Top 15 Best Driving Schools In Germany

Driving Schools in Germany

Best driving schools in Germany — Germany is one of the most advanced countries in the world. They have many outstanding schools, including driving schools. 


There are many driving schools located in all the cities and towns of Germany. But to get the best experience in driving, attending the best driving school is a great start. 

Best Driving Schools In Germany

So, we have gathered the best driving schools in Germany that are top-rated. They are:

  • Driving School Oscar
  • Asphalt Profis International Driving School
  • Momo’s Fahrschule
  • City Fahrschule
  • Fahrschule Südstern
  • Pfister-Racing GmbH
  • Driving Academy at the Nürburgring
  • Motorsport Akademie
  • Fahrschule Mentor
  • Butterfly driving school
  • Fahrschule Driving School
  • Driving School Campos GmbH
  • Caesars driving school Mannheim
  • Fahrschule MotoCar
  • MY Driving School

1. Driving School Oscar

Also known as Fahrschule Oscar, Driving School Oscar is one of the best driving schools in Berlin, Germany. They speak English which is an advantage for them to attract lots of non-Deutsch speakers and immigrants. 


The staff create a warm environment and teach their student drivers to be confident. They also strive to help their students pass their driving test in just one try. Driving School Oscar offers a range of in-class courses and students have the opportunity to have first-hand experience in a car or on a motorbike.

Location: Hauptstraße 92, 12159 Berlin, Germany.

Phone: +49 30 62729596



2. Asphalt Profis International Driving School

Asphalt Profis International Driving School is a one of the best driving that speak both English and German. Their office environment is great and filled with qualified and experienced instructors. 

They have great facilities used in teaching student drivers. Asphalt Profis International Driving School offers courses for both cars and motorcycles. Their driving licence classes include B, B96, BE for cars and the A1, A2 and A for motorcycles.

Location: Am Friedrichshain 23, 10407 Berlin, Germany.

Phone: +49 30 42801732


3. Momo’s Fahrschule

Momo’s Fahrschule has great driving instructors that provide good support to students. They help students build their confidence, hone their driving skills, and acquire their driver’s licence by passing their driving test in one try.

They are situated in the centre of the city which gives students the upper hand to learn driving rules and regulations. Both English and German are spoken in Momo’s Fahrschule. And they have a well balanced class and road lessons.


Location: Augustenstraße 113, 80798 München, Germany.

Phone: +49 89 54217005


4. City Fahrschule

City Fahrschule is one of the best driving schools in Germany. They are organised and open to both locals and foreigners. The staff are welcoming and their driving instructors can be friendly and strict at the same time which can push you to challenge yourself.

They offer a balanced experience between theory in classes and practice on the roads. City Fahrschule offers courses for both cars and motorcycles. Their instructors are focused on giving the best experience and helping students qualify for a driver’s licence. 

Location: Prenzlauer Allee 206, 10405 Berlin, Germany.

Phone: +49 30 48494870


5. Fahrschule Südstern

Fahrschule Südstern is one of the best driving schools in Berlin, Germany. They offer courses for driving cars and riding motorcycles. They majorly speak German with a little bit of English.

Fahrschule Südstern has driving instructors that are dedicated to seeing student drivers pass their driving test. They try to balance theory and practice and they are open to foreigners.


Location: Hasenheide 58, 10967 Berlin, Germany.

Phone: +49 30 6914797


6. Pfister-Racing GmbH

Pfister-Racing GmbH is a professional racing touring racing car motor sport company. They have many international racing drivers who have booked many racing series with them and had successes.

Pfister-Racing GmbH offers many workshops for amateur racing drivers and a DMSB licensing courses for newbie drivers. They have an amazing team of instructors with first-hand experience in racing cars. The instructors are out to instruct student drivers until they are fit to earn their national and international racing licence.

Location: Gewerbegebiet Untermühle, Obersfelder Str. 46, 97776 Eußenheim, Germany.

Phone: +49 9350 9090056


7. Driving Academy at the Nürburgring

The Driving Academy situated at one of the world’s best racing tracks, Nürburgring, is among the best driving schools in Germany. If you want to be a car racer and have no experience at all, this is the right place to start your journey.

The Driving Academy at the Nürburgring racing track has attracted a lot of international racers and instructors. Learning how to drive in this driving school gives students the opportunity to meet with some of the great minds in the world of car racing.


Location: 53520 Nürburg, Germany.


8. Motorsport Akademie

Motorsport Akademie is one of the highly rated driving schools for racers. They have strong relationships with the United Kingdom and are open to other international racers. Racing events are carried out in either one of their listed circuits or racing tracks.

