Top 20 Easy Majors That Pay Well

Top 20 Easy Majors That Pay Well

It’s difficult to dispute that certain college majors are easier than others, even if no major is genuinely simple. The fact that some degrees may lead to highly lucrative jobs is also true. Therefore, investing some effort in choosing a major that is easy for you and leads to a fantastic job is worthwhile. The top 20 easy majors that pay well will be covered in this post.

Top 20 Easy Majors That Pay Well

  • Business Administration
  • Music
  • Criminal Justice
  • Communications
  • Sports Studies
  • English
  • Management
  • Social Work
  • Psychology
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Liberal Arts
  • Chain Management
  • Zoology
  • Philosophy
  • Public Relations
  • Anthropology 
  • Sociology
  • Photography
  • Humanities

1. Business Administration

You may become the “administrator” of any firm with the knowledge and abilities you gain by majoring in business administration. You can work as an accountant, financial analyst, logistician, or in any other field that involves managing a company’s money or day-to-day operations.

If you can manage their administrative needs, businesses will pay you a lot of money, especially if you can reduce costs and simplify their operations. A business administration degree also equips you with some of the crucial abilities you need to start your own business. If you have the willpower, business administration is the only field that may provide you with a good earning profession.

2. Music

Music is one of the easy majors that pay well. College students who want to major in music have various specialization options, including applied music, composition, music performance, and music business. Courses in humanities, music history and theory are frequently offered in degree programs in music. Throughout the curriculum, students must show that they can play the piano or keyboard.

Music majors get access to professional musicians and may make a median yearly salary of nearly $77,000. The average yearly salary for kindergarten and elementary school instructors with a bachelor’s degree in music is $60,660.

3. Criminal Justice

The three main systems or branches of the criminal justice field are law enforcement, the courts, and prisons. While the court system uses experts in law, forensic psychology, and court administration, each encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including homeland security, cybersecurity, and police. On the other hand, employment in social services and jail administration are included under corrections.

An exceptionally wide number of degree specializations and job choices are available in criminal justice. According to the career data in the guide below, most criminal justice jobs have a promising outlook. They are typically profitable, diverse, and energizing. These degrees also assist graduates in boosting their job security because there is a rising need for criminal justice professionals.

4. Communications

A career in communications may lead to opportunities across many industries. Each business, nonprofit, or governmental organization requires someone who can support its communication efforts. You may work as a professional staff writer who creates business proposals, instruction manuals, or social media posts. Another option is to write for hire or as an author.

You may provide speeches for politicians or serve as an organization’s public face. You could desire to work as a PR manager. Whatever you do, ensure the message being sent by a person or organization is understood clearly.

5. Sports Studies

This major can prepare you for a career in sports history, the place of sports in society, player physiology, and more rather than training you to be an athlete. The first major you should choose is sports studies if you wish to coach or manage a team. You’ll find it quite simple to stay motivated in this major if you have a natural passion for sports. However, it would be pretty difficult for someone who despises athletics.

6. English

You like reading and exploring the limits of human invention, and you quickly become engrossed in novels, poetry, and prose. You also frequently attend spelling bees and book reading clubs, and many of your friends approach you for help with English. In such a case, this major is ideal for you. The English major not only enhances your proficiency in the English language but also teaches you how to evaluate literature. It also emphasizes reading all the great novels that have ever been published.

7. Management

A management degree can help you get different types of jobs. One job type you may acquire is managing a team of employees, which is how most people see managers. You can be a manager overseeing a group of workers at a store, eatery, or manufacturing facility. In those fields, you may advance to a high wage.

Studying management will provide you with a broad perspective of the business world, enabling you to see the big picture and efficiently manage the resources of your firm or organization. You’ll learn about marketing, sales, accounting, finance, and human resources. With these abilities, you may start your own business and work for yourself.

8. Social Work

Social workers acquire the skills necessary to remain composed, form relationships with people even under the circumstances, assimilate new knowledge rapidly (including legal and financial details), and help others have happy lives. This may be the job for you if you sincerely desire to comprehend social or emotional disadvantage, prejudice, poverty, and trauma while making a difference.

9. Psychology

Since psychology is such a large field, there are many reasons students decide to study it. They seek to comprehend the inner workings of the human mind. They also possess a set of empathetic qualities that drive them to improve the lives of others. Depending on what you want to accomplish, psychology can be either a simple or a complicated degree, depending on your professional choice. Psychology aids in understanding human behavior, its occurrence, and development, much like sociology does. However, it approaches the problem quite differently than the field above does.

