Top 10 Best Driving Schools In Sherwood Park

Best driving schools in Sherwood Park – Have you been willing to learn how to drive? Do you have a passion for driving? This article is for you. It will reveal the best driving schools in Sherwood Park Canada to you. These driving schools in Sherwood have trained and qualified trainers to teach how to drive.

Best Driving Schools In Sherwood Park Canada

  • Park Driving School
  • Teen plus Driving School Company
  • Bruno Driving Academy
  • Gateway Driving School
  • 5-star Driving School
  • Safetrack Driving School
  • Noble Driving School
  • Cameron Driver Education
  • Kiwanis Safety City

  • Park Driving School

Park driving school is working to provide the best driver education for new drivers and people that need more knowledge in the driving field. The priority of Park driving school is to strive to teach lifelong driving skills so learners can gain the confidence they need to drive safely. To make driving education easy for you, park driving school makes sure; you learn from certified Instructors who provide quality training; your time with them is fun and supportive, and make different packages for you to choose from.

The mission of Park Driving School is to provide each learner with excellent driver training at an affordable price in a safe and enjoyable environment. Students should expect quality, respect, and a professional attitude from every instructor at Park Driving School.

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  • Teen plus Driving School Company

Teens plus driving School Company is the best driving school because their instructors are friendly and help learners with no pressure, they can accommodate students on weekends if needed, they can pick you up and drop you off, and the driving school is approved by the government of Alberta, and they have many years of training experience. Teen Plus driving school provides the best driving training for acquiring skills to become a safe driver. The well-known driving school offers brush-up courses for existing drivers also.  To ensure the best training is delivered to students, they have a limited area of service. Teen plus driving School Company was established in the 1980s. To learn more about the Teen plus Driving School Company, visit this website:

  • Bruno Driving Academy

This driving school is owned and administered by Bruno Suplina, a former AMA driving instructor who decided to develop his academy to emphasize responsible driving. Bruno has personally taught generations of Edmontonians to safely and skilfully navigate Edmonton’s roads and highways for over 29 years. Bruno Driving Academy takes high pride in training responsible drivers who not only follow the rules of the road but also understand them.

Bruno driving academy is established to create a friendly learning environment that is interesting and in line with the student’s level and proficiency. They take the time and attention to ensure their students hit the road with the confidence, practical skills, and knowledge necessary to stay safe behind the wheel.

For more information about Bruno Driving Academy, visit:

  • Gateway Driving School

Gateway driving school is among the best driving school because:

  • It has been selected as The Best Driving School In Sherwood Park for 2021.
  • They have driving instructors that calm, professional, friendly, and courteous at all times.
  • The driving school provides customized driver training to teens, adults, and seniors learning to be drivers.
  • Gateway driving school emphasizes Defensive driving, Strong observation habits, and Safe motoring.
  • All vehicles used for driver training at the school are safety inspected.
  • All student drivers’ progress is fully documented and they encourage parents to interact with them.
  • Free pick-up and drop-off are provided by gateway driving school within the city limits of Sherwood Park and Edmonton.
  • Online classroom driver education is provided by the school for your convenience.

Senior instructor of gateway driving school has many years of experience working with AMA and Alberta Health Services as a driving instructor. With their many years of driving education knowledge and expertise, students will feel safer and confident on the road at all times. Their goal is not just to train students to pass the road test, but to produce excellent drivers who are self-assured and confident behind the wheel. Gateway driving academy also offers high-quality, flexible driving training at very affordable prices.

To know more about Gateway driving academy, visit their website through this link:

  • 5-star Driving School

5-star driving schools do not offer the best trainers in Edmonton alone, but they work on their students’ confidence to make them composed drivers. About 1000 students have walked out with a smile on their faces after being trained at 5 starts driving school.

Free pickup and drop-off 10 hours in the car & 15 hours of classroom Insurance are provided by the school. The driving school also provides other amenities such as a Discount certificate permitted by Alberta Transportation, Male and female trainees Booking for brush-up. It prepares students for road tests, Cars are made available 24/7 for road a test.  Teens and Adults Driver Education Refresher courses available for nervous drivers Professional, Experienced and dedicated instructor.

For more information about the driving school, click this link:

  • Safetrack Driving School

Safetrack driving school is a certified driving instructor signed by the Government of Alberta who can train driving students to become safe drivers. The Behind-the-Wheel driving lessons of the school are tailored to student’s needs and are designed to help students learn quickly and safely to respond to changing road conditions. The name of their school defines their commitment to student safety.

Safetrack driving school classroom curriculum will help trainees understand the importance of traffic laws and teach them to be aware of their surroundings. The combination of the school Behind-the-Wheel and classroom instruction course will make trainees an ideal driver.

To learn more about the school, visit their website here:

  • Noble Driving School

Noble driving school is the best choice because:

  • They are approved by the better business Bureau.
  • They have highly experienced instructors in their school
  • Automatic and manual Cars are available
  • Theory classes are available on weekends.
  • Intensive training courses are done
  • Orderliness to Code Of Practice For Accredited Driving Instructors.
  • The instructors of the schools are licensed in Alberta.
  • All their instructors have police clearances.
  • Their instructors have more than ten years of experience in the field
  • All vehicles of the noble driving school are licensed to teach in Alberta.
  • They have a patient, friendly instructor.

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  • Cameron Driver Education

Cameron Driver Education is established to provide the best and most up-to-date Transport Training available in the market, giving its students the employment edge needed in the trucking industry. The school teaches how to drive the best! Cameron Driver Education’s fleet of 2012 & 2013 18-speed Volvo Highway Tractors Tandem Axle and 2013 Freightliner Automatic Tandem Axle are well-maintained by the school’s on-site mechanics.

Cameron Driver Education is well-equipped with:

  • Projectors, flatscreen TV, and white screen make their course material viewable from any seat in the room.
  • Overhead lighting allows to safely move through the classroom, and easily view learners learning material.
  • Their Air Brakes boards provide a way to understand the mechanics of the Air Brake system in an easy-to-see display.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is driving schools in Sherwood Canada?

The driving schools in Canada are well organized and equipped with facilities needed for training.

Can international drivers learn driving in Canada?

Driving lessons in Canada are developed for everyone.


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