Top 15 Best Driving Schools in USA

Driving Schools in USA

Top 15 best driving schools in the USA — Tons and tons of driving schools are in the United States. This makes it so hard to say a certain number of driving schools are the best in the country. But, duh, we have to make the list because no two driving schools can offer the same experience.


Even if you are in your thirties, learning how to drive is one of the important things do. And whether you want to work for a company or learn to drive for your mobility, learning from a highly rated driving school is a great start. 

Best Driving Schools in USA

So, we have made a list of the best driving schools in the USA where you are sure of getting quality driving lessons. And they are:

  • BMW Performance  Driving School
  • DirtFish Rally School
  • Bridgestone Winter Driving School
  • Porsche Driving Experience
  • Golden Key Driving School
  • Motivation Driving School
  • Skip Barber Racing School
  • Frank Hawley Drag Racing School
  • Exotics Racing
  • Team O’Neil Rally School
  • Allen Berg Racing Schools
  • Richard Petty Driving Experience
  • Bondurant High-Performance Driving School
  • Ken Bouchard’s Drive To Victory Lane Racing School

 1. BMW Performance  Driving School

If you are a fan of BMW and crazy about racing, the BMW performance driving school offers just the thing for you. In the driving school, you will learn how to drive a range of BMW models including models designed for racing. 


In BMW Performance Driving School, you will have an In-Class tutorial which would be a rundown of safety precautions, gears, car functionalities, and every other thing you might face on road. Meanwhile, the real driving instruction starts when you begin to put those theoretical knowledge into use on a track in a BMW car.

Speaking of tracks, the BMW performance driving school has two racing standard tracks for students to practice driving on. A track at Spartanburg, South Carolina and another at Thermal, California

The track at Spartanburg, South Carolina is a polished wet concrete skid pad with fast turns excellent for speed exercises. On the other hand, the track at Thermal, California has a serene layout that is set upon a mountain range.


The BMW performance driving school includes a teen school, a driver’s school, and the M school. 

Location: 1155 SC-101, Greer, SC 29651, United States

Phone: +1 888-345-4269

2. DirtFish Rally School

DirtFish Rally School is one of the best driving schools in the United States. And, of course, it is not for the chicken heart. This driving school is out to teach anyone who is ready to learn how to face the road with courage and confidence.

Whether you want to learn how to drive on slippery ground during the winter, or learn how to do extreme stunts, or become a road racer with great control of their track, DirtFish Rally school is open to all.

They are not exactly “open to all”, they are open to people who have a learner’s permit and age from 15 – 85 years. Now that’s extreme! Students will have an in-class tutorial and first-hand driving experience in a rally racing track (which is the toughest track to drive on).

Location: 7001 396th Drive SE Snoqualmie, WA 98065.

Phone: +1 866-285-1332


3. Bridgestone Winter Driving School

Thinking of how to drive safely during the winter, Bridgestone Winter Driving School offers some of the best driving courses. They offer a variety of courses that teaches you how to become a master on driving on slippery surfaces.

The courses are taught by instructors who have experience in rally racing, ice racing, autocross, precision driving, and a lot more. Your first-hand driving exercise will be done in one of the three specially designed tracks that are covered in ice and snow. 

Each track has elevation changes with numerous bends and surface (traction) changes. This driving school is only open to people who age from 15 – 87 years old and have a learner’s permit.

Location: 2300 Mt Werner Cir Unit C7, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487, United States

Phone: +1 970-879-6104

4. Porsche Driving Experience

Looking forward to having the ultimate Porsche driving experience, this driving school offers 100% driving courses in Porsche cars. You will have the opportunity to do test drives in the latest Porsche cars in Porsche experience centers.

Porsche driving experience also offer racing and off-road courses through their official US Driving School of Porsche. The Porsche Driving Experience has centers in Los Angeles, Alabama, and Atlanta.

5. Golden Key Driving School

Based in New York city, Golden Key Driving School is one of the best licensed driving schools in the USA. They have warm and knowledgeable instructors who are focused on teaching safety.

They are focused on helping students pass their driving test. Not only is their aim to teach you how to drive, they also teach you to obey road laws and regulations to help you stay out of trouble. Plus, they let you learn at your own pace.

Golden Key Driving School has two training centres: one in Upper Manhattan and the other in the Bronx.


Location: Upper Manhattan – 4845 Broadway, New York, NY 10034. 

Bronx – 391 E 149th St., #320B, Bronx, NY, 10455

Phone: 6464351142 (Upper Manhattan) or 7187015232 (Bronx)

6. Motivation Driving School

Motivation Driving School is one of the best driving schools in the US. They are based in New York city and offer driving lessons to both people who have zero driving experience and those who want a brush up course.

They teach a range of courses from basic up to advanced level, which includes defensive driving, Highway lessons, private lessons, etc. Motivation Driving School aims at seeing all their students pass their road test in flying colors. 

Location: 2915 Middletown Rd, The Bronx, NY 10461, United States.

Phone: +1 347-810-5465

7. Skip Barber Racing School

Skip Barber Racing School has a reputation for being one of the best racing schools in the United States. Aside from being top-rated, they are also one of the largest racing schools that have taught over 400,000 students with tons of notable alumni to their belt.