10. Marketing

Students who are more interested in the tactical elements of developing and promoting a brand, product, or service, as well as business in general, should specialize in marketing. With a marketing degree, students can analyze market trends and customer behavior to create plans using applied marketing theories, statistical analysis, and marketing principles. With a marketing bachelor’s degree, market research analysts may make $65,810 per year.

11. Human Resources

Every business, no matter how big or little, needs employees. Even the most prominent companies need staff to innovate and improve their processes. The crucial link between the demands of the business and those of its employees is provided by human resources. 

The managers of this division are responsible for finding and keeping the best employees for the company. It carries out this duty through various operations, including hiring, training, paying, and providing benefits. As a result, human resources specialists enjoy a very secure career. Human resources are crucial to an organization’s success.

12. Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts are also among the easy majors that pay well. A liberal arts college degree might take a wide view of several areas or zero down on just one. Art, art history, psychology, and English are a few majors within the liberal arts category. Some individuals find these courses simpler than hard sciences, for example, because they call for interpretation, analysis, and some degree of creativity.

Depending on the area of liberal arts you choose to concentrate on, you have many employment options. If you want a high-paying profession after a certain career path, like a political career, you might require further training or hands-on experience.

13. Chain Management

A supply chain management degree is ideal for someone who appreciates managing big projects and is aware of the need for strict quality control standards for both the workplace and the end-user experience.

Those who work in this sector can make an annual salary of $96,000 as a warehouse distribution manager, $111,000 as a senior quality assurance manager, and $122,000 as a senior supply chain manager, to name just a few possible career options.

14. Zoology

A zoology college major focuses entirely on animal biology, including how animals interact with their surroundings and form social bonds. Animal diversity, evolution, ecology, and other science-related subjects involving organisms are possible areas of study. Some individuals find a degree in zoology to be relatively difficult. Still, if you’re interested in animals or science but lack the aptitude for veterinary or biology courses, zoology is a better option.

15. Philosophy

A fascinating major is philosophy. One of the earliest academic fields and the origin of science and mathematics is sometimes considered philosophy. Philosophy may be the ideal major for you if you’ve always been troubled by issues like what is real, the evolving meanings of human life, and the point of existence on Earth.

16. Public Relations

Students who major in this area of communications study learn how to efficiently produce and distribute information that shapes the perception of a company or organization. Students majoring in communication study communication strategies and tactics, how to use such skills when drafting press releases, social media postings, and other kinds of material, and how to effectively and efficiently present information in interviews. Public relations professionals are one of the occupations open to recent graduates, with annual wages ranging from $40,000 to more than $62,000. 

17. Anthropology 

Anthropology investigates the mechanisms that shaped the evolution of humanity. It makes estimates about the future of anthropology using statistical data. Because this study studies how civilizations grow, it is comparable to a history major. It also looks at archeology and explains historical events using artifacts discovered throughout history.

18. Sociology

One of the simple majors with a good salary is sociology. This social science major focuses on how people behave and interact with one another and how those interactions affect many facets of society. Studying human interactions in many contexts, including individuals, groups, and communities, can help students interested in this degree develop their analytical and critical thinking abilities.

19. Photography

A college degree in photography requires both technical expertise and creative flair. Technical knowledge is easy to pick up, but creativity is largely a matter of inherent talent. The simplest choice for you can be a college degree in photography if you have a creative streak and enjoy taking pictures. Careers in photography may be thrilling and adventurous. A photographic job should be on the table if you want to travel the world for the rest of your life.

20. Humanities

Humanities are significantly more comprehensive than sociology and psychology in that they focus on how people interact as well as other areas like religion and culture. Humanities need to be on your short list of college majors if you have a passion for people, history, or even the media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose marketing, media studies, or the liberal arts for creative individuals. If math and scientific research come naturally to you, consider a career in astronomy, psychology, or medicine. Additionally, a language or linguistics degree in college will be the most convenient for you if you enjoy literature or are multilingual.

A college major typically takes four years to complete, but some institutions (both online and on a physical campus) offer accelerated programs that let you finish in only two. Several businesses and science-related college programs are offered in an accelerated manner. Nonetheless, be willing to put in the effort and perhaps even forgo your summer holiday plans in order to study!

Sociologists research how people behave, interact and work together. They keep an eye on what various social, religious, political, and commercial groups, organizations, and institutions are doing. They look at how various people and groups are impacted by social factors, such as institutions and organizations.




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