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Top 75 Best Easter Basket Ideas – Easter is a day to celebrate with family and friends the sacrifice Jesus Christ made. It is the time of the year when some Christians come together to celebrate the crucifixion. This time of the year, people share gifts. 

Easter celebration comes after Lent, a period of 40 days of fasting that Christians observe. The Easter Baskets are not just for adults. Children can also enjoy the contents of an easter basket. Chocolates, food and other items are packed in an Easter Basket.

In this article, we will be making a list of the best easter basket ideas for adults, children and the elderly.

Easter Festival

Easter is celebrated after Lent, which is 40 days of fasting. The Easter festival is commensurate to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ after the crucifixion. He was resurrected on the third day, which is marked as the Easter Festival. 

The week before Easter is known as the Holy Week. It is a week with several activities that include Palm Sunday (The entrance of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem), Spy Sunday (The day Jesus’ betrayal was mourned), while the Easter Triduum is followed. Maudy Thursday (washing of the feet and the last supper) and then Good Friday.

All these activities are very important to the celebration of Easter. Easter is usually marked in May, April and March depending on the Computus. Easter is an essential part of the Christian religion.  

Getting gifts for friends and family is also important. They are a lot of things one can get for family and friends. The Easter Basket is one of the common words used during this period. Your Easter Basket should include things like fruits, candies, chocolates and others.

Best Easter Basket Ideas

Several things need to be considered when deciding what to put in your Easter Basket. The age of the person, gender, relationship and others. However, an Easter basket should include attractive packages, whether expensive or not.

If you are considering how to pack your gift fashionably, we will be providing you with some great Easter Baskets Ideas for Adults, Teenagers, Kids and even the old.  

Here is a list of some best easter basket ideas.

For Kids And Teenagers

  • A gift basket full of Chocolates.
  • Beach Themed Easter Basket. This could include accessories for the beach, such as towels, glasses and others.
  • Easter Fruits And Treats Easter Basket.
  • Picnic Easter Basket.
  • Pumpkin Easter Basket.
  • School Themed Easter Basket. You can inspire the kids with some school material, such as books, pens and other stationeries.
  • Easter Basket filled with Candies. You can get all kinds of candies.
  • Easter Basket with Lego Games or Toys.
  • Easter Basket with favourite snacks.
  • Jewellery-themed Easter Basket. For kids that love jewellery, the idea is great.
  • Disney Princess Easter Basket. It can contain Disney toys.
  • Art Basket Easter Basket, for kids that enjoy painting.
  • Umbrella Easter Basket. This Could also contain story books, toys and others.
  • Rain Boot Easter Basket. You can get a fancy rain boot and stuff it with toys and candies.
  • Backpack Easter Basket. The Backpack could contain some interesting gifts like Toys, favourite snacks and others.
  • Fashion Themed Easter Basket. Children who love fashion can enjoy items like socks, scarf and other fashion accessories.
  • Shopping Cart Easter Baster. The Shopping cart comes in a basket form and can hold a lot of things, school accessories, Toys, Chocolates and others.
  • Watering Can Easter Basket. The watering can is a good idea to hold a lot of gifts.
  • Premade Cardboard Small Easter Basket with candies.
  • Sports-Themed Easter Basket. This can also include sporting accessories.
  • Baseball Cap Easter Basket. Here you can have various gifts like toys and others.
  • Baby Easter Basket. The Basket itself is plush and could contain plush toys.
  • Princess Themed Easter Basket with princess accessories.
  • Garden Wagon Easter Basket. The garden wagon easter basket has some space to have your gifts packed. It is a grace way to pack those gifts.
  • Dump Truck Easter Basket. Just like the garden wagon, the dump truck easter Basket is a great idea to hold those candies and others.
  • Shopping Trip Easter Basket. The Shopping bag is a great idea which can come with loads of candies, chocolates and other things for kids.
  • Lego Themed easter basket.
  • Crafty Easter Basket. You can craft an easter basket with some nice hand-crafted materials.
  • Stuffed Animals Easter Basket. Here you can stuff the animal with accessories or candies.
  • Cookie Jar Easter Basket. Kids love cookies, you can add cookies to their jar as an easter gift.
  • Mystery Box. A present is supposed to be full of mystery until the person finds out what is hidden. You can add things in the box.
  • Picnic Easter Basket, This basket could include their favourite snacks, candies and others.
  • Swimming Themed Easter Basket. It is the perfect basket to encourage children to swim. It should include swimming accessories.
  • Baking Themed Easter Basket. Children that enjoy baking can have easter gifts full of baking accessories.
  •  Pink Easter Woven Basket with Chocolate and other.
  • Personalised Easter Basket with Plush Bunny.
  • Personalised Fury Friends Easter Basket.
  • Petter Rabbit Small Mache Egg Easter Basket. It also could include some delicious candies.
  • Cereal Box Easter Basket. Use your cereal box as a basket. You can design them as well to give them great taste.
  • DIY Kids’ Easter Basket.
  • Unicorn Easter Basket. You can be creative with the basket by designing it to look like a unicorn.
  • Mini Tote Bunny Bags. You can sew a tote bag or get some. Fill them with gifts.
  • Micky and Minnie Easter Basket. Children who love Micky and Minnie can have this fancy basket for Easter with gifts in it.
  • Edible Cereal Basket. Children love candies and cereals. You can make a basket out of cereals.
  • Easter Carrot Treat Boxes.
  • Moss Covered Easter Basket.
  • Fresh Flower Easter Basket. You can get fresh flowers to decorate your basket. This basket is presentable and beautiful.
  • Bunny Easter Bucket. You can design a bucket to look like a bunny and fill it with goodies.
  • Rainbow Easter Basket. We love colourful things. A Rainbow easter basket is a beautiful idea.
  • Woven Paper Easter Basket. You can get crafty by making a paper-woven easter basket. 
  • Picket Fence Easter Basket. Your basket could be designed in form of a picket fence.