Skip Barber Racing School offers the traditional racing course but students are not limited in trying out their driving skills in cars from just one manufacturer. Students have access to hone their driving skills in multiple car models and the many racing tracks that Skip Barber Racing School offers. 

They have racing tracks in Lime Rock Park, New Jersey, and Road Atlanta.


8. Frank Hawley Drag Racing School

Frank Hawley Drag Racing School is great at offering professional courses in drag racing. They have a range of heavily modified dragsters, gears, and a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced instructors.

Frank Hawley Drag Racing School’s students are taught by NHRA World Champions, National Champions and Divisional Champions which heightens the whole experience. The school has graduated over 20,000 drivers with many of them picking up a career in car racing.

They carryout racing lessons at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Gainesville Raceway, Gainesville, FL.

9. Exotics Racing

Have you ever wished that you could learn how to drive an exotic car even if you don’t have one? Well, Exotics Racing is your fairy godmother who grants that wish.

Exotics Racing is a top-rated driving school that has a range of six-figure cars in their garage. Their experienced and certified instructors teach student drivers how to drive exotic supercars from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, etc. 

Exotics Racing offers the best supercar experience and has tons of celebrity connections with over 230,000 satisfied clients. They have an exclusive race track which is located on the world famous Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

10. Team O’Neil Rally School

Team O’Neil Rally School offers educational and fun courses for all levels of drivers. Students get to build up their confidence and control in the driver’s seat of a rally car. 

Their courses include rally driving, winter safe driving, off-road and security courses. They render services to both corporate, groups, and private student drivers. 

Team O’Neil Rally School has over 60 vehicles including AWD, RWD, and FWD vehicles. Plus they have 583 acres of rolling terrain and rally roads which span over 6 miles.

Location: 178 Miller Rd, Dalton, NH 03598, USA.

Phone: +1 603-444-4488

11. Allen Berg Racing Schools

The Allen Berg Racing Schools is one of the best schools to learn formula 1 racing. This school is owned by former professional formula 1 race driver, Allen Berg. 

They have a strong curriculum that teaches students how to drive the formula 1 cars. Safety, gears, and driving control are held high. Over the years, they have produced several graduates who have now become professional race drivers.

The instructors at Allen Berg Racing Schools provide students with a great race driving experience. They offer instructional programs for regular driving to customers who have no knowledge of driving a formula 1 car. Programs like safe winter driving training and emergency driving situations are also taught.

Location: San Diego, California.

Phone: +1 831-704-1893

12. Richard Petty Driving Experience

The Richard Petty Driving Experience is one of the best driving schools to have an experience as a NASCAR driver. Also referred to as “The King,” Richard Petty is a notable former NASCAR driver who is contributing his racing experience through teaching it in his racing school program.

The school has over 15 race tracks in the U.S. for practical knowledge of racing lessons in a two-seat NASCAR. Driver students will be accompanied by a professional racing instructor to put into practice taught lessons.

13. Bondurant High-Performance Driving School

The Bob Bondurant School of High-Performance Driving is an outstanding driving school specializing in racing, teen driving, and law enforcement driving education. 

They have an extensive facility which features a 1.6-mile road course, an eight-acre asphalt pad for high gear practical racing lessons, a 15-turn, countless race-prepared racing cars, and open-wheel vehicles. 

Some of the driving courses that are being taught in the school include stunt driving, competition driving, Open-Wheel Formula Mazda racing, police pursuit driving, and many more. 

Location: Phoenix, AZ

14. Frank Hawley Drag Racing School

Frank Hawley Drag Racing School offers flexible and outstanding courses that allows even the less confident learners to get into the world of drag racing. The school gives a memorable and delightful experience in many kinds of race driving courses. Plus much track time to implement the lessons that were taught in class.

Students get the benefits of experiencing competitions across multiple locations in the United States. Competitions are held in Super Comp, Super Gas, Top Dragster, Top Alcohol Dragster, and Top Sportsman with their many instructors as guides.

15. Ken Bouchard’s Drive To Victory Lane Racing School

Ken Bouchard’s Drive To Victory Lane Racing School provides race driving lessons to students using modified NASCAR cars. Learning to drive in this school gives students the opportunity of learning from some of the greatest racers. 


They are focused on teaching safety, control, balance, defense, and all courses that should make you a professional racing driver. Practical drive courses take place at Thompson International Speedway.

Location: Thompson, Connecticut.


Many driving schools offer a range of courses that are specific to either professional driving or personal driving. Not all driving schools offer to teach students how to ride a bike or drive a truck or a racing car. To be sure if your choice driving school offers the driving course you want, it is ideal you call the school to ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of best racing school in the USA are Ken Bouchard’s Drive To Victory Lane Racing School, Frank Hawley Drag Racing School, Allen Berg Racing Schools, and Exotics Racing.

Learning driving in a driving school can cost between between $30 and $180.

Drivers must first attend a formula 1 racing driving school and complete 184 miles (300 kilometers) of racing in a recent Formula 1 vehicle.




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