifit Brain Training

The school was established by Heinz Naumann in 1970. He was later joined in 1975 by Peter Christianson in 2020. The organization introduced the virtual and online courses to facilitate learning during the covid-19 pandemic to facilitate learning.

For more information about young drivers of Canada, visit https: //

New Method Driving School

New Method Driving School is also one of the outstanding driving schools in Brampton in the province of Ontario, Canada. The school has enough trained and professional instructors to take their students through the driving skill. Students receive training on road tests.

Some features of New Method Driving School include:

  • Weekend sessions are available for students who are busy during the week days
  • Group/fleet insurance is available
  • Online classes are available for students who won’t be available for the in-person classes
  • 30 hours’ online sessions and 1.5 hours’ car lessons
  • Individual car lessons
  • 4-day Condensed courses

Ultimate Drivers of Canada

The driving school which was established in 1993 is one of the largest driver training organizations with about 21 locations scattered all over Ontario Province.

This driving school offers in-person, online and e-learning courses. The instructors are well-trained and qualified to train you and equip you with the necessary skills to make you a reliable and safe driver.

Training program offered in this driving school include:

  • G2 Road Test Packages
  • G Road Test packages
  • Refresher program
  • Complete Refresher Program
  • Driver Improvement Program
  • Winter Time Driving Program
  • Advanced/ Beginner Driver Education Program

To learn more about Ultimate Divers of Canada driving school, visit https: // www. ultimatedrivers. ca/

What Driving Schools In Brampton Must Possess (As Required By The Canadian Government)

For a driving school to be fully licensed to operate in Brampton, Canada, the school must have in its possession the following:

  • Valid legal registration to operate in the province of Ontario
  • Beginner Driver Education Training permit from the Province of Ontario
  • A list containing training fees
  • $2 million liability Insurance.

Other  Licensed Driving Schools In Brampton

  1. AAA Stellar Driving School
  2. AAA Top Driving School
  3. ABC Driving School
  4. Able Driver Training
  5. Apex Driving Training School
  6. Arid Driving School
  7. Auto-Star Driver Training
  8. Bull’s Eye Driving School
  9. Canadawide Driving School
  10. Divine Driving School
  11. Ease Driving School
  12. Gohil’s Driving School
  13. Good Drivers
  14. Goodguys Drivers ED
  15. Great Dixie Car Driving School
  16. Great Driving School
  17. Green Driving School
  18. Jeff’s Brampton Driving School
  19. Justice Driving School
  20. KPK Car Driving School
  21. Multi-Dimensions Driving School
  22. My Ultimate Choice
  23. New Light Driving School
  24. Oh Canada Driving School Inc.
  25. Online Drivers Incorporated
  26. Oxford Drivers Education Inc.
  27. OZ Driving School
  28. PB2CA
  29. Peter’s Driver Training
  30. Shelburne Driving School
  31. Swift Driving School
  32. Toronto Drivers Academy
  33. Youth Driving School
  34. Zahra Driving School

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualities make a good driving instructor?

Patience: A good instructor must be very patient with its students. He/She must never flare up or get discouraged at the inadequacies of the student.

Support: They are always there to ensure you are on the right track, you as a learner are not left on your own.

How do I know my driving instructor is bad?

If you notice any of the following signs in your instructor, then you have a bad instructor:

  1. He/She has a short temper
  2. He/She doesn’t detect and pick your error
  3. No license is displayed on the windscreen
  4. He/She answers the phone while you are driving
  5. Unprofessional behavior


Road tests are not as difficult as you think. Once you have the right training & knowledge, you will be able to pass in flying colors and obtain your license. This article has been on best driving school in Brampton, hope it was helpful?


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