For Adults

  • Easter Morning Breakfast Basket. This should include breakfast meals.
  • Wine Country Easter Basket. It could include cheese, crackers and other.
  • Vintage Woven Easter Basket with a pink band.
  • Snack attack Easter Basket. The Basket could be a bucket filled with snacks and drinks.
  • Man Spa Inspired Easter Basket. 
  • Woman Spa Inspired Easter Basket with spa accessories.
  • Clean Up Well Man Easter Basket. Here, you can add clean-up accessories like scissors, hair brushes, A hair clipper and others.
  • Colourful Crotched Easter Basket. Here, you have cookies, chocolates and others in it.
  • Fabric Bunny Box Easter Basket. The gifts should be packed in a box, while a piece of fabric is designed in a bunny form to wrap the box.
  • Blossom and Butterflies Easter basket. The basket could be designed with flowers and butterflies.
  • Egg Carton Easter Basket. This is a simple basket, you could use egg cartons and design them. Add your candies and chocolates to it.
  • Easter Bunny bags. The Bunny is a common symbol for easter. You can get bunny bags to arrange your gifts in them.
  • Colour Block Easter Basket.
  • DIY Adult Easter Basket. You can get these adult DIY baskets and fill them with gifts.
  • Mason Jar Easter Basket. This is a simple easter basket, you can fill them with some candies and design them beautifully.
  • Birch Bark Easter Basket.
  • Planter Easter Basket.
  • No Sew Fabric Rope Easter Basket.
  • Fry Box Treatment Container Easter Basket. You can turn your fry box into a beautiful Easter basket. It is a simple Easter Basket.
  • Rose Easter Basket. Design your basket with roses to make it look beautiful. It is the perfect easter basket.
  • Tiered Easter Basket. You can make layers of the basket and design it with some beautiful decorations.
  • Hostess Gift Easter Basket.
  • Make-up Bag Easter Basket. Ladies would love this idea. Also, you can fill them with make-up accessories.
  • Chalk Bucket Easter Basket. It is traditionally cool to design your bucket by drawing bunnies. 

From the list above, whether you are preparing gifts for kids or adults, it is suitable for them.  Also, you can always be creative with your basket if what you wish is not here. Easter is a period to share love with friends and family.


Easter is a period to show love and celebrate the sacrifice Christ made for his followers. Easter is usually celebrated in March, April and May. This is a day to mark the resurrection of Christ. Easter comes after Lent.  During this period, you would want to share gifts. It is traditional to present them with an Easter Basket.

Designing a perfect easter basket can be that simple. However, there are several easter basket ideas you can opt for. In this article, we have made a list of some of the best Easter Basket ideas you can go for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Easter Baskets can contain several items. However, the most popular items include decorated eggs, chocolate candies, Stuffed bunny toys, and marshmallow chicks.

The traditional gift for easter is an egg. Eggs are painted and decorated while presented to the other person.


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