Motorsport Akademie offers license training to people who want to be a racer. They host many trainings which are done on racing tracks in different models of real-life racing cars. Student drivers have the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the most experienced racers in the country.

Location: Burgstraße 1, 53520 Nürburg, Germany.

Phone: +49 175 5700240


9. Fahrschule Mentor

Fahrschule Mentor is one of the best-rated driving schools in Frankfurt, Germany. They are open to both locals and foreigners. Their language of communication is German and English.

They have welcoming, inspiring, and knowledgeable driving instructors that are focused on helping students be the best drivers. Fahrschule Mentor makes the driving experience amazing by providing modern cars for road lessons. They teach safety, road rules and regulations, and car functionalities. 

Location: Kurfürstenpl. 34, 60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Phone: +49 69 77069770


10. Butterfly Driving School

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Butterfly driving school has graduated many student drivers and helped them acquire their driver’s licence. They have a well balanced in-class training and on-road training where they teach a variety of courses which covers driving and safety precautions.

Their staff are super welcoming and great with speaking more than one language. This makes them open to both locals and foreigners. At Butterfly driving school, they are determined to help students feel comfortable while learning driving for the first time. And also help them pass their driving exams at the end.

Location: Hanauer Landstraße 44, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Phone: +49 69 43051790


11. Fahrschule Driving School

Fahrschule driving school is one of the best driving schools in Berlin, Germany. They are known for having excellence in training and good availability of well-trained staff. Their staff had undergone intensive training to sharpen their skills and knowledge needed to help people improve their learning speed. 

They provide learning instruction that suits the learner’s learning style. They try to make students as relaxed, happy, confident, responsible, and safe as possible while taking driving lessons at the school. Their major language is German.

Location: Mierendorffpl. 10, 10589 Berlin, Germany.

Phone: +49 30 3446860


12. Driving School Campos GmbH

Driving School Campos GmbH is an outstanding driving school to take lessons from. They are a licensed and registered driving school for people of diverse backgrounds. So, whether you are an adult who is learning to drive for the first time, a teenager waiting to dive into the adventure, or you need some brushup course, they handle it perfectly.

Driving School Campos GmbH offers a wide range of professional driving courses which includes learning how to drive a car, truck, forklifts, and motorcycles. They strive to teach the best possible driving techniques to a vast majority of people from different walks of life.

Location: Bottroper Str. 8, 70376 Stuttgart, Germany.


Phone: +49 711 52859237


13. Caesars driving school

Based in Mannheim, Germany, Caesars driving school is another highly rated driving school in Germany. They have friendly and professional driving instructors which have inspired student drivers to leave this driving school with tons of good reviews. They are open to locals and foreigners, and also to adults and teenagers.

Their courses are affordable and their lessons are taught theoretically in classes and also practiced in the vehicle. Some of the courses they offer include in-Car Lessons, Instructor Courses, and refresher lessons for either cars or motorbikes.

Location: Seckenheimer Str. 51, 68165 Mannheim, Germany.

Phone: +49 621 43295668


14. Fahrschule MotoCar

Fahrschule MotoCar teaches student drivers how to be safe and skillful drivers. They also help students pass their driving test. The driving school offers a range of driving courses suitable for both teenagers and adults, and anyone who needs a brushup course for professional purposes. 

Fahrschule MotoCar has a team of professional and highly skilled driving instructors that teach students proficiency in highways, streets, and freeways. They offer many courses to people who are interested in taking car or motorbike courses.

Location: Krebsgasse 8-12, 50667 Köln, Germany.

Phone: +49 221 16925710


15. MY Driving School

MY Driving School is one of the top driving schools in Germany that put in their efforts to see that students develop proper road habits. They are focused on training student drivers to become skilled and responsible drivers.

Because of how increasingly challenging the road has become, MY Driving School aims to give students the best driving lessons so that they can be worthy of a driver’s license. They offer a wide range of driving courses for both cars and motorcycles which some driving schools do not.

Location: Münsterstraße 358, 40470 Düsseldorf, Germany.

Phone: +49 211 56672058



Many driving schools in Germany offer a range of courses that are specific to either personal, corporate, or race driving. Not all driving schools offer to teach students how to ride a bike or drive a truck, race car or a forklift. 

To be sure of what you are getting into, you should call the school to ask if they offer the course you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

For you to take driving tests, you will need to be enrolled at a driving school.

Learning how to drive in Germany can cost you about €2,000 to €3,200, or $2,300 to $3,700.

Driving schools in Germany teach in German and English.




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