Top 8 Best Driving Schools in New York City

best driving schools in new york city

Are you a New York resident wanting to learn how to drive and now looking for the best driving schools in New York?

It’s a known fact that learning the rules of the road can seem challenging at first, but with practice and discipline, you’ll soon develop the confidence and experience to become a safe and skilful driver in no time.

The number of driving schools in New York City can be overwhelming, this guide on the best driving schools in New York City will help you find the best among the rest driving schools with the most effective teaching methods for your individual needs and lifestyle. Be sure to speak with more than one school as well so that you have all of your options laid out before deciding on one.

Without much further ado, here are eight driving schools in NYC that are guaranteed to get from a beginner to a pro driver in a few weeks.

Top 8 Best Driving Schools in New York City

1. Amethyst Driving School

Amethyst Driver Training School is a top-rated driving school based in Brooklyn, NY. They’ve helped more than 10,000+ students pass their tests, obtain licences and go on to drive safely on the road.

Amethyst driving school is a group of 7 certified driving instructors focused on defensive driving and being aware of your surroundings. Safety, they believe, is an important first step to becoming a great driver.

But knowing how to handle yourself on city streets with all their traffic and congestion is also critical. With these two things as their focus, Amethyst can teach you how to become a confident, safe, and responsible driver who isn’t afraid of getting behind the wheel or dealing with any number of different types of cars, either manual or automatic.

2. Blue Steel Driving School

Blue Steel Auto Driving School is a New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV) licensed driver training school. They use modern vehicles. experienced and licensed instructors to help you pass quickly and easily.

Highly rated, with top-notch instructors who are patient and helpful. In addition to teaching basic manoeuvring skills, they also take students out on city streets, helping them gain confidence while manoeuvring through busy intersections and heavy traffic. Classes are held between 6 AM to 9 PM so there are possibilities for you to learn how to drive and still go to work during normal hours.

Blue Steel teaches both traditional and defensive driving classes. Both styles feature knowledgeable, experienced instructors who can adjust their methods and lessons to your needs.

3. Brooklyn Driving School Inc

An oldie but a goodie, Brooklyn is one of New York’s oldest driving schools. Its top-notch reputation and great service are also cheap as it only costs $50 for a 5-hour class.

For its fantastic structure, it’s a well-deserved cost for such a worthwhile learning experience. The Brooklyn Driving School Inc was founded in 1981 by Donato Pinto and his wife, Antonia.

You can learn how to either drive an automatic car, stick shift, scooter or a motorcycle. The school offers a few different driving packages. 

The first is the 5-hour class where you will receive an MV-278 certificate after class completion. The certificate obtained will then be used to schedule your road test appointment. You can start a road test special package ($130) or a fast road test special ($280)class after this.

4. Confident Driver Driving School

Confident Driver is a driving school that provides an engaging approach to teaching teens and adults how to drive. You can learn with Confident Driver at your own schedule, so it’s never been easier or more convenient to start your lessons and earn your driver’s license.

The school is reliable, friendly, trustworthy, and consists of experienced and licensed instructors.

This driving school is located in Midtown, with state-certified instructors who give one-on-one instruction that focuses on your specific needs and helps you develop crucial skills like anticipating situations and navigating tricky situations. They also provide custom driving lesson plans and work with students after they pass their driver’s test to help them become confident drivers.

The best part about Confident Driving School? You don’t need to own a card as their own vehicles will be used for the road tests. It was voted the best driving school in New York for 2020.

5. US ONE Driving School

US One is one of NYC’s top-rated driving schools accredited by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV). Their instructors are professional, and patient and give students lots of individual attention. There are no registration fees or hidden costs.

US One also has a good reputation for helping their students pass quickly and easily, which is always a good thing! They offer military, referrals, students, and holiday discounts, if you want to sign up with a top-rated school that won’t break your budget, then check out US One!

They have great instructors, and they have a comprehensive program that helps new drivers learn everything they need to know quickly and easily.

6. Perfect Park Driving School

Perfect Park Driving School is an experienced, patient, and friendly driving school that offers both semi-private and individualized training. Perfect Park also offers training to people with disabilities such as hearing-impaired people or people with speech impediments.

This local company has been established for over 20 years and is fully insured. They are dedicated to making sure you are well prepared for your DMV Road Test by providing you with excellent training.

You can choose to learn how to drive automatic, stickshift cars, scooters, and motorcycles. You will also go through a series of situations simulation to handle unforeseen incidents better.

7. Formula One Driving School

If you’re looking for a higher level of driving school, Formula One delivers. With instructors certified by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career as a driver or just want to enjoy casually driving more safely, they can help.

The Formula One driving school was established in 1988 and prides itself on being a premier provider of high-quality driver education.

To ensure you get optimal training, it offers comprehensive programs that include advanced collision avoidance techniques, emergency dual braking and avoidance manoeuvres, highway awareness, and one-on-one driver coaching.

8. Grand Prix Driving School

Grand Prix gives students is a family-owned business established in 1991 that teaches people to learn advanced driving techniques and hone their skills at high speeds

In addition to offering courses for those that want to pass a DMV exam, they have various unique driving instructors and instructions that will be suitable for everyone. Since no matter how good you are, everyone has room for improvement; these classes make sure you don’t get complacent.

Its staff consists of highly-experienced and dedicated instructors who have a passion for both teaching and driving. The school also has an impressive fleet of cars, including both sedans and sports cars. And its prices are reasonable compared to other NYC driving schools. Highly recommended!

Final Words

Learning to drive is an exciting, yet intimidating experience. By educating yourself on the options available to you and finding a driving school that suits your needs, you can set yourself up for success.

All of these best driving schools in New York City offer a variety of programs from which to choose, including behind-the-wheel and online courses.

You need to do your research and check out each school thoroughly before making your final decision.

In addition, most of these top schools offer individual or group lessons, as well as refresher courses for those who’ve already earned their licenses but want to brush up on skills.

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