Top 15 Best Driving Schools In Manitoba

Top 15 Best Driving Schools In Manitoba

Top 15 best driving schools in Manitoba – Many people want to drive. To some people, driving is like exercise and fun activities. Lots of teenagers want to drive but it is not always easy for them. Have you been anticipating learning how to drive? Do you have a passion for driving? One of the best place to learn driving is Manitoba. Oh yes!


Manitoba has great and certified driving schools. These driving schools have professional trainers who will teach you all the things you should know about driving. This article will reveal the best driving schools in Manitoba. These driving schools have qualified and trained personnel that teaches people how to drive.

Driving schools contribute a lot to driving activities. They help in reducing the rate of accidents by training people how to drive. The great impact driving schools contribute to the nation cannot be ignored. Before discussing the top 15 best driving schools in Manitoba, let’s check some concepts of driving.

What Is A Driving School?

A driving school is a formal institution where anyone learns how to drive properly. A driving school is an establishment where people wishing to drive motor vehicles receive instruction in driving. Driving school employs instructors who teach people how to drive a car. They are designed to assist learners to develop the right driving behavior.


Impacts Of Driving Schools On The Society

It is important to learn about driving from professionals before deciding to drive. These professionals will help you know the basic as well as the advanced rules and regulations guiding driving. Driving schools have made some great impacts on society. Some of them are:


Lack of confidence is the primary challenge for new drivers. Undertaking professional training and practicing in the real world will help new drivers gain confidence.

Traffic rules

Enrolling in a driving school is the best way to learn how to drive. At the driving school, you will learn how to drive, and how to follow and obey the traffic rules in the real world. Getting trained by professionals who have got several years of experience will educate you in detail about every road rule and regulation.


Discounted Insurance

People that got trained in driving schools have a high chance of getting discounts from insurance companies. These insurance companies feel that the people that decided to be trained at driving schools take a bold step toward being responsible and safe drivers.

Top 15 Best Driving Schools In Manitoba

  1. Perfect One Driving School ltd
  2. A Confidence Driving School
  3. Everest Driving School
  4. Amar Driving School
  5. Lo-cost Driving School
  6. Pan Am Driving School
  7. Ben’s international Driving School
  8. Best Way Driving School
  9. Frontier Driving school
  10. Lou Gervino Driving School
  11. A-international Driving School
  12. By law Driving School
  13. Bikram Driving School
  14. Akash Driving School
  15. Jimmy’s Driving School

Perfect One Driving School Ltd

Perfect one driving school limited has been leading class 1 training in Manitoba by providing an excellent course program. The driving school is rated highly by its students because of the continuous focus and evolution of training programs.

Perfect one driving school limited is the best place to gain high-quality driving training and be excellent at driving. It has many years of experience in training professional drivers. The driving school is equipped with laboratory tools, good-quality trucks, and a professional training room. It is committed to providing top satisfaction for its students.

For more information about perfect one driving school ltd, visit:

A Confidence Driving School

It was established in 1992. The driving school has been offering driving lessons since it was established. A Confidence Driving school ensures to provide training vehicles that are newer, well-maintained, and pass an annual inspection for the safety of trainers. The professional drivers of the school will teach you to the best level.

For more information about the school, visit:

Everest Driving School

Everest driving school is aim at teaching students first-class driving techniques to enable them to become safe and smart drivers. It offers a 5-hour pre-licensing course in NY. It also offers various packages to suit your driving lesson. The driving school is Australia’s leading education.

Visit this website to learn more about Everest driving school :


Amar Driving School

Amar driving school offers training in 1 qualification with the most reviewed qualification Driver’s license. The cost to attend the driving school ranges from $70 to $80 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $80. The duration of the driving training ranges from 2 hours to 3 weeks.

To know more about the school, visit this website:

Lo-cost Driving School

It is one of the oldest driving schools in Manitoba. Lo-cost driving schools provide the best training and ensure beginners become independent and confident drivers. The driving training school has qualified, experienced, and government-certified Advanced training Instructions in the school. The utmost attention the trainers will give you will help you get the skills you need for a lifetime of safe and enjoyable driving.

Check this to know more about the driving school :

Pan Am Driving School

The driving school was established in 979. Since then, it has been providing professional driving training in Winnipeg and the environment surrounding it. It provides instructions for class 4 and is always available 24/7. The employed trainees of the driving school will make you feel comfortable so that you can focus on the training.

Visit this website to know more about Pan Am driving school :

Ben’s International Driving School

Ben’s international driving school is one of the top-ranked driving schools in Manitoba. The school will not only teach you how to drive but it will transfer its experience to new drivers. It provides training for class 1, class 3 ad class 5 driver licensing and Airbrake endorsement.

To know more about the school, check this out:

Best Way Driving School

Best way driving school was established in 2000. It is a highly recognized driving school in Manitoba. It provides excellent driving training to its trainees. It is the best option for professional and reliable driving instruction.

Visit this website to know more about the school :


Frontier Driving Academy

The frontier driving academy is based at 2151 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is the excellent driving school in Manitoba that provides the most effective and efficient driving instruction.

Check this website to know more about the school :

Lou Gervine Driving School

Lou Gervine driving school offers; tutorials for provincial written tests such as MPI, medical driving assessment, specialized training, and assistance for drivers with mild to severe anxiety. The driving school has certified a driving instructor for over 30 years.

Check this to know more about the driving school :

A-international Driving School

It focuses on building a safe road environment in Manitoba through quality driving lessons. A-international driving school has professionally trained and certified trainers with over 15 years of experience with them. It is known for its flexibility towards time constraints of its trainees. The driving school has accumulated expertise in terms of ethnicity, diversity, and ability to offer its services in different languages such as English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu.

Check this to learn more about the school:

By Law Driving School

By lay driving school is unique because they offer lessons to everyone i.e. new drivers and experienced drivers. Their trainers make sure they have positive things to impact their students. The two trainers of By law driving school are Hayley Krips and Patrica Law. They make every session exciting, informative, and fun.

For more information about the school, check this website :

Bikram Driving School

The personnel behind Bikram Driving school are Bikram and Kiran. They have successfully trained over  100 people in Manitoba. The driving schools offer driving lessons between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm. Their students testified that they can learn how to drive very well with the least 2 lessons. Bikram Driving school is known for calm teaching style. They are highly recommended by their previous students who are now professional drivers.

To know more about the school, check this :


Akash Driving School

Akash driving school offers refresher lessons to help you correct bad habits, and learn about any changes to the road rules. The driving school; teaches how to read road signs, how to follow road rules safely, and, how to parallel park efficiently. They open every day and close every day by 8:00 pm. All their driving instructions and vehicles are approved and insured by Manitoba Public Insurance.

For more information, check this out :

Jimmy’s Driving School

They teach how to establish yourself at intersections, and execute left and right turns properly. They also teach how to follow traffic signs and use roundabouts. What makes Jimmy’s Driving school unique is that they offer city-wide pickup and delivery for all their services. They are one of the most affordable driving schools in Manitoba.

To learn more about the school, check this :


Many people wish to know how to drive but they couldn’t drive. Driving is a fun activity for lots of people. Knowing the principles, guidelines, rules and techniques of driving can help you make driving fun. All you need to do to be safe while driving is to learn driving from certified driving schools. These sets of driving schools explained in this article will make it easy for you to choose where to learn driving in Manitoba.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to enroll in Driver education is $50 per student

students receive 34 hours of in-class instruction, 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training of in-class observation

To obtain your first driver’s license, register yourself as a Manitoba Public Insurance customer at any Autopac Agent